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PET scan results….all good.  We met with Dr. Nguyen this morning who said she was delighted with the results of the treatment.  We’re pretty happy too.  The tumor is gone, mostly gone anyway.  I think there may be some “stuff” still in the esophageal wall…I don’t think that would show up with an endoscopy….only an endoscopic ultrasound which they didn’t do (not sure why)

My swallowing issues are due to inflammation from the proton radiation.  Biopsy and CT scan results aren’t back but I’m not expecting any nasty surprises when we meet with Dr. Ho on Friday.

It’s exactly what I hoped for…Well, no…what I hoped was they’d say OMG, it’s GONE, all gone…you’re done.  Go home.  But I’m a realistic woman and so my realistic hope was that the treatment did some good and surgery would take care of the rest..which is exactly what Dr Nguyen said was happening.

No more tests….not for awhile, anyway.  And things are good, thank God.

I saw Stephanie, one of my favorite proton therapists, after our appointment with Dr. Nguyen.  She told me that the proton team has been following this blog and they have the photo of Margi and me and the harp on their screen saver.  She says whenever someone gets stressed, they’ll say, “Hey, anyone have a friend with a harp?  I need a friend with a harp.”  I told her about Margi learning to play the harp when she retired and she said, “Hey maybe need to be the friend with the harp.”  Okay, Stephanie, start looking for a harp.

Anne and Clark come home tomorrow.  It will be wonderful to see them.  It’ll be a short visit.  We’re both taking off on Friday…we’re going to see the Littles and Anne and Clark for business in Dallas.  We’ll be back here on Tuesday….meeting with the surgeon and anesthesiologist on Wednesday, surgery on Thursday.

I’m enjoying every minute until then (even when I’m sitting around waiting rooms at MD Anderson.)  It’s as if these are my last days of health (health?) for a long, long time.  I have this picture of myself not able to eat at all and in pain and fragile…I need to get a MUCH more positive post-surgical image, right?  I do know this.  I spend enough time visualizing a positive outcome….but, in all honesty, I figure it’s going to be a long time before I’m back up to speed again.  I do believe it will be okay. I just think it won’t be okay right away and I’ll need to be patient.

In the meantime, I’ll worry about more serious things like when on earth is my hair coming back?  I love it.  I read a blog post written by a breast cancer survivor who said she thought it would come back like a chia pet…nice and quick.  Instead, it comes back one hair at a time…literally.  And my eyebrows and eye lashes are almost gone too. And my nails are all breaking.  Now THOSE are things to obsess over, right?

So all is good.  The tests are done and there was NO BAD NEWS.   I am one lucky woman.


Declan on his way to third base

Declan on his way to third base








21 thoughts on “More Good News

  1. Wonderful news for all of us!

  2. It is a wonderful feeling, isn’t it?

  3. Hell yes woman, get thyself a better visualization/outlook for your post-surgical self! The surgery is good, and these are not your last healthy days my friend, these are your last days with cancer. Helloooooo, put that in your field of visualization!! Post surgery isn’t illness its RECOVERY!!!I
    And now for the hair. Mine did grow back mostly at once, meaning I had a nice even coating (remember??), not one scraggly hair at a time. It was also soooooo wonderfully new and baby soft (and curly!!!). Took a while for full thickness but the scalp was covered uniformly. Now the nails were another story, those take a while. The crappy broken (and mine were misshapen too) parts just need to grow out!

  4. Alright, Alright, Alright…such good news from you! I am so thrilled about the reports that you are sending. Hello to Jerry, Bob and I don’t want him to think he has been forgotten by your friends, what a pair you two make!! Loved the photo of Declan heading to third…loved those days with my little guy…oh, such a long time ago.

  5. Wonderful, wonderful news Mary. “PET scan results….all good.” Wow. Focus on that ball of energy about to steal 3rd base – – you are rounding the bases, too. So joyful to read this report – – Onward. Love you, Barb G.

