Callista Anne Six Years Old

Through the Years

Through the Years

We arrived about 6:00 last night.  Traffic was pretty awful around Dallas but it was rush hour and Friday…what did we expect.  We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that we don’t go back to Houston in an ice storm tomorrow.  That wouldn’t be pretty.

Filling goodie bags for her party

Filling goodie bags for her party

Calli is celebrating all day.  Brent and Jerry headed out after breakfast for Declan’s basketball practice and Lana’s game.  Erin, Calli and I went out for Calli’s cake, balloons, etc. for her party this afternoon.  Nana and Pop gave her roses (along with a few toys) and she loved cutting the stems and arranging them in the vase.

Calli's roses

Calli’s roses

I think she liked being an only child for a couple hours…shopping, arranging flowers, filling goodie bags.  Peaceful time before Cyclone Declan arrived home.

Calli’s party is at an art center.  Kids are learning to paint Van Gogh’s Starry Night…can’t wait for the results.  The girls went to a party last year and did one of Georgia O’Keefe’s flowers and we were stunned with how beautiful they were.

Lana has glasses now so we got a picture of the “Girls with Glasses”…Her’s are similar to mine..plain on the front with something interesting on the side.  Lana , as you can see, is a bit of a ham.  Seven really is the perfect age.

Girls with Glasses

Girls with Glasses

Erin and I were talking about my energy level earlier today and I was saying that I’ve been filling out forms every week saying my energy level has been pretty much what it always was.  What I failed to recognize is that, at Anne’s, I’m not on the go constantly.  I’m not running out to yoga, to meet with friends, to volunteer at the library, to run errands, etc.  I’m not cleaning a closet or vacuuming the pool or washing a floor or cleaning bathrooms.  No wonder I thought my energy was just fine.  I get to Erin’s and it is very clear I don’t have the energy I used to have.  Shopping in the morning  and playing with Declan for an hour is about all I can manage today.

Took a nap and now we’re ready to go out to dinner.  Calli’s choice…Macaroni Grill..Yum.  Declan is packing a bag of toys (he’s afraid he’ll be bored).  He makes me laugh.

Life is soooo good!


10 thoughts on “Callista Anne Six Years Old

  1. Wendie Highsmith

    Darling, darling, darling. 7 year olds are terrific. Zach is 7. Love your new wig! Snowing gently here for almost 2 days. The skiers are bonkers. Go Broncos! Wendie


  2. Oh, such adorable pictures of the birthday girl. How creative to see all the shots with her wearing a red hat. It’s so nice to peek in on your wonderful birthday activities and how special that you are there to enjoy these family celebration, Mary.

  3. Mary, how blessed you are to have time with your”littles”. Life is good!

  4. Beautiful pictures Mary! How quickly time passes. Look at that beautiful birthday girl.
    Lana looks great in her glasses. “Girls in Glasses” sounds like it would make a great title for a song.
    Mary your energy level may be down but I am still amazed at all you are doing. Don’t forget you had a long ride to get to Erin’s. I’m sure most people wouldn’t have had the strength to make that trip after the week’s treatments. I’m praying for good weather for your return to Houston. Safe travels!
    All my love, Mary

  5. Happy Birthday to Calli and hello to all others. It looks like it was a wonderful birthday- love the roses! Safe travels back to Houston and may it be a peaceful week!

  6. Deirdre Christman

    Calli really looks like you in her four and five year old pictures, not so much this year. What a great idea Erin had to have her in a red hat and take a head shot each year! You must be having a ball. Even with less energy, you’re doing fabulously! Did you ever think you’d be able to lead almost a normal life while undergoing chemo and proton? You’re staying in a house with three little kids and going to a birthday party and out to dinner with the gang, all in the same day. Wow!

  7. Sevens are the best. Not yet savvy enough to know just how riotous their statements can be and how absolutely correct they are when they’re not. It’s yet another delicious age…aren’t they all?

    You both look mighty fine in your spectacular spectacles. Twinsies!

    I hope DeClan wasn’t bored at dinner and remembered to bring home all the toys.

    Sun was glorious today and we took full advantage.

    Safe and easy travels back. We hope your week is easy. BTW: the wig looks great. I guess that the beauty within is brought out

  8. She is adorable!

    Sent from my iPad


  9. I read every word of your blog to follow your journey. Just don’t comment often. Want you to know I am with you in prayer and positive thought. You are a writer at heart. Thank you for sharing your ups and downs and good and bad. Say hello to jerry and Erin and all.

  10. I love Callie through the years pictures!!! So happy you have the support that you do; it’s conserving the energy you need to get through this difficult time. Stay strong!

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