Yesterday was a less than dazzling day.  It started out okay.  A friend dropped by in the morning.  Great visit.  I watched TV, sorted and filed some papers that had been accumulating, read a bit by the pool and took a little nap.  and then Jerry went out to get the “super duper medicine” that was going to help me swallow without pain and keep things down.

Didn’t work so great.  The new stuff (some kind of narcotic) made me so sick to my stomach, so nauseous that after two bites of Panera’s Mac and Cheese I was done for the night….Worst evening of my life…worse than childbirth (well I actually don’t remember how bad childbirth was…you know that “Weeping endureth for a night but joy comes in the morning”..)  Anything I had eaten or drank all day came up and then the dry heaves.  Man, cancer can really be a pain.  Anyway, so much for the super duper medicine.  Not my cup of tea.  Back to the other stuff that sort or works….we’ll give that another try.

I was telling Erin about last night and she says both she and Declan have severe reactions to narcotic pain meds (Declan was prescribed something when he had his tonsils out)  We’re wondering if maybe we’re allergic to them (Guess I would never have been a drug addict…one try of the stuff would have sworn me off for life) We decided that when I go in for surgery we’ll have to tell them I have issues with pain meds.

Anyway I’m fine today.  Had breakfast and lunch and been sipping on my “kale, protein powder, ice cream, Ensure, raspberry, blueberry smoothie”.   Margi Miller, a good friend (turtle patrol) came over with her harp this morning.  She plays for Hospice and in hospitals as well as for gigs in the Venice area.  She’s done a lot of work with therapeutic music and did something amazing with her harp.  I sat with my back against the harp and she played.  I could feel the vibrations as well as hear the magnificent  music.  So nourishing, so soothing, so peaceful.  Evidently we all have a “tone” that soothes us best.  Mine turned out to be C so she only played music written in the key of C.  Fascinating and heavenly.

And after Margi left I went on my first “outing”.   Jerry needed to return a pair of jeans to Bealls.  I wanted to see if they had some pajamas that I could get for the hospital so I don’t have to wear that johnny after surgery.  I know exactly what I want….button down shirt, capri length pants.  They only had one pair that fit the bill and I didn’t like the pattern or the price.  Back to shopping online!  Still we laughed…first time I have the energy to leave the house and we go to a store???  I hate shopping.  I haven’t even been to the beach yet.  That’s tomorrow’s trip out if it doesn’t rain.

So all’s well again.  Last night is over.  Better days are coming.  We’ve been home for a week now.  Time does fly when you’re having fun.

Margi, Mary and the harp

Margi, Mary and the harp


15 thoughts on “Harp

  1. Call your doc today & tell him what happened…don’t wait. There may be other things he can do & it’s best to let them know early.

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  2. Mary – sorry for that narcotic nightmare, but I can’t think of anything more gently helpful for you during this healing process than sitting with your back against that beautiful Irish harp. And what a dear friend to bring her harp to play in YOUR own key of C. Beautiful – – in every meaning of that word. Definitely “good vibrations!” Love, Barb G.

  3. Mary, you know it is the little Irish faeries in the harp that dance on your back so all is well. Sorry you had a backlash from the meds. That is not what you needed, but glad to hear that you were able to get out, even if it was to the store. At least you get to see other people. It is always amazing to me that life goes on all around you. They don’t know about you and you don’t know what is up with them. Hope you get to the beach soon. I went yesterday and collected shells in CT. The weather was beautiful, for a change. Sweatshirt only. There were large trees that had washed up along with shells all up and down the beach. It was surreal with snow and waves, but I loved it. I’ll send you a few pictures.
    Mary H

  4. Mary, you look so youthful in that picture! Your experience with the harp music reminds me that Jim and I had a harpist at our wedding who played beautiful music as I walked down the aisle (in the gardens of the Lord Jeffrey Inn) and also during the reception. I agree that the harp is such a lyrical, soothing instrument. Interesting about “the key of C”…I’d love to fine out what resonates most for me!

    I laughed about your shopping excursion. THAT reminded me of the time, a few weeks after Zachary was born, when I left him with Jim for the first time and ventured out on my own. I drove around for a bit, enjoying the fresh air as well as my new sense of independence. Eventually, I found myself sitting in the parking lot of Costco, of all places! Luckily, I had the presence of mind to say to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding; there must be a better place to go on a first day out alone!” I have no recollection of where I actually went (perhaps Barnes & Noble…) but at least it was better than shopping at Costco. I hope you find the pajamas of your dreams online. 😀

    May tomorrow be the perfect beach day; soak up all that vitamin D!

    Love, Nina

  5. That is soo cool with the harp! It makes sense though. I am sure glad today is a better day. Each day will get better. Love ya, Gayle

  6. The harp therapy sounds perfectly wonderful. I wish I could sign up. Margi Miller was certainly the silver lining to a cloudy week. What a lovely gift she gave to you and to all those other lucky people.
    Wishing you a peaceful day, Love Mary

  7. Mary, if you aren’t feeling so great, you don’t look it…you look like a teenager! Hope each new day is better for you. lots of prayers and love going your way.

  8. Love the harp picture, Mary. I’d like to try that myself. You are surrounded by wonderful people!! Better beach days are coming. You will be able to soothe your soul listening to the waves!! God bless!

  9. So glad you found the harp!
    Wish this was easier. Reminds of the old round ” The bear climbed over the mountain, etc” .
    You do LOOK good, if that’s any consolation !

  10. Dorothy Cresswell

    The harp healing completely resonates with the principle of the Healing Circle Singers! I love that your friend brought this to you!!

  11. Love the photo! Turtle Girls Rule!

  12. Hi mary so sorry you’ve been having a rough time of it . You are such a trooper and I continue to be inspired by how positive you are and as soon as this is all over we should have 1 helluva celebration you in florida and then come to massachusetts and we’ll paint the town red ! Ps thank you so much for the wonderful birthday wishes!


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  13. Mary-I hope you are feeling better today…one day at a time. Is the severe response because of the intensity of the radiation treatments? One more question–When you have surgery, it is to remove the remains of the tumor, or? Be well, Wendie


  14. The harp and harpist sounded divine. Interesting you are a C. Take much care, Wendie


  15. I just got back from a visit with my Mom in New York to celebrate her 88th birthday! It’s amazing, for all we go through in life, and believe me, my mom has had her share of storms, how resilient the human spirit can be. I continue to believe, your resilience and strong spirit will take you through this tumultuous storm to savor the sunshine that is soon on your horizon. peace & love

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