Saturday Morning in Flower Mound

Declan watching TV munching on an apple

Declan watching TV munching on an apple

We arrived at Erin’s early yesterday afternoon.  This morning is typical Saturday morning craziness at the Rosses.  Erin is working (soccer pictures for hundreds of kids…she has a team working for her) and all three kids have games.  We started slowly enough….The girls woke up early and read in their rooms until they got hungry for breakfast.  Declan woke up later on and took out the gate to his room because no one came fast enough to let him out. (I think that’s to discourage him from moving in with mom and dad at night)  Calli had the first game…she left with Brent a few minutes ago.  They’re trusting us to get the other two ready and where they need to be on time but I know they’re worried that we might forget something essential (we might!)

Yesterday it was 78 here.  Today the high is 58.  Jerry and I brought every bit of warm clothing we had.  I remember the days in Longmeadow freezing at soccer games.  We back there again!

Here are a few pictures from today.

Declan just got up. Love the hair.

Declan just got up. Love the hair.

Lana reading early in the morning.

Lana reading early in the morning.

Calli, ready for soccer. Love the uniform.

Calli, ready for soccer. Love the uniform.


14 thoughts on “Saturday Morning in Flower Mound

  1. Linda Underwood

    LOV.ED how Declan watches TV. How adorable is that. I just woke up and read your blog and am exhausted with the energy your depicted coming out of that house on a Saturday morning. Probably good that young people have children! I was very happy to hear how well your first round of tests went. It just sounds like you are doing so well. It must have been all that clean Florida salt water air.
    I look forward to the continuing adventures of Mary .

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    These kids are just too cute. Enjoy, enjoy! They will probably remind you of anything you might forget in getting ready for their games. Wendie


  3. What a wonderful way to spend Saturday morning! Enjoy and stay warm! The Hennessys send a big hug your way.

  4. Karen Rafferty

    Sounds like a wonderful normal day… Hooray!

  5. Enjoy all the sweet craziness!

  6. How wonderful to be submerged in the activities of the “littles.” Happy Saturday morning to you, Mary.
    Love, Barb G.

  7. They are keeping you young, happy, healthy, and energized, Have fun and stay warm!

  8. Deirdre Christman

    So glad you’re enjoying time with the grand kids – but happier your tests went well. I would have emailed you Thurs. but when I read you blog at 9:39, I think, I saw a message from Expedia saying our res. at the condo by Disney was cancelled. An hour later, I got it back be being VERY forceful. Yesterday, we drove separately, me to check in and Riss to pick up the kids at the airport. Then we met at Magic Kingdom – and we had to wait a lot, even with somefast passes. Best rides available only at 10-12. Today first at Hlywiid Studios, got the Jedi Training for 1:00 and off to the Star Wars ride, which they’re riding again whe I’m having coffee.

    I wouldn’t take the brain fig seriously. I have that all the time and Russ is worse.

    Jo’s photos are gorgeous. She emailed me to say nothing in the lymph nodes, so that’s good. She probably emailed you too. She was still loopy from the anesthesia.

    Love you. Deirdre

    Sent from my iPhone

  9. Life is good, especially on Saturday morning.
    Love JO

  10. Mary!! I didn’t see it before but Declan looks like you! A cutie. Have fun with your adorable family. Love, Jane

  11. Just in from work and catching up on emails…glad you and Jerry made it safely to Texas, glad the initial tests went well and so glad you are now in Flower mound enjoying those adorable kids. Hope none of them were disappointed with a loss!! Enjoy! Miss you.

  12. What a joyful way to start a day!

  13. Your kids make me so anxious to become a grandmother!

  14. Enjoyed your pictures. They gave me a bit of a flashback. Great times huh? Love to all. I hope Erin made it through her busy day. I’m confident you did. Mary

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