One More Chemo, Seven More Protons


Yesterday was a LONG day.  It’s a good thing Jerry and I like to read and surf the net and people watch.  Proton at 6:00, blood work at 9:30 and chemo at 11:30.  We went out to Paneras after Proton and then headed over to MD Anderson for bloodwork early.  Spent a lovely hour in the Park and then checked in for chemo at 10:00 because someone said that if you’re there early, sometimes they take you early.

Sat around (it’s a nice place to sit, by the windows watching the world go by) until 1:00.  So needless to say, we didn’t get back to Anne’s until almost 5:00.  As I said, good thing we like to read.

I finished Anna Quindlen’s new book Still Life With Breadcrumbs.  Liked it a lot.  Some of hers I have loved, some not so much.  This one was beautiful

Chemo went fine.  And better yet, the day AFTER chemo is going fine.  Haven’t even taken one of my great anti-nausea pills that I usually need on Days 2 and 3.  So much for side effect being cumulative.  I am still stunned by my luck…and fully prepared for things to come crashing down at any moment.

Jerry and I had a two hour session at the Apple Store this morning…learned a lot about PAGES, their Word program. It is fabulous.  We’re going back next Tuesday for more.  One of the things we’ll miss when we get back home is easy access to the Apple store. I’m already planning to try to get in a few sessions when we get back before surgery and to send Jerry when I’m recuperating from surgery.

We also went over to Michael’s to get a scrap book and plastic sleeves.  When I finished radiation after breast cancer I brought in little gifts for the techs.  I had planned on bringing Valentine candy for this crew (there are five of them) but yesterday I was talking to Stephanie about all the children’s art work that is all over the proton room and control center.  She was saying that some of it went back to 2007 and it was getting time to take the old ones down because there were so many new ones to hang.  She thought she’d get a big envelope for the old ones.  I mentioned that a scrapbook might be nice.  It could go in the waiting room or kids’ playroom.  She liked the idea so now they’re getting a group gift (bet the guys will be thrilled).  I’m going to give it to them early so if they’d like to give me the things they are taking down, I can work on it until I leave.

Erin and family are coming this weekend.  Then we’ll see them again during their Spring break and then again when we get back here at the end of March, just before surgery.  After that, who knows….guess it will depend on when I’m up for a plane ride.  Thank God for FaceTime!

Starting to pack.  Doing a little each day.  We have accumulated so much during our stay here.  One big suitcase yesterday, three tote bags today.  Slowly but surely we’ll get it done.

I am NOT going through hell and things have gone so right for me but I know some of you have lots on your plate right now so the quotes at the bottom are for you.image009



13 thoughts on “One More Chemo, Seven More Protons

  1. Safe travels, Mary, as you and Jerry begin the process by packing up. What a busy schedule including lots of built-in waiting times. Proud of you learning more about Apple’s products. “When nothing goes right, go left” – (love it!) Love, Barb G.

  2. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-When do you and Jerry go back to FL? I know it’s soon. Wendie _____

  3. I like the “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle…..”quote.
    A man I knew many years ago had a child with spina bifilda . He and his wife decided to try for a second child , after genetic counseling. The second child also had spina bifilda . He hated to hear the words that “God doesn’t give us more than we can bear.”. To him it meant , that the disease which crippled his children came because he was strong

  4. It sounds like you are packing for FL. Could this be so? f so, I am thrilled for you, You have been a real trooper and a fine example for all of us. Bless your remaining days in Texas and enjoy your home when you get there!!!!

  5. What a long day you had! I often wonder how the elderly (Like I’m not one of them.) navigate the healthcare system. How do they keep track of appointments, medications, information and instructions. How do they cope with all the waiting? If you’re not lucky enough to know how the system works or have an advocate who can guide you through it it must be pretty overwhelming.
    Fortunately Mary, you go well prepared for whatever you might face.
    Happy to hear you’re feeling well after chemo and that you are moving forward.
    Enjoy that apple!

  6. I feel so fortunate to be learning so much from you. I have used several of your thoughts and quotes with others dealing with their own issues. I hope you are aware of all the ripples of support and caring that you are responsible for. Linda

  7. So glad you are still feeling relatively OK! When are you able to go back to Florida?

  8. Yeah, that one about God giving what you can handle never worked for me. I remember raising my eyes to the sky and screaming out “Uncle! I’m crying ‘uncle’! Can’t take anymore. Can you hear me???” And nothing seemed to change. And, being an atheist, this really never worked for me. But I do like the one about going left. Works for my politics too. Thanks, Mary!

  9. You are so good at knowing how to use your time, knowing how to keep on top of everything, knowing how to keep positive and, best of all, knowing how to pick a partner! Kudos to Gerry for everything he does.

  10. Good Morning Mary, you are so blessed that the side affects of the chemo have been mild…I’m sure it has much to do with your attitude and just plan being that beautiful person that you are!
    Your grandkids are just darling and I’m sure being close to them has helped you much too! You are one lucky lady but again your attitude and YOU have so much to do with your recovery!
    So glad you’re starting to pack to return home…the beaches are just waiting for you!
    Keep up those spirits. Sending good thoughts your way. Pam G

  11. I really love your scrapbook gift idea. Maybe it’s because we have worked in schools so many years and adore the art and imagination of youth, but I think it will be very rewarding and hopeful for you in the process. Again you leave a beautiful legacy in your thoughtfulness.

  12. Deirdre Christman

    The scrapbook is a great idea! (But if you don’t think everyone will be equally pleased, you could bake something. Normally I wouldn’t suggest that to someone going through the last stages of cancer treatment, but you have so much energy, baking seems ho hum.)

  13. As usual, Mary, your energy, your resourcefulness and your ideas are inspiring. I’m so thrilled that you are feeling so much better than you had feared, than all of us had feared. And every day puts another chunk in the wall between you and the bad guys. I think about you every day, wishing you closer to Florida, more importantly closer to overcoming all the hurdles. Just love all the sayings you find. You make us laugh, you make us cry. Even though it’s not your intent, you inspire all of us.

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