Beach Babies


The biggest hole ever

On Saturday we went to Sharky’s beach.  Brent and Declan were  determined to dig the biggest hole ever.  Everyone helped a bit but they worked on it all day.  We were on the beach for five hours (with an hour off for lunch at Sharky’s)  The kids were fascinated with the birds at Sharky’s who fearlessly wandered around looking for crumbs under tables.  Declan went after one of the birds at another table.  We got him back quickly.

It was chilly but the kids didn’t seem to mind.  Jerry and I were in sweatshirts and jackets but once they got rolling they were fine in their swimsuits.  IMG_0474They kept busy with the hole and “baseball practice” and rolling in the sand.  When they were little, every single one of them HATED the sand…cried every time they got it on their hands.  We used to keep a bucket of water next to them so they could wash off the sand at  moment’s notice.  Now they roll in it. IMG_0477

Declan got pretty good at connecting with the ball.  Calli was even better.

Yesterday we went to another beach (finding parking yesterday proved to be a serious challenge)  Declan was back to hole digging but the main activity for the girls was boogie boarding.  Declan only went in the water once.  I don’t blame him.  I think it was still too cold but everyone else was fine.  Calli and Lana got pretty good at catching the waves.   Again we were there all day.  All we do every day is beach and pool.

Declan and Pop, Calli and Nana, and Lana in the sand.

Declan and Pop, Calli and Nana, and Lana in the sand.

Until today…Today we’re heading to a Red Sox Game at “Fenway South” but right now all is quiet.  Calli is up and helping me write this.  Everyone else is still asleep.  Calli and I are always the first ones up. Of course, I’m the first one in bed every night so it makes sense for me to be up early.  Calli just doesn’t like to sleep much.


13 thoughts on “Beach Babies

  1. So glad you are enjoying time with the grandkids. They are the perfect remedy for what ails you. Carolyn has a boy and a girl (Gianna age 3 and Domenic age 8 months) and Cathryn has a boy and a girl (Braydon age 6 and Abigail age 3). We enjoy our times with them more than I can say.

    Saw this quote today and thought of you:
    “Cancer can take away all of my physical abilities. It cannot touch my mind, it cannot touch my heart, and it cannot touch my soul.” – Jim Volvano, basketball coach

    All my love,

  2. I’m so glad you are having a wonderful time! Your “littles” are darling. Keep feeling better.

  3. Beautiful pics! Wonderful memories!

  4. Fantastic Mary…..keep having those wonderful moments with your grandkids! Have a great time at the game today with your little hitters!

  5. Dorothy Cresswell

    What a blast! Life is so good!!

  6. How fun…too bad the kids aren’t enjoying themselves! How much longer do you have them? Think tomorrow is rainy.

    Sent from my iPad


  7. What bliss! Enjoy every second of it, Mary. You deserve it.

  8. What great pics ! Despite the chill in the air, you all looked like you were having a fabulous time.

    I love Sharkey’s and always go there for lunch and a walk on the pier when I’m visiting my Venice friends.

    Have a great time at the game.

  9. Wendie Highsmith

    Too cute! What great fun!! Cheers to everyone! Wendie


  10. There are some joys that just can’t be taken away. Experience yours and get strength from them.
    Love ya, Mary

  11. What precious pictures. Don’t know when I have seen such joy and energy in pictures.

    Don’t wear yourself out. I am hopeing to see you Wednesday night at DFW. Linda

  12. How lucky you are to be able to enjoy your beautiful family! Best for all of you. Antrese

    Antrese McColgan 4th Grade Center School Longmeadow, Ma


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