Test One- Cardiology- A


First, the photos at the top and bottom of this post are the work of Jo Crebbins, a gifted photographer who lives in Englewood, Florida.  Her work just blows me away and gives me a little piece of Florida.

Next….Day One at Anderson….Cardiology..EKG and Echocardiogram.  Feels as if we never left here.  The good news of the day is that my heart is just fine and ready for surgery.  That is good news.  Evidently radiation and chemo can do things to your heart…even ten or twenty years down the road.  So this is good, very good.  Passed the first test with flying colors.  Just a couple more to go.

Flunked a couple others though…Chemobrain?  Too much on my mind?  Who knows.  We went to our 11:00 Apple class to learn about the new Spreadsheet program (Numbers) except (oops) I had scheduled us for 10:00.  Lucky us….there was someone free at 11:00 who could work with us.  He lost me after the first few steps but Jerry could follow it all.  Not sure he could REMEMBER it all, but he did understand it all which was a lot more than I could do.

We had planned to go to a lecture at the Integrative Medicine Center this evening….Someone speaking on the role of meditation and mindfulness on living with life limiting illness.  It meant “hanging out” after meeting with the cardiologist so we picked up smoothies (packed with protein) and went up to the Overlook to relax and kill a little time.  (Like we hadn’t killed enough time all day waiting for blood work, an EKG, an echocardiogram and a meeting with the doctor)  We were in the car heading over to the other building when I checked and (oops) the lecture is next Monday.  Obviously we headed back to our home away from home.  We’ll give the lecture another try on Monday.  (and yes, my husband is a saint)

So we have a quiet evening at home.  I’m watching at couple old Parenthood episodes before we start watching basketball.  And tomorrow we head to Flower Mound.  I’m expecting to FREEZE at soccer games on Saturday.  I’ll go prepared…dress in layers the way I do for yoga!

Don’t you just love these little ones?



16 thoughts on “Test One- Cardiology- A

  1. Love the pictures! Life is good – that’s how they make me feel.

  2. Welcome to Brain Fog! With any autoimmune disease, this is familiar territory, it comes and goes – the fortunate thing is that it isn’t always there; it IS an ambush though, frustrating. I suspect that once you have less stress and fewer things on your mind, especially scheduling things, it will disappear. Google calendar, syncs on all devices, can help – unless you’re already using it. :/
    I know Excel really well, Numbers is almost the same – we’ll play with it endlessly when you get back here. Great for all kinds of things (like book lists!)
    I’m glad you’re in passing mode – please stay in that lane. Love and hugs, Shirley
    LOVE the photos

  3. So glad that the preliminary tests are going well and that you’ve gotten this far without residual damage from treatment! YAY!

    We all screw up times and schedules. It’s about having lots on your mind — or that’s what I tell myself. 😉


  4. Flaithimh@aol.com

    Yeah, Mary! Keep up the good work and enjoy the weekend. Love, Marie

  5. Oh, Mary, these photos take my breath away! This planet is filled with wonder…well, to all of the miss-remembered appointments, it looks like this will be a good time to hang loose, Mother Goose. I am grateful that Jerry is so flexible. Yep, count your blessings on that one!! Be kind to yourself. You’re doing so well.

  6. Yay you passed!
    I give you an “A” for heart

  7. Great news, Mary! What a good feeling to have passed the first test! You are on a roll…

  8. Good job! You get a 3… Making acceptable progress or perhaps I’ll give you a 4 for exceeding expectations.. 🙂

  9. Lots of love. Glad you are safely there . . . love the photos, too. Love, Barb G.

  10. You are not surprising the doctors or anyone else with your great grades! We know you and how you perform! Thinking of you and Jerry. Enjoy the weekend! That’s your reward!!!!!

  11. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-I remember having the MUGA scan of my heart. It made me angry that my perfectly good heart might be damaged by the chemo and/or radiation. The post-treatment MUGA said all was well, and still is. Got my fingers crossed for you and your marvelous heart. Wonderful photos. So Florida. Love, Wendie


  12. Yippee, great news!!! Have an outstanding weekend Mary.
    Those pictures exude the wonders of life. Let’s appreciate every minute of it.
    Love ya, Mary

  13. Mary, I think you are very amazing taking any computer information classes with all that is going on in your life. I’m sending good thoughts your way for you to pass all your tests!!!

  14. It’s no surprise to anyone that you have a good heart! 😉 xoxo

  15. You were always a straight A student. Glad things are moving along. it’s warm and sunny in RI today, yeah. I will think of you as I walk on the beach. Much love to you.

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