I’m Back

Sure, everyone blogs the day after surgery, right?

I’m waiting for Erin and Jerry to arrive.  I told them to come late hoping that I’d get some sleep this morning since I had very little during the night.  Silly me….everyone and their brother was in here…respiratory therapist to check my lungs, patient advocate to make sure they were treating me right, needed to go down for an X-Ray…And I needed to take a walk…major project when you have so many lines and IVs and whatever….Reminds me of computers, particularly a few years ago when all the cords would get tangled behind your desk and you couldn’t figure out how to hook them up.

All’s well.  I know Erin told you surgery went fine…no surprises.  The nurses say I woke up from the anesthesia smiling and singing or saying something (the “Into your hands” song from the 70s)  No surprise..that’s what I was saying in my head as I went under.

And recovery is going fine.  My worst pain is a backache…and shooting pains in one area of the back….but the pain meds are helping with that (sort of )   I have a  sore throat (probably from being intubated during surgery) and a very dry mouth (no water, nothing for about a week…just swabs whenever I think to ask for them)  But really, I’m fine.  Or at least I will be.

Thanks…all of you…for everything.  Much love to all of you.  I am now cancer free!



39 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. How totally thrilling to hear how you are today! You are beyond amazing. Love you, girlfriend
    (I fell off my chair when this came in, so this is written from the floor! 😛 xoxo)

  2. Oh Mary,

    You are an amazing woman…
    You are blessed, and I am so overwhelmed with much joy and happiness for you. I love you and am hugging you so tight. Be a good patient and hang in there. You will be home soon.


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    School Board of Sarasota County
    101 Old Venice Road
    Osprey, FL 34229
    PH: 941-486-2183 Ext. 68490
    Fax: 941-486-2188

  3. Well done my friend! Will continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you recover.
    All my best, Gail

  4. At the risk of repeating myself, this is even more appropriate now than it was the first time:

  5. Take care and do what they say. Good attitude is the biggest asset you can have and you do have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thoughts, prayers and future happiness are for you!

  6. Hooray for day one of the “after”!!!

  7. Harris, Janice

    Mary, you are incredible. I read your blogs and smile. YOU make me happy. Always sending prayers, energies, and blessings. 2 weeks ago Bobby was with a walker…..Tuesday we biked 2 miles!!! amen, hallelujah, amen xxx, jan ________________________________________

  8. Your message is wonderfully upbeat and I love that last sentence!!!

  9. Yipee!!!!! You are certainly “back” – – “amazing post-op Mary.” So glad to get this message – – hang in there with the throat swabs – – oh my – such a diet trick that is, eh? Love, Barb G.

  10. Wonderful to hear your news! Now go to sleep 😉

  11. So glad to have you back! Get more rest…write every other day (unless u dance a jig & then we want pics!).

    Sent from my iPad


  12. Let us rejoice and be glad!!!!!!!! Oh, what a beautiful day!!!!! Thank you, thank you to all who made this possible.

  13. Mary so great to hear from you!!!!! As one of your grandchildren said you sound “REGULAR”. I am so thrilled for all of you. Many Thanks to that fine doctor.
    When I had the pancreatitis they wouldn’t let me eat or drink for days either. I was so thirsty. The things you take for granted. The nurses would come in and say, “Anything I can do for you?” Yes get me a Coca-Cola. Sorry, not even a sip of water. Your comments brought it all back.
    Bernie wants me to be sure to send you his good wishes. Love, Mary

  14. How amazing that here you are, back on the job, chatting with us like we were right there! Mary, sending hugs and gratitude for your strong singing spirit!

  15. Mary, I’m speechless! No really, I did not expect to hear from you TODAY! What a relief to know all is well. How are Jerry, Erin and Sean doing? Their relief must be immense! Much love to you and so many thanks to Erin for keeping us all updated. Miss you! Now rest.

  16. I am so glad you are doing well…totally shocked that this wasn’t from Erin. BTW Erin, thanks for the updates!! Will let you rest and miss you…jms

  17. Mary, we are so so happy for you. It’s earth day today. It fits:
    Look up at the sky —
    The heavens so blue, the sun so radiant,
    The clouds so playful, the soaring raptors,
    The meadows in bloom, the woodland creatures, The rivers singing their way to the sea,
    Wolf song on the land, whale song in the sea, Celebration everywhere, wild, riotous, Immense as a monsoon lifting an ocean of joy, Spilling it down over the landscape, Drenching us all with a deluge of delight
    As we open our arms and rush toward each other, You and I and all of us,
    Moved by that vast compassionate Presence
    That brings all things together in intimate Celebration, Celebration that is the universe itself.