  6. Ok Mary, we’ll set up a date for permanent make-up[eye lashes and brows) and a gel nail session where you get “permanent” nails in a French or colored finish…Girls being girls…OK? Hang in there. Love and prayers to you, Jerry, Erin (the littles) and Sean

  7. Whoot! Am so happy to get this news! So proud if you! Now on to surgery and a quick easy recovery! But on a lighter note, I think we could all use a friend with a harp!! I wonder if Margi could just set up in our staff room during state testing!
    Love you friend and keep the good news coming!!

  8. It WILL take awhile to recover from surgery and you WILL be fragile BUT that’s the physical you and that’s what happens to everyone when they have major surgery. The core you is strong and invulnerable no matter what! Look at all you’ve achieved so far. Be gentle with yourself! Our bodies are so much weaker than our souls. And you, I think, have a wonderfully vibrant soul!!

  9. All good, Mary! Looking forward to our next meal, you with all your hair, me with my white hair, two old ladies looking good! Love you, Sonia

  10. Oh YES! This is so good. You, like Declan, are heading for third base, rounding for home very soon! After next Thursday, your only job will be to heal. Visualize the cancer totally gone, the cells stitching up happily. Your spirit is so strong, your friends and family so strong, your body is catching up. What a lovely relief, just what we all hoped for. hugs and love, Shirley

  11. Well, well. Super, super news. Almost a 10! It will be over soon. Let’s face it. You were pregnant for 9 months and you did that AND gave birth? You think you cant handle a bit of surgery and recovery? I think so!! Will send all my positive energy your way on Thursday! o-o-o-o-o-PP! (positive Power!!)

  12. Such great news Mary! I am so happy for all of you. I’m smiling from ear to ear. Speaking of smiling, Nina’s post yesterday was fantastic. As for your hair it looks great in every picture you post. No muss no fuss. You’ve got great backup.
    My friend you are going to have an awesome weekend. Live it up!

  13. Deirdre Christman

    Fantastic news! Now for the post surgery visualization: How about you cuddled up on the couch with a book – and a chocolate milkshake? OK, O,K, I know that’s not the way it will be immediately, but you need to aim for something enjoyable.

  14. Good, good news, Mary! I’m working on that visualizing stuff too. Visualizing that that hollowing, bitter wind outside is really an Amtrak train roaring me down the track to FLORIDA!!!! Here’s to good health, hair and a warm spring!

  15. We are sooooo happy for u…of course we wish u didn’t need surgery but u r going into it with a great prognosis. It’s been winter here for 2 days (40s, windy) so everyone is sniffling. But we’re not getting the Nor’easter that’s hitting Cape Cod!

    Sent from my iPad


  16. Wendie Highsmith

    Keep that good news coming. I know you and Jerry are thrilled. Going through that chemo and proton radiation (with all those good docs, family and friends), and your will and determination, have brought you to this place. Jim and I are so happy for you. You are several steps from the completion of this particular journey. Then, there is the healing and recovery and what comes after that. May you be well! Wendie


  17. More great news! You deserve all these wonderful results after all the hard work to being cancer free. Keep smiling dear friend- you are truly a survivor!!!!!

  18. Hey Mary, I laughed when I read that your hair is coming back one at a time and you nails are all broken. Same thing with me, but thankfully no proton,chemo,etc. Just age!!!!!! I have enough hair in the shower and on my brush that we could glue it on your fuzzy scalp while you wait.
    Everything sounds terrific, and life is good. One more hurdle, which is now just a speedbump with all this good news, and you are DONE! What a journey.

  19. Wonderful news!!!! Personally, I think you have been through the hard part. The waiting to see if all of these treatments worked or not…they did!!! The surgery is just the finish line! Visualize Shivasana on the beach!
    So, why am I thinking of retiring to the Cape?

  20. I’m so glad you got good news!! I have a mental picture of you recovering faster than they expect.

  21. I too visualize you healing faster. Surgery is much scarier than the actual process. As long as you and your Drs have figured out the best pain medication for your initial discomfort, you will be surprised at how quickly you begin to adjust and heal. Just think, in a week, you will be cancer free.

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