imageNice one, huh?  I remember telling my fifth graders that happiness was a choice and then I got a long email from one of the drama queens about how it was easy for me to say that…First I had everything I wanted and there weren’t any parents or teachers bossing me around and second, I was old and what kind of problems do old people have anyway?  Their lives are almost over.  Life is so tough when you’re eleven going on fifteen.

All’s well here.  Feeling a bit better…not so whiny as yesterday.  Saw Dr. Ho’s PA who prescribed something to help with the swallowing.  He also checked (because it wasnt on my calendar) and surgery is scheduled for April 3. So now I know all the important dates…and more important, Erin and Sean know the important dates.  We’re good to go.

We met with Ron and Linda Orum today…fellow Floridians who were referred to Anderson from the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  Nice to talk to people who are feeling the cold as much as we are, going through similar experiences, and almost on the same time table.  They’ll be coming back to Houston around the time we will, so  in the time between coming back and surgery, we hope to get together for lunch depending on how Ron and I feel.  Thanks, Judy, for getting us together!

Packed another suitcase this morning.  Slowly but surely we’re getting ready to go.  It seems incredible to think that at this time next week, we’ll be close to driving into Venice!

A few other good quotes…I’m having such fun collecting them.imageimage


12 thoughts on “Better

  1. The drama queen made me smile. She’s right in one sense. It’s hard to be philosophical about choice when you feel powerless and vulnerable.

    Whine away when it suits you, Mary! Sometimes it’s good for the soul!

  2. Great sayings!wheredidyou find them?
    Brunch today with old friends from college–a great time!

  3. Mary you are such a trooper. I am happy and grateful to have you as a friend. How’s Jerry holding
    up? Open your window. I’m sending good wishes to both of you. Love, Mary

  4. Love your quotes. I told the one you posted yesterday (“One small crack doesn’t mean you are broken…”) to a friend at lunch and she looked in disbelief and said, “I really needed to hear that!” (See how far-reaching your lessons are, Mary?!) Love, Barb G.

  5. So glad to hear the packing continues! I love the saying-always are right on. I’m soo glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better. I want you to enjoy every one of the minutes you are in Florida! Hugs, Gina

  6. Glad to hear that you felt better today.

    Your positive attitude and all the ways you have dealt with your situation are inspiring. Continue doing so …’re helping more people cope (myself included) with their own difficulties than you can ever imagine. 🙂

  7. The sayings and your messages are so inspiring. You have my admiration! Jerry does too!

  8. Everyone has good and bad days and with all that’s going on in your life you certainly have earned the right to be just where you need to be each day! I am amazed at your spirit and resilience so you be YOU….we love that YOU! So glad you’re packing to come home….maybe just maybe the gray skies will clear and you’ll be welcomed with sun and warmth! Can’t wait to see soon! night, Pam G

  9. Hi mary,
    Sounds like things are really going well and you will be home soon. Can you feel the sun? April 3rd. The dawn of spring…it is the final push for all things that have been hiding underground, stirring awake to bloom. What a metaphor, or just corny! Anyway, still sending prayers because they work. You are almost there, your tunnel is getting shorter. The florida beach calls!

  10. Thank you, Mary, for reminding us to CHOOSE happiness. I really need to notice that and make it happen. It can’t arrive naturally in the midst of the chaos. It’s something we have to DO. Look for it, listen to it, smell it, touch and feel it. I find I have to choose it as a whole experience, not just a cerebral one. I notice how my whole body can be happy, all my senses. This winter sunlight on my face. The comfort of this couch. The cobalt blue sky against the brilliant white snow. The dear sleeping husband in the next room. The loving cat cuddled against my feet. The stunning beautiful home I get to live in. My wild and wonderful children that live down the road. This morning’s silence. Ah…

  11. I am sending wishes for safe travels and rejuventation in your sunny spot in paradise.

  12. Mary-Ellen Gartner

    Once again you react with grace! Hoping all continues to look up!


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