  18. Yahooey!!!! You are amazing!!! Love You….

  19. Deirdre Christman

    Mary, you are one of a kind! I thought maybe Erin would post again, but certainly not you, and not so soon. I’m so glad you’re doing amazingly well. I almost asked Erin yesterday to report on your first words once you came out of the anesthesia, since I knew they would be memorable and upbeat. Singing, though, is beyond even my wildest dreams. Can’t wait for you to heal, enjoy Lana’s first communion, and come back to Venice!

  20. Wendies Email

    Of course they do if they are Mary Ginley! Cancer free- I love the sound of that. How’s the kayaking? Xoxo,

    Wendie Sent from my iPhone

  21. Yea for the good news. Respiratory therapist became my “bestest” friend ss I had difficulty. He was wonderful and I loved the back -pounding. We became such buddies that he visited and treated a few times daily. The plethora of tubes and wires is mindboggling but you will manage. It’s amazing that you went for a stroll already. I don’t think I was able to do that torr a while. Yea for you. Life is good. Glad all is behind and sunshine, smiles, love laughter and delicious grandchildren are ahead.

    • I can’t believe you’re back on your iPad…you go girl! I’m more than happy that surgery’s over and you’re feeling pretty good…that will all come with healing and time. You are amazing Mary! I know all the thoughts and prayers helped and will continue to do so. Oh, a question….do I need McAfee or another virus protection on my iPad…Margi knew you’d have the answer! I know the iPad has it’s own protection but wondered if more is better or unnecessary. You and Jerry have got to be experts now! Thanks. Just take it easy…one day at a time! Thinking of you lots, Pam G

  22. Cancer free!!! Hoorah!!! You are amazing and seemingly energetic for someone who has had major surgery.
    Thanks for making this so easy for all of us!! Love to you and your family.

  23. A BIG HUG to you

  24. What I feel most at this moment is a collective sharing of joy. All of us have bonded as we traveled together on a quest to see you well again, Mary. You have changed us all with your spirit, sense of humor and wise words. We are all better people just by knowing you. I am so glad to know that we can soon plan to share some of our many more sunsets.

  25. Karen Rafferty

    Wonderful to hear from you!! Glad you feel well enough to communicate. 🙂 Take it easy and let them take care of you – Love!

  26. Wow!!! Never thought you’d be blogging today. Goes to show……..never say never, especially when it’s you, Mary!! How wonderful to read your bright and upbeat remarks. Keep up the amazing recovery. That’s all that’s left to do!! Then you can get on with your wonderful life! Lots of love and hugs to you!

  27. It was truly a miracle to hear from you so soon. Thank God along with all his wonderful angels who are pulling you through. They made you walk the next day. Have they no mercy–just kidding!!!! The fact that you are up and going is a great sign. Don’t be shy in asking for swabs to keep your lips moist. Rest up and keep thinking “Beach Yoga” is waiting for you!!!!

  28. Mary,
    So glad this is over for you…heal and be well. Don’t push it. You are on the “pink cloud” of the day after, so enjoy being alive, but no jumping, hooting, dancing or singing YET. Rest, heal!

  29. Great to hear your good news. Take it easy. I know you will do whatever the doctors’ tell you. You have already. Love you

  30. Terry Marrion

    Yeah!!! Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

  31. Amazed to hear from you! You have made my day! You are one tough lady!

  32. Cancer-free. My, I do love the way that sounds. Now, heal, Mary! Good girl!

  33. What a trooper. You are an inspiration to us all. Cant wait to see you back in Florida. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. Even electronic ones.

  34. Can’t begin to tell you what a joy it was to hear from you. Your news is fabulous!

  35. Awesome news! Now just recover and make sure you take your pain meds!!!

    • WOW! What a surprise to hear from you already. You are amazing and God is so good.
      Love you Mary. Please know you will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

      Love Gladys

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