Yoga on the Beach Venice, Florida

Yoga on the Beach 
Venice, Florida

This photo isn’t from today.  I meant to bring my phone to snap a photo of my first day back to yoga but I forgot.  First time back…wow, was it clear to me that I have a  way to go to I build up my strength for surgery.  The poses weren’t impossible. It was just impossible for me to stand for more than a minute without needing to sit down.  So I sat whenever I got tired…worked just fine for me.  Still it’s just a thirty minute class and about ten minutes into it I was wondering when it was going to end.  As I said, I’ve got some work to do.

At least I’m eating, getting food down and keeping it down and back to gaining weight.  I have my favorite food…smoothies, mac and cheese, vanilla pudding, ice cream, chicken pot pie…but I probably can eat anything I decide to eat…except maybe beef .

But all’s well…went to yoga today, stopped at Publix to pick up the paper and a few groceries, did a little pick up around the house and took a two-hour nap.  (too long…I need to keep it to an hour or I mess up the night)  Yesterday was good too.  Jerry went golfing and I cleaned bathrooms, went for a short walk, visited with Shirley McDaniel who has brought me a kale plant from her garden that I’m using every day.  None of this is totally thrilling Shirley) but for someone who was thoroughly incapacitated earlier in the week, I KNOW I’m getting better.  For me, taking a shower AND  brushing my teeth AND putting on some makeup without having to sit down and rest in between activities was a major milestone this week.  And I celebrate those milestones, believe me.

I have to figure out, on  a daily basis, how much is too much, how little is too little.  I will never get strong enough if I lie around all day but oh my, it is so appealing.  My sister, Kim, said to me, when she was visiting Houston, that it was no wonder I was happy all the time.  I set very doable goals for each day (take a shower, brush my teeth, put dishes in dishwasher) and am so pleased when I reach those goals.  True….the secret to my success is teeny, tiny goals every day.

So tomorrow?  Yoga and a walk and a stop at Bealls to buy a pair of pajamas.  Very doable goals.

I’ve been listening to the CD that Nina Tepper recommended every day.  It’s just beautiful….total relaxation and peace.  Perfect for preparing for surgery.  On it, Peggy Huddleston, author of book and CD, suggests you see yourself waking up after surgery feeling comfortable and good and already beginning to heal.  Then, for the second visualization, you need to visualize yourself a little further on down the road.  I see myself on the beach doing yoga and able to do everything.  She suggests that if you’re battling cancer, that your third visualization might  be one in which you see yourself many years in the future, healthy, happy, strong….like blowing out candles on your eightieth birthday.  Mine is very specific.  I’m at Calli’s wedding.  Lana is there with her first child and hands him to me to hold because she’s on her way down the aisle as Calli’s matron of honor.  (Sorry Erin….mother of the bride doesn’t go down the aisle holding babies, I guess)  Anyway, I’m loving the CD.  If you know anyone who might need it, I’ve put it on my computer and on the iPod and would be glad to send to to someone else who could use it.



5 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. It is amazing what the brain can do to overcome the body….. you are on a good path. Mind over matter! Keep it up friend xo

  2. There’s nothing more to say than
    L I F E. I S. G O O D

    Keep eating, smiling, facing the sun, smiling, resting smiling and enjoying life. Oh yes, smile

  3. It’s great that you are feeling a little better. I’m so glad you’ve been able to eat a bit more and keep it down. You’re heading in the right direction. Strength will follow. In the meantime listen to the music
    and enjoy the good vibrations. ( Is Margi coming back?)
    Peace, Mary

  4. Welcome Home and back to the beach and yoga! You’ve come a long way girlfriend! Setting those goals be they big or small has got to revitalize your energy level. So nice of Margi to soothe you with her beautiful harp playing…so neat about the vibrations! I’m so glad you’re back home and hope to see you…maybe at yoga one of these mornings! Pam G

  5. Mary, so glad you are finding such joy in cleaning a toilet! I don’t particularly enjoy doing mine, but i am always glad to see it shining. Hurray for gaining weight…good for you. I am happy that you are able to eat, and such yummies too like mac and cheese and ice cream, Mmmmmm.
    You will get there! Be smart, push,but not too much. Enjoy the majesty of the beach!

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