Walking is Better Than Drugs


Honestly, today I just waned to curl into a ball and tell them to wake me up when I was all better.  The pain in my back was excruciating and the meds weren’t touching it.   They ordered a pain pump (where you can press a button and get meds every ten minutes) and a lidocaine patch but nothing was working.  I tried meditation, visualization, prayer, whimpering, moaning…nothing worked.  Problem was that I needed to do breathing exercises and get up and walk and with my back pain, I was non-functional.

Finally, about 2:00, I decided I HAD to walk.  It’s a major production…unhook all the lines, get an extra johnny so I don’t moon the world, have a nurse walk with me…and when I stood up, I got shooting pains in front in addition to the back pain.  I almost called it quits…figured I’d bag the walking for today.  Nicole, my nurse, was all for it.  She didn’t think I’d make out the door I looked so pathetic.  But I took at deep breath and told them I’d give it a try.

Miracle of miracles… as soon as I was out walking, the pain went away….front and back.  Seriously…no pain.  I have been pain free for two hours now and I am a new woman.  Haven’t pushed the pain pump, can move around without wincing…I haven’t been this happy in days.  From now on, if the back pain comes back, I’m just going to get up and walk.  It’s the only thing that has worked but wow, did it ever work perfectly.

So all is well.  Everything is going well.  Slowly but surely, they’re taking away “stuff”…the cords are driving everyone nuts.  Too many and they get so tangled especially when I go walking or have to go down to x-ray.  It’s a sign of progress every time they take away a cord or IV line.  One of these days, they’ll ALL be gone except the feeding tube.  I’ve graduated from sugar water to formula…delicious!

Jerry and Erin have been here all day.  We laugh, we talk, we take a break and Erin does some work.   They went down to lunch and I took a nap.  I’m sending them back to Anne’s soon so they can relax.  I know these days are exhausting for them.

Erin will leave tomorrow.  Sean is coming on Monday.  Good kids….they’re taking care of me and Jerry just fine!IMG_0386IMG_0396



25 thoughts on “Walking is Better Than Drugs

  1. Oh my – – I hurt just reading about those awful pain days. I am so thankful for the relief you had when the walking remedy started. That is wonderful – – keep it up – – sending gentle hugs and love and hope for continuing improvement. Love, Barb G.

  2. Linda Underwood

    It is so like you to be thinking of us and keeping us informed. I couldn’t believe you were blogging so soon after your surgery. The words “cancer free” are wonderful words!!! Please take care of yourself and give yourself permission to be taken care of and rest and recover. Who knew that walking would be better than drugs. You have been a wealth of information for us all. I love to think of all those positive thoughts from all your friends winging their ways toward you! Watch out you could be knocked over!

  3. Sounds like u r making amazing progress…it’s only been 2 days & u r practically ready for jitterbug! We are sitting on our butts watching NCAA semi finals…so exciting here!

    Sent from my iPad


  4. You never cease to amaze me. Your will works wonders !!


  5. Good for you for knowing what you needed!!!

  6. Hang in there, Mary. Sounds like you had a facet lock and getting up and moving “SET IT FREE!?!?!!
    I bet Erin And Jerry are more tired tan you. They had to stay awake through it all. You sound great, so keep it up!

  7. So glad you are doing better! Last night I was at Sinai Temple and your name was announced when the Rabbi asked to voice intentions for the sick… See, even the Jews are praying for you, my friend 🙂

  8. Elaine Weiner

    Great news all around!!!! Cancer free, pain subsiding, walking, formula…Mazel Tov!!! So glad to hear you are improving.

  9. As usual it sounds like you have everything under control. Glad to hear you’ve managed to alleviate that difficult pain. You always were a problem solver Mary. Your progress is nothing short of amazing.
    Say hello to Erin and Jerry for me. I think they’ll sleep well tonight! Love, Mary

  10. Hang in there, my friend!!! Sending a virtual hug and all my love.

  11. I am amazed at your stamina. I’m saving your blog until I’m in deep trouble. I’ll read and read and reread. You bring tears tomy eye, my sweet friend!

  12. Deirdre Christman

    You are one of a kind, dear Mary, and certainly no quitter! After reading your blog, I’ll never be able to quit anything ever again.

  13. Laura O'Connor

    You continue to amaze me! So glad to hear that you are feeling better and your attitude is so positive!!! Keep moving! Sending love and prayers your way.

  14. So glad you found that walking eliminated the back pain. Funny how complicated problems sometimes resolve themselves via simple solutions. You intuitively knew what to do and did it! That’s the beauty of it all. You did it!

  15. Mary, this is the best blog ever. You are a fabulous writer, even when in pain and dealing with tough stuff. You also look good in Lime Green Hair. Thinking of you, Emily June.

  16. Wendies Email

    Mary-hooray for walking! Who knew? Walking- the best medicine!! Sounds like you are making steady progress toward the light at the end of that tunnel. Be well, be loved!

    Wendie Sent from my iPhone

  17. So glad you were pain free after suffering so much. My guess was “gas” from anesthesia, but don’t know if that’s what Mary H. meant by her diagnosis. She knows medicine, I do not! Hang in there. You are continually an inspiration to all.. I was worried when we didn’t hear from you, but figured you were sleeping, visiting with Jerry, Erin, doctors, etc. So glad you are improving – hour by hour. Surgery is no picnic – it is a full time job to get better.
    Church in the morning, so even more prayers coming your way. Wonder if God has time for any other people as we have so many requests of Him for you! Know you are being thought of and prayed for by so many!!!!!!!
    Remain strong dear friend!!!!!

  18. Amazing Mary! who knew walking was better than drugs? All MDA needs now is a beach. I’m so glad, though not surprised, that you are solving everything hour after hour. Your determination, your persistence, most of all your attitude is extraordinary. I rarely use the overused word awesome, but … – you are truly awesome. Grand Canyon size, industrial strength, deep dish awesome. How do you do impressive AND cute at the same time? xoxo

  19. The more you walk, the better. Do not let gas build up inside you.That can be very painful. Keep on trucken’ lady! Love ya, G.

  20. Good job, Mary.

  21. Such courage and perseverance! Good for you…you took charge and decided to solve your pain issues yourself. I can’t imagine the strength that must have taken to push on through that horrific pain. I didn’t think I could possibly admire you more, Mary, but after this episode, I definitely do!

  22. You are so smart to get up and walk! Walking is in Your blood. Soon you’ll be doing it on the beautiful beach in Venice!

  23. Happy you were able to get some pain relief! You minimize all that’s involved; it’s gigantic and you meet every challenge with grace. Have the staff throw some sand and turtles on the floor and you’ll be able to walk even further. Love, Jane

  24. Flaithimh@aol.com

    It’s wonderful that doing what you have to, makes it be better.

  25. You never cease to amaze! It sounds like you are well on your way to a speedy recovery. Stay strong, as I know you will! We are cheering every step.

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