Beautiful Sunday


Food People

Food People

Macaroni Grill is a great place for kids.  Not only do they have super macaroni and cheese but you can draw on the table coverings.  The kids filled the table with drawings while we waited for our food.  Above are Lana’s…she named them all.  All I remember is Tomato Girl.  IMG_3215IMG_3214IMG_3213










Yesterday Lana made her first Confession.  I got to take her.  Erin was working and Brent and Jerry were making sure Declan got to a t-ball game (Brent’s a coach) and Calli to her soccer game.  It was a lovely ceremony.  The kids were given a little piece of paper when they walked in and were told to write down their sins so that if they froze when they talked to the priest they could read the paper.  Afterwards they put their paper in a bowl of water and watched it dissolve.

Lana at First Confession

Lana at First Confession

Calli and Lana are both “student of the week” this week so Sunday was busy making posters, picking out favorite books to share with the class and thinking about a mystery box item (sharks’ teeth).  Brent is going to have a lot to do this week to stay on top of it all …special snack, parent reader, etc…NOT the best week for the kids to be “student of the week” because Erin is heading to Houston on Wednesday to be with Jerry during my surgery.  But she’ll get it organized.  She’s patched together a “kid care” program that left my head spinning.   People to take care of them after school, get them to soccer practice and art class…contingency plans for rainy days, etc.  The kids are thrilled…play dates every day.  Brent is stuck with homework, drilling spelling words, baths, making lunches, etc.  I guess besides owing Jerry when this is over, I’m going to owe my son in law big time.

A few pictures from the weekend….Declan keeps asking when we’re going home.  Erin finally figured out that he thought that when we left it would be summer and they were coming to our house in the summer.  That child has no concept of time.

Calli at the playground...fearless

Calli at the playground…fearless

Declan takes notes on everything these days

Declan takes notes on everything these days



11 thoughts on “Beautiful Sunday

  1. Remember when we were younger & could handle more than 2 ideas/projects at a time? You do not…but u did!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Wow! I’m not sure even MD Anderson could keep up with your “littles,” Mary. That is one busy schedule. No wonder naps are on your agenda – proton therapy or not. Such fun to read about your sweet family – and YOU. This is the big week coming up. Love you. Barb G.

  3. This is NEC week. Go for it and know we are with you. So is the Man above!!!!!!

  4. Deirdre Christman

    You know what I like best about this post? It’s almost completely about all the fun you had with your family! Sure, there’s some about logistics, but the implication is that you’ll get surgery over with, “pay back” everyone who’s helped out, and move on. Hey, there’s a first communion to celebrate.

  5. Mary, I’m glad you are having such a good weekend. Our Jack was student of the week this week too. He is our First Communion candidate (Not til May 10) and just made his First Confession. Isn’t that a coincidence?
    As for Brent and Erin, aren’t we lucky to have such a good support system? I often think of people who don’t have any. How do they manage?

  6. What a beautiful family you have Mary. Praying like crazy for you, guidance of your surgeons hands and God’s great healing ! You already have Him by your side !


    What beautiful children!

    Sent from my iPad


  8. Hi Mary,
    I was shocked as I read that surgery was this Wednesday. I knew it was coming up, but I lost track of time with MCAS etc. Anyway, all will be well. If I don’t send you a last minute note, because I may lose track of time now that it is Monday and I am back at work, and I am old…(good excuse) remember you will be in the arms of God. “Be not afrad, I go before you always “. I continue to pray rosaries each day, so you are golden!
    You are a pro at all of this by now and practice makes perfect. Have jerry send us a message after surgery so can “be there” with you in spirit.

  9. Loved your news from Dr. Ho!!! Love the pictures of the Littles, too. Brent is a good guy doing what needs to be done so Erin can be there for her Mom and Dad. Wish I could be there too, but my thoughts are with you everyday.

  10. Can’t get enough of those kid photos. They are gorgeous!

  11. Karen Rafferty

    May your beautiful Sunday turn into beautiful Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays…. be well!!!

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