Heading West Again

IMG_1003Thanks for the above, Susie.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Everyone.  Busy, busy time since the kids left.  Thursday night I went to Sarasota to West Coast Black Theater…absolutely fabulous.  It was also great because I rode up there with Mary Ann McDermott, a good friend from Cranberry, and could get caught up with her.  Then, I connected with Linda Morassi and other friends from Anna Maria at the theater. They put on an original musical called “Harry and Lena” about Harry Belefonte and Lena Horne.  The music an dancing blew us away.

On Saturday night, Jerry and I went to Venice Theater to see a one man show called Underneath the Lintel.  The actor was fantastic but, I hate to say it, the play was just over my head.  I just didn’t get it.  I sort of got it…No I take that back.  I really didn’t understand it.  Oh well, the acting was excellent, whatever it was.

Karen Pestana and Mary at Charlotte Sports Park

Karen Pestana and Mary at Charlotte Sports Park

Sunday we were at the Rays Spring Training park in Port Charlotte to see a Red Sox game.  The Cullinans, friends from Longmeadow, have been reserving a party area at the park for several years.  There’s food and beer and good company …and a game.  The Red Sox were not so great but it was a perfect day.  Sunny and warm with a cool wind.  I loaded myself with sunscreen and sat back to enjoy the company and the game.

IMG_3150Today was our last day in Venice.  I headed out early for yoga with my green hair (thank you, Annie) and St Patrick’s Day socks.  Went out to breakfast and told some poor young kid who was waiting on us that it was my real hair.   Thank heavens he figured out fast what a liar I am. I do have a more respectable head covering for today that I’ll use for book club.  Dad and Annette sent a beautiful shamrock baseball cap.  Love both looks..the wacky and the wonderful.

Mary, Jerri, Elin and Karen at yoga

Mary, Jerri, Elin and Karen at yoga

IMG_3164Busy, busy day….packing, cleaning out the fridge, loading the iPod with good books ( I do have my priorities)  Jerry’s been washing the floor that was loaded with sand and whatever else the kids happened to drop or squish or whatever.  He knows I like coming home to a clean house and has been killing himself to make it good while I lie around and do the blog.  As I have said before, I owe this guy big time.

One last trip out…the Cranberry book club is meeting today to discuss The Rosie Project (wonderful book).  I would have loved to get over to Cranberry to see my old friends before school got out but unfortunately that AND book club are just too much for today.


It’s been hard saying goodbye.  Many of the yoga friends (snowbirds) will be back up north by the time Jerry and I get back so it was “see you next year)  For others it was “See you in May”…stopped by Shirley’s after breakfast to say goodbye and return her kale plant.  She and her husband have kept me in fresh kale for the entire time I was home.  And then friends stopped by to borrow our little kid card table and princess tent.  But there were people I never even got to see while I was home…there just wasn’t enough time (not when someone needs a nap every day)

So we leave tomorrow morning and arrive in Houston Wednesday evening.  On Thursday I have blood work and then a full cardiology workup and meeting with the cardiologist (thinking I should wear my green wig)  Then on Friday morning we head to Flower Mound for a weekend of Littles.  Can’t wait for that part.

I’ll keep you posted as I learn things.  My expectation is that all will be well. I’ll “pass” all the tests (I am so not used to flunking tests) and be ready for surgery on April 3.


22 thoughts on “Heading West Again

  1. Love the green wig!! You look very cute, kind of like Thing One or Thing Two!! You should definitely wear it to the doctor’s!!! Gee, you are making me feel like a lazy lard butt-you certainly have been a busy social butterfly-yay! 🙂

  2. Deirdre Christman

    Definitely wear the green wig – and be sure to get your green thong out of the wash. They deserve a good laugh at MD Anderson.

  3. Ok friend so take a deep breath, inhale all the sunshine and put on a smile as you gear up for treatment part 2. You so got this!!!

  4. Have a good trip west.

  5. Karen Rafferty

    Wow! That went by fast for me – can’t imagine how it felt for you! How great to have had the kids there and then get to see them again so soon.
    Absolutely wear the wig – having happy people take care of you will help you get well faster! 🙂
    Drive safely – all will be well.

  6. Yup, the green wig is the attire for the visit to the doctor. The doctor. most likely, doesn’t get too many chances to have a good laugh.

    Have a safe trip to Houston.

  7. You’ve been a winner throughout all this during the last few months. The doctors will be surprised at how well you look – green hair, scarf, or pretty wig!!!!!

  8. Flaithimh@aol.com

    All best wishes from here go with you, Mary. Yes, wear the green wig! Why on earth NOT? Love, Marie

  9. Happy St. Patrick’s Day Mary. Glad to see you’re up to celebrating. We all know you certainly have the Irish charm. I wish I could borrow Jerry. He sounds like a man on a mission. I’m trying to get my act together here for parade day. I just don’t have your energy Mary. Pour the tea and pass the Irish bread. I’ll try again tomorrow. Patrick and his gang are coming from Phillie on Thursday. The rest will be here Sunday. Hope you’re having a few Shamrock Shakes for that long trip. Safe travels my dear friend. Love to you and Jerry, Mary

  10. Safe travels, you guys! See you when you get home!

  11. It looks like it’s unanimous . . . the green wig MUST be worn! Besides, you just look too cute with it – almost like a green-haired little Orphan Annie type. I’m worn out reading about all your activities – and even working in naps in the afternoon. (I can see why, for goodness sakes!) Safe travels back, Mary. Enjoy that special blue room you love at MD Anderson . . . Love, Barb G.

  12. Another “YES!” on the wig!! Go for it, woman!

  13. Love love love the green wig!!! Safe travel wishes for you, and much love to you and Jerry.

  14. We hope that St. Patrick continues to watch over you my friend. Travel safely.

  15. I’m sure you’ve gotten the message: Say YES to the wig!
    It’s good to hear from you, as always. Stay strong, feel well, and be happy!

  16. That green wig was perfect! We will miss you, but look forward to your blog. Hang in there , my friend- our hearts are with you

  17. Mary, You look fabulous, green wig and all! So ready, set, go and get that thing GONE!!!!! I know you will pass your tests and be ready for the 3rd. Be well. Keep me posted. Extra special prayers for the coming weeks.

  18. Wendie Highsmith

    You go girl! Safe travel. May the force be with you! Love, Wendie


  19. I love the way you make me laugh. You have studied and trained well for this last leg, I am sure you will pass all your tests and sail through your surgery for a safe landing. Besides, I want to walk the beach and experience some of your sunsets with you sometime soon.

  20. Mary, It’s been said all ready, but wear the wig you look adorable in it! I agree with Karen that your time in Florida flew by. I loved reading about the Littles and their pictures showed some super happy grandkids,
    And yes, you social life makes me feel like a slug. How did you have time for those all important naps?
    I hope your drive is I eventful and your test go well. Thinking of you every day.

  21. I guess it’s a go for the green wig!!! You will brighten everyone’s day!!! Glad you were able to enjoy so many friends, family and great activities while you were in Florida. Surely those things have strengthened you for this next chapter. Lots of love and prayers headed your way!

  22. The green wig is a winner!! I hope you packed it, along with the green thongs (ha, ha that was so funny). It looks like you have it all under control. You were such a trooper for phase I and I am expecting the same for phase II. You will come out with flying colors. So nice to be able to see The Littles in-between. I am sure they have been great source and strength and happiness throughout this ordeal. You go girl, you can do it!! Sending lots of love and happy healthy thoughts.

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