NEC (no evidence of cancer)

Met with Dr. Ho today and went over all the test results.


Lymph nodes —NEC

Tumor–NEC (according to endoscopy)   According to CT scan…tumor is significantly smaller.  I think the CT scan can see things they can’t get with the endoscopy.

In general, the test results were great.  But as I heard in an MD Anderson lecture early on, “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.”  Translation…just because you can find it, doesn’t mean it isn’t there.  As Jerry put it, when you’re in a dark room, even if you can’t see anything, can’t hear anything, can’t smell anything, can’t feel anything…that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything there.  Those damn little cancer cells are experts at hiding….sneaky little things.

So, the doctors are “cautiously optimistic”.   Dr. Ho said they’ll know more after the surgery.  (Is this ever OVER???)  They find small remnants of cancer in between 70 and 80% of the patients during surgery.  However, there’s a good chance I’ll be in the the 20 to 30% who clear that hurdle too, right?

Anyway, we left feeling really good and headed up to Flower Mound to play with the Littles and we staying until Tuesday (not 100 days which is what Declan says we should do.)

All’s well…Life is good, so good…and I do plan on being in that 20%.

Have a great weekend, my friends.  I know we will.




27 thoughts on “NEC (no evidence of cancer)

  1. Great news!!!! Here’s to the 20%!!

  2. Doesn’t get much better than this!!!

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “People are like bicycles.  They can keep their balance only as long as they keep moving.”  Albert Einstein

  3. Karen Rafferty

    GO 20%!!!!!!!

  4. So glad it’s more good news! We never know why cancer comes into our lives but it sure is a happy day when it gets the hell out of us! I always think of cancer similar to how a convicted felon who has done their time in jail must feel like. You’ve done your time but ya always still got to list it on the paperwork. Plus you can never forget those days in the pen/chemo.
    Much love friend!

  5. It’s all good news!

  6. Wow! What great news, Mary! (Jerry, too!) It just sounds as if after the surgery you will definitely be cancer free. Wonderful! Have a joyous weekend!

  7. Ah, relief, great news. And even if you’re in the 80%, those folks at MDA will get it all, every single one of them! However, your track record is totally great these days – let’s just stay on track and make it batting 1000%. All this news sure makes it an even greater long weekend with the Littles. Love you, girlfriend.

  8. NEC — YAY!!

  9. I loved reading the report after seeing Dr. Ho. Enjoy the weekend, Mary – and Jerry, too. What a splendid week this has been with the great reports. Onward – – next week will soon be here with more good news!
    Love, Barb G.

  10. So glad about your news! We are also pleased! Have a great weekend with the kids,

  11. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-What great, good news! It sounds like the news is about as good as it can get. Bravo! And now for Mary Ginley finishing in the 20-30%. Won’t surprise me a bit. Hang in there. Have a wonderful weekend with the Littles. Love, Wendie


  12. All this good news! Like I keep saying – God is good, Now for prayers of thanksgiving – well, I have been saying them all along. They will just increase in number!!!!! You went to the right place!! Now, have fun with the Littles!

  13. Mary, go and enjoy your weekend.
    As for the 20 to 30 percent, who would be a better candidate to make the cut?
    Bernie and I will be rooting for you. All my love, Mary

  14. Jan says: KALE! NEC? Kale…. with a happy, happy smile. xoxo

  15. Almost there…yippee!

  16. wonderful, news Mary. Enjoy your weekend

  17. Amazingly good news. Enjoy every moment.

  18. BRAVO!!!

  19. Here is to you being in the 20%!!! Thanks for the great news. Have a wonderful weekend. Waiting for pictures of the Littles!

  20. Wonderful news, Mary! Enjoy your weekend with the little people. Love, G.

  21. The power of collective healing! We are ALL celebrating the good news as we continue to send positive energy for an uneventful, smooth surgery and recovery.

  22. You go girl! Your good news was the best birthday present I received. Your strength, courage, and positive thought inspires us all. Luv you!

  23. Good news ! Enjoy ! It’s pouring here.

    Sent from my iPhone

  24. wonderful news!!!!


    What good news. Love, Marie

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