So many people have asked about my schedule that I’m going to send it to you all.   Here you go:

Mary’s Exciting Spring Activities

March 18      Leave Florida for Houston

March 19      Arrive at Anne and Clark’s

March 20     Blood work, an EKG, Echocardiogram and meeting with cardiologist

March 21      Going to Erin’s for the weekend

March 24      PET Scan

March 25      Endoscopy and biopsy

March 26      Meet with Radiation Oncologist (hopefully get results of PET scan*)  CT scan

March 28      Meeting with Oncologist…Hopefully get results from biopsy and CT Scan

Go to Erin’s for the weekend

April 2          Meeting with surgeon and anesthesiologist

April 3           Surgery

April 7,8,9,10        Discharge from hospital **

April 22-24            Leave Houston **     Go to Erin’s

May 3             Lana’s First Communion

May 6              Arrive back in Florida

*                     PET scan, CT scan and biopsy should tell us how well the chemo and radiation worked

**  This is tentative…depends on how fast I recover


13 thoughts on “Schedule

  1. Glad to see this, Mary – that’s quite a full schedule, indeed! (But where is the part about putting on the green wig?) Just kidding – all is mapped out so well, I know you WILL recover fast. Sending love and best wishes. Love, Barb G.

  2. Laura O'Connor

    Keeping you in my prayers that all goes smoothly.

  3. Wishing you positive thoughts and all the best of good cheer! You’ll be in my thoughts every day!

  4. Thanks Mary. Prayers are ongoing.


    Thanks! And more than good luck. We are gooing to ireland the 22nd-31st, but will follow any news from you that we can. Always in thoughts, etc. Love, Marie

  6. Linda Underwood

    Thanks for schedule. I had you down in my calendar for surgery on the 3rd and thought that may have changed. Need to know when to send those good thoughts your way. You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sent from my iPad


  7. My goodness. That’s quite a schedule. But you forgot to add “Hug grandkids”, “Laugh out loud”, “Get hugged by grandkids”, “Make a nurse laugh”, “Be read to by a grandkid”, “Read 4 books”, “Read to a grandkid”, “Visit with good friends”, “Skype the grandkids”, “Stroll on the beach”, “Stroll the beach with grandkids”, “Thank Jerry one more time.” I know you’ll fit those in there too. By the way, THANK YOU JERRY for taking such good care of our Mary!

  8. Thanks, Mary! Positive thoughts are sent your way. May everything go better than hoped for.

  9. God Bless You Mary Ginley, you are always in my prayers and Jerry too! xx

  10. Well you’re on your way today to your last chapter towards healing. Praying for your and Jerry’s safety, good times with family, all A’s on your test results and complete, quick healing from all procedures and surgery. If attitude alone will cure you, you’re already there! God bless, Mary. Love Jane

  11. God’s speed Mary.
    May your blessings outnumber the shamrocks that grow,
    And may trouble avoid you wherever you go.
    Love, Bernie and Mary

  12. Suggestions for “Mary’s Schedule” for June….1. Go to beach 2. Drink pina coladas 3. Go to Spa 4. Shop 5. Go out dancing 6. Sing 7, Romantic evening with Geri PS You can do in any order you like!! Love ya, Carol

  13. My prayers are with you. Keep that great attitude! It is so important. I wish I had your energy!

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