Back in Houston

Just a quick note….we’re back at Anne and Clark’s in Houston, unpacked and ready to hit the ground running tomorrow.  It was easy to unpack…we knew where everything should go.  Jerry made a quick run to the supermarket.  In some ways it feels as if we never left!

All’s well.  And all will be well.  Thank you, my friends, for all you have done and continue to do to keep me afloat.1240084_10150373972789997_1760243847_n




13 thoughts on “Back in Houston

  1. So true, and it’s an especially apt statement about teachers. Love you, Mary.

  2. Yay. Glad to hear you are there . . . I’ve been hoping you’d post. Onward! Love, Barb G.

  3. Went and shot some lovely birds today, stocking up for the days ahead when I will not be able to lift my camera. Can I send you one? The very early morning light is so wonderful. Good luck in Houston!


  4. Big hugs
    Big smiles
    And a big
    “Go get’em Mary”

  5. Happy to hear you made it safely. Now get some sleep so you can ace your tests and enjoy those grandchildren!!! Love, Mary


    Oh,Mary,so true…YOU are always in my thoughts…all my best wishes and prayers.

  7. Just remember that nice warm sun, the sound of the ocean and the fun you had with your grands and then you’ll know you’ve had a break from Anderson. Love you!

  8. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary- Hope you get a thumps up on everything that is about to transpire. You’ve worked hard to prepare yourself physically and emotionally for what comes next. Much love, Wendie


  9. We’re with you!

  10. Love that statement! Seeing all going smoothly in Houston. Love to you and Jerry

  11. Best wishes in the days ahead. Hang in there and feel the love coming your way from friends and family.

  12. We’re with you all the way. Actually, I have your surgery date in my phone to “alert” me for days in advance to double up on sending more & more positive energy. Let us know the exact time you are scheduled so that we can all think of you in unison. “All will be well…”

  13. Thinking of you all the time… well xoxoxo

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