Endoscopy….A, Biopsy, No Clue


Endoscopy today.  Another of those wait around forever until the show gets on the road.  At least Jerry could come in and wait with me until the doctor was ready to go.  I thought I was getting Propofol (lovely drug) but I got some combination of Benedryl, Versed and Fentanyl. I’ve had Versed before….love the stuff.  Turn it on, you’re gone.  Turn it off, you’re back.

Anyway, I WASN’T back when it was off….not for a long time.  The doctor talked to Jerry and I missed it all.  Good new… he found what he expected to find.  My nice, fat, ugly tumor was nowhere to be found.  There was something white and flaking off in the area (tumor?)  The area was still irritated (probably the reason I’m still having trouble swallowing) but things looked good.  The report says  “Exudate with friable mucosa a from 34-37 incisors.  Biopsied.” No clue what that means (Lois???)  He didn’t do a esophageal ultrasound which would have told him more but things are looking just great.

Also, the “patient’s tolerance of the procedure was excellent.”  Ha!  Another A!

Jerry and I went over to Rice Village to walk around and get lunch..neat little place…interesting restaurants and shops. When we got back to Anne and Clark’s I settled down on the couch to watch an episode of Parenthood (I’m bingeing on them on Netflix) and promptly fell asleep until 6:00 when Sean called. Can you imagine how long it will take for me to come out of anesthesia from surgery if I’m out cold for a day from a 30 minute procedure?

Again, thanks for your prayers, thoughts and healing energy.  Things are looking so good and I am so very grateful.

So cute in a johnny...waiting for the endoscopy

So cute in a johnny…waiting for the endoscopy


38 thoughts on “Endoscopy….A, Biopsy, No Clue

  1. Wonderful!! So happy for you.

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Thrilled to hear the tumor was not to be found!! Patient is excellent!! Love hearing these reports!! Wendie


  3. You’re doing great. Make sure you keep getting A’s. This is NOT a class you want to have to retake lol 😉

  4. Mary, you look adorable in your johnny, but I think your insides look even better!!! So happy to hear the good news. I won’t stop praying and sending my very best wishes to you. You are one tough lady!

  5. Oh, Mary. That is wonderful news today . . . so proud of you for staying up to date with your blog to report this. It was just great to hear that report – “tumor was nowhere to be found.” You deserve a nice long nap! (Hospital PJs and you were too cute!) More results tomorrow . . . keep on keeping on. Best to you . . . . Love, Barb G.

  6. Wonderful to hear this news! I’m relieved and happy.

  7. I thank God for your strength. I don’t know how you are doing it. You are so brave letting us all in. The waiting has got to be torture. I’m so happy to hear that things are moving in the right direction.
    Know that prayers and good thoughts are coming your way. Love, Mary

  8. Hooray!!!! Such good news! Straight A’s for one smart woman! Thank you God! Thanks to MD Anderson staff too! And, of course, the patient and Jerry did their hard work as well. This is a “WOW!”

  9. o-o-o-o-o-o-PP! Keep it going!! That Positive Power is an amazing drug. Keep the good news coming!
    Love, Jo

  10. Oh Mary, how totally wonderful. SO happy to hear it – let’s just stay on this good roll. Been thinking about you all day, of course. Eager for tomorrow’s blog. Thank you so much for keeping us in the know. xoxo Love, Shirley

  11. Yea…another hurdle crossed! So happy and thankful for you that the tumor is gone! You look marvelous in your gown! And to make you feel good again…it was another rainy, windy day here, well most of it anyway! Tomorrow’s supposed to be in the mid 60’s….you’re missing anything back here!
    Will continue my thoughts and prayers my friend. Pam G

  12. Linda Underwood

    Oh, Mary!!! What great news! And I continue to feel very grateful to you for sharing this all with us. I feel so much more informed. How do you manage to look so adorable during a hospital procedure???

  13. Dorothy Cresswell

    Wow, that’s amazing news!! So happy for everyone!

  14. WooHoo!!!!!! Friable mucosa is just red tissue. Why couldn’t he just say at!!!! Anyway, great news. Prayers do work…now you keep up the good work.

  15. Continued prayers and healing thoughts. Such good news. Keep it coming….

  16. Yay! Good for you, Mary! Congratulations!

  17. So far, so good. That was awesome news !

  18. You go girl! Almost done!

  19. Best news I heard all day! Keep it going!!
    Sending you love

  20. Deirdre Christman

    Such wonderful news! Even better than I would have expected, and, as you know, I expected good news. So happy for you! And you do look adorable in your Johnny. You must have known, somehow, that you were doing great.

  21. We expect no less !

    Sent from my iPhone


  22. So glad to hear that your endoscopy went well! Versed is a great drug but one does feel very groggy for hours later. I’m not surprised you slept so long. Don’t be surprised if you don’t remember any of today, as I’m sure you know , versed has an amnesic effect. Fentanyl is just a short acting pain med to get you through the surgery. As for the results, I’m not sure of the lingo other than exudate could be nothing more than dead tissue, probably after the treatment to the tumor ,and friable mucosa is where the tumor is/ was. The numbers they gave you are the description of what they saw from your front teeth. The tube placed down your throat has markings on it. Those numbers are centimeters of where the tumor was from your incisors I’m sure you have a follow up appt where all of this will be discussed, and when you will be fully awake:)
    I’m so glad things are moving in the right direction for you. Our prayers are being answered my friend. 🙂

  23. So glad to hear they couldn’t find any tumor…

  24. Great news! Keep it up!

  25. yes! You are so cute in that johnny. Glad for this update. Keep getting those A’s!

  26. I love reading such good news! Gayle

  27. Hurray! Bye bye tumor. She beat ya!!!!!!

  28. Laura O'Connor

    I am so, so happy for you. Prayers will continue. Think positive!

  29. Soo happy,those are great news!!!!!! Prayers are being heard and continue to go your way. You look so cute in the johnny but where is the green wig?? Have an awesome day!!!

  30. So glad to hear your good news. Prayers have been answered and will keep coming your way.

  31. YAY!! You did a great job of kicking that tumor’s ass! Such good news, am so happy for you. You are not only one tough woman, but you manage to look adorable (and smiling 🙂 ) in a johnnie!

  32. I love “Parenthood” too, Mary. It’s the best to bingewatch. How long will you be in town? Let me know if you need anything!

  33. Great news, I’m praying for you each day. “Thank you God for watching over Mary, continue to shower upon her your saving power and love on her..

  34. Such wonderful news, just as I had imagined and will continue to imagine, for you.

  35. The fact that they could NOT find the tumor is the best news ever. I will continue to pray. Will the doctors still need to do the surgery?

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