One More Day


First, an edited edition of my post “Unwelcome Thoughts” is on the MD Anderson Cancerwise blog today along with one of Killy’s fabulous photos.  You can see it at

Next, all’s well here again today except every time I turn around I’m in tears.  We were in the Anderson cafe this morning having breakfast before our meeting with Dr. Nguyen when Erin texted me bright and early saying that in 24 hours I’d be on my way home.  I started crying and couldn’t stop.  Weird woman.

It happened again later on in the morning.  No wonder Jerry doesn’t want me to drive tomorrow. I am so emotional these days.

Good meeting with Dr. Nguyen.  We’ll see her again on March 26 (my mom’s birthday) and she should be able to give us the results of the PET scan that I’m having March 24. I’ll be holding my breath until I get those results.  (Not really…just figuratively)

Dr. Nguyen and Mary

Dr. Nguyen and Mary

Another "glamour shot"

Another “glamour shot”

Finishing up packing today.  Beautiful sunny day.  I need to get out and walk!


22 thoughts on “One More Day

  1. We’re looking forward to your return too…

  2. Beautiful you!

  3. You are one glamorous chick!!!! Congrats on your treatment milestone and happy trails as you head for home. I am sure you will get stronger each day once you are in the comforts of home, the warm sunshine and your Florida “family”.
    Love, Elaine

  4. Elegant glamour shot, Mary. The photographer set up the reflection so beautifully of that beautiful YOU! Safe travels home – hope you and Jerry can bypass all the weather worries in the Southeast and arrive in the comfort of your own space. Love, Barb G.

  5. The photos are lovely, Mary. Safe travels, there’s no place like home.

  6. Woo Hoo! You look “mahvelous”! Safe travels and can’t wait to see you both!

  7. Mary, you are gorgeous! Xoxo

  8. You diva – great shot for the blog!
    Don’t beat yourself up about the emotions you are feeling. You are entitled to those emotions. My doctor instructed me to take a week off after my radiation treatments saying that I needed time to process what I had been through mentally and emotionally as well as physically. Of course I ignored her and now I’m wishing I had listened. Don’t forget to take some time to just feel whatever emotions float to the top.

  9. I love your picture by the piano!! I think you look great! I would never guess your thoughts, except that I read them. Hang in there. It is understandable that you are emotional. It is probably also chemical with all that is going on in your body. You really are a very strong person. If you feel up to it, maybe I’ll see you on Sunday!

  10. You look fabulous! Bet you can’t wait to get home and sleep in your own bed! Drive carefully

  11. M-went to yoga this morning-glorious ! Chatted briefly with Jerri and Trevina. Will send you a photo. Be safe out there on highways!

    Wendie Sent from my iPhone

  12. How is it that you look so fabulous?!!?!!

  13. Crying, no big deal; you’ve earned it. You just can’t help it and you should be glad that you can. It’s done and done and done. You had no idea what was ahead of you a few short months ago and each day brought new emotions, fears, frustrations and glee; but now my friend…IT IS DONE!

    Smart move to let Jerry drive. He’s probably more up for it than you and you will probably go through some emotional withdrawals, so let him drive. It’s okay.

    Relish in your accomplishments and smile. What seemed so long, arduous and frightening is now DONE.
    Safe travels east. Admire the scenery…that’s your job

  14. Love that glamour shot! So exciting that your reflections, both verbal and visual, can now go beyond us fortunate friends. Get home and let those tears flow. It’s all good.

  15. Hey Mary, that shot with the piano, I have never seen you look so good, so young, and perky boobs too! No one would know that was a pike day. YOU look FABULOUS, darling!

  16. You were right. You do look hot in that sweater. Nice choice.
    Now click those ruby red slippers and get yourself home safely.

  17. You look like such a “Babe” next to the piano. I ask myself is there really a piano in the picture? All I see is your smiling face!!! Be safe heading back to warm and wonderful Venice.

  18. I love Barb’s and Gail’s comments and imagine there will be many more feelings you will experience in the coming weeks. You are leaving your Houston family of Doctors, nurses, technicians, etc. that you became so attached to in a short time. Embrace those feelings, pray for all, and now move on to the next chapter of your life. I bet you will try to see some of them when you return to Houston. That is good,

    Travel safely– you have lots of friends and family waiting for you in Venice! Now it’s time for healing and fun!

  19. Deirdre Christman

    You do look glamourous! Wish I’d been a fly on the wall when the photographer took your picture. Now about the crying: I think that’s completely natural. You’ve just gone through a life-changing experience, and it’s about to come to an end (thank God). Of course, the transition is hard! And you don’t really know what will come next. You’ve played your part; now it’s nature’s turn. You can rest up, catch up, and live in the moment, since everything is out of your hands for a while. Can’t wait to see you. The four of us leave at 4:40 Sunday morning, back March 1. Please pray that Atlanta is free of snow and ice. That’s our gateway to Seoul. Love you. Deirdre

  20. Hope your weather is better than what we’re expecting up here! Poor kids…when they left school this afternoon, they didn’t know when they’d be celebrating the 100th day (should be tomorrow) or Valentine’s Day (will be Friday but we may have a delay or cancellation). As they left, I said to each of them, “See you whenever!” So much confusion…

    You’ve got confusion of your own. How will the treatments turn out? What will the tests show? When will you stop crying? It’s a good time to say, “See you whenever” to the whole cancer business for now. Take a break and relax, re-group, recuperate, catch your breath, soak up some Florida sunshine and visit with friends and family. Cheers!
    XOXO Love, Nina

  21. Hi Mary, so glad to hear that you’re feeling much better…a few tears never hurt anyone! Hopefully we’re getting the not so good weather over with before you get home….lots of rain, thunder and lightening tonight and predicted for tomorrow. The sun will shine, happy and bright when you arrive….just for you!

    You look marvelous! Can’t wait to see you. night, Pam G

  22. Mary you look gorgeous! I wish you and Jerry safe travels. I know you’re on you way home so smooth sailing to you. Onward to home and sunshine and good friends! Love, Gina

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