PET Scan Today….Results: No Clue


Actually today wasn’t a rough day…just a blah day…one of those “Go to Anderson, hang around waiting to be called in, hang around some more, go home.”  We’re pretty used to it but it isn’t as much fun as going to the beach (is anything?)

For those of you who have never had a PET scan, here’s the drill. NO eating for six hours before.  TRY to load up on protein the day before.  Avoid carbs the day before.  And DRINK as much water as you possibly can the day of the scan.  Then when they finally call you in, they hook you up to an IV, shoot you up with something interesting and you sit back in your recliner and relax for an hour WITHOUT a book or iPad or iPhone.  (In Venice they let me read.  Here they say it stirs up too much brain activity)

So I meditated…for about five minutes. Then I stared at the gorgeous photograph on the opposite wall (spring flowers) for about ten minutes. Then I meditated ….for about ten minutes.  Then I started thinking about things we needed to get done this week.  Then I decided that was too much brain activity and started counting the flowers in the picture…49 daffodils, 13 tulips, the rest too blurry to count.  Then I closed my eyes…decided maybe I could take a nap…NOT.  (no wonder…I think I slept 11 hours last night)  I did fine probably until the last ten minutes alternating between paying attention to my breathing and saying prayers but if they didn’t come when they did, it wouldn’t have been pretty .  I’m not used to being in a place where I can’t read for that long a time.

We stopped at Paneras for lunch…love their macaroni and cheese.  I’m planning to go out to a lecture tonight over at Anderson…Mindfulness in a Time of Serious Illness.  If only Anderson were closer…If only it weren’t rush hour.  I want to go but it will probably take at least an hour each way of bumper to bumper traffic.  However, as you can see from the paragraph above, I could really USE a talk on mindfulness.  Let’s see how I feel at 5:00.

PET scan results by Wednesday if we’re lucky.  If not, we’ll get them from Dr. Ho on Friday.  Endoscopy and biopsy tomorrow…also not as much fun as the beach but at least I’ll be under anesthesia so I won’t be looking for something to read.

Photos below:  Declan is playing T-ball.  He’s on the Pirates which is so much fun for us since Sean was on the Pirates when he was a little guy too.  T-ball is hilarious, by the way. If you’ve never been to a game and need a good laugh, just go.  The other photo was taken on St. Patrick’s Day.  A group of us from yoga went out to breakfast.  I caused a scene with my hair and Jerri had on a shirt saying “Irish yoga” with three different poses and beer bottles all around.  We’re such a serious group.

Declan, first T-ball game of the season.

Declan, first T-ball game of the season.

St Patrick's Day breakfast with Jerri, Trevina and Susie

St Patrick’s Day breakfast with Jerri, Trevina and Susie


17 thoughts on “PET Scan Today….Results: No Clue

  1. OMG it might even be worth having a PET scan to get some Panera mac and cheese!

  2. May your 100%success rate continue! Fingers crossed for great results from the PET.
    My advice—skip the traffic. You’re the living example of mindfulness. You could be teaching the course

  3. The green hair says it all. Such a marvelous look. Ive been thinking of you daily and praying for you. (Being in Israel sort of lends itself to good behavior.) I’ll be looking forward to hearing all details. Keep smiling. If you find yourself getting down, just look at the green -wig picture.

  4. Sending you love and powerful prayers!

  5. When you need to focus on something, just remember that darling picture of Declan playing T-Ball. Oh my. Such a cutie! Hang in there, April comes in a week. Love, Barb G.

  6. True…I’m not sure there’s anything as good as going to the beach !!

    Your friend Barb is in Israel. Reminds me that I’ll be there in September. I’ll be touring the Holy Land for 8 days with a friend who had the same trip on her bucket list.

    I can’t believe that I’ll be spending my 70th birthday in Jerusalem !!

    Good luck tomorrow…

  7. Dad and Annette

    You are doing great Mary! Hang in there, we’re with you!
    Love, Dad and Annette

  8. You are sent constant hope and positive energy for all good news these next few weeks.

  9. O-o-o-o-on the pet scan did not seem like fun. I too would have crawled the wall not being able to do something. Researching tons on how to improve my immune system. Wary about radiation so I contacted my Photo bud and also surgeon, Dr G. He said for me not to worry and that I should remember that I will have bragging rights..” a hot knocker!” He had such humor in his wonderful advice. He made me smile and I wanted to share it with you tool So keep those spirits up. The power of positive thinking! o-o-o-o-PP! (A cheer my tennis partner and I would shout when we were behind. It always worked. Distracted our opponents too. :-))

  10. Hi Mary, so glad that PET test is over….terrible not being able to read or keep your mind busy! If it makes you feel any better…it poured rain here most of the day so definitely not a beach day! I love the green hair!
    I’ll be thinking of you as I often do tomorrow and say a few too! Pam G

  11. Deirdre Christman

    I think your brain activity would be worse NOT reading than reading. Of course, you could always devise imaginary meals, starting with the mac and cheese, but that too might stir up the brain. At least you’re through it. Always hard to wait to find out what’s what, this time tenfold. Just think, though, that it’s been almost five months since you found out you had cancer, and you made it this far with flying colors.

  12. Listen to your Dad and Annette- good advice! The beach days are coming to you soon again. Love and prayers!

  13. Love and lots of prayers go out to you ,Mary . pET scan done, and after tomorrow, endoscopy also! Rest well with the propofol. It’s a great anesthetic! And NO nausea!

  14. And Mary, good luck tomorrow too, and the day after, etc. What a hard lesson to have to learn — to sit there for an hour with nothing to read! Does that constitute book hell? Poured rain all day, garden happy, making more kale for your return. Keep taking good care of yourself; all our good healing thoughts are wrapped around you all the time. Deirdre is right – flying colors, complete with lime green hair! Love it. Perfect. xoxo

  15. Just wanted you to know I made it through parade weekend. (I’m still barely crawling around today.) Thanks to your inspiration the tradition lives on!! Sending you good thoughts, good thoughts, good thoughts!!! Love, Mary

  16. Mary, You are such an inspiration to all of us. Just remember you have many beach buddies ready for your return to sunny Fla. You are in my prayers daily. Call or text anytime:-)
    Love, Deb P 9412865935

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