Kim and the Littles

photoKim has been here this week.  It’s been wonderful.  We’ve done a LOT of sitting around and talking.  Clark was away and so poor Jerry had to put up with three sisters who NEVER stopped talking (You can guess who was the worst offender)  We went out to some great places for lunch.  Kim and Anne did a huge puzzle ( I am NOT  a good puzzle person).  It was a quiet, easy-going, slow week and I loved every minute of it.

Kim is staying until Sunday but we’re heading out of town after an 11:30 doctor’s appointment….heading up to Flower Mound for Calli’s birthday.  We haven’t seen the kids in a month…way too long.  I felt badly about leaving Kim but there’s lots to do here.  Anne and Clark and Jill are around.  They have great plans for the weekend.

My dad sent me a piece from the New York Times yesterday.  The title was “How Much Time Do I Have Left?” I cringed.  I didn’t know if I was ready for this.  I put it aside and finally worked up my nerve to read it. It was fabulous.

Here are my favorite parts.  This one:

I began to realize that coming face to face with my own mortality, in a sense, had changed both nothing and everything. Before my cancer was diagnosed, I knew that someday I would die, but I didn’t know when. After the diagnosis, I knew that someday I would die, but I didn’t know when. But now I knew it acutely. The problem wasn’t really a scientific one. The fact of death is unsettling. Yet there is no other way to live.

And this one:

I remember the moment when my overwhelming uneasiness yielded. Seven words from Samuel Beckett, a writer I’ve not even read that well, learned long ago as an undergraduate, began to repeat in my head, and the seemingly impassable sea of uncertainty parted: “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” I took a step forward, repeating the phrase over and over: “I can’t go on. I’ll go on.” And then, at some point, I was through.

If you want to read the entire article…It’s long but wonderful.   My dad knows good writing when he sees it.

A few more dates on the calendar.  We’re heading back here on March 18.  Appointments for restaging and surgery prep (echocardiogram,), another endoscopy, etc begin March 20.  My guess (it’s only a guess) is that surgery will be around March 31 after the results of the CT or PET scan, endoscopy etc are in and I’ve met with the doctors. So things are moving along.

Mary and Kim

Mary and Kim


17 thoughts on “Kim and the Littles

  1. Mary, you look light-filled! Love you! Enjoy your time with the Littles-I know you will breathe in all their beautiful love, light and energy. Peace, Linda

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  2. Awesome photo of you two!

  3. Mary, you are looking fabulous! Seriously. Keep up your outllook on life and your honesty. I haven’t responded in a while because my little ones were here…what a joy. You are always in my prayers.

  4. Yes Mary, you do look wonderful! Enjoy those little darlings! Love,Gina

  5. you look wonderful ,mary. enjoy the little ones and happy birthday to calli. i downloaded the article and will read it tonight when i sit on my recliner. thanks for sharing.

  6. Deirdre Christman

    You look so young and cute in the new wig and with your sister at your side. It’s hard to believe you’re only two weeks from the end of your treatment; you’re still so vibrant and active. Enjoy the littles. The birthday celebration should be adorable!

  7. Safe travels Mary. I’m sure your grandchildren are anxiously awaiting your arrival. Have a great celebration!

  8. Have a happy time with the grandchildren! Moving thoughts from your Dad.

  9. Enjoy your weekend…it has stopped raining & is warming up!

    Sent from my iPad


  10. Hi Girls…. And Jerry,
    I liked your father when I met him and Annette a few years ago. Still feel the same. Will download and read the rest of the article. Now I can picture Kim after all these years. You two girls look better than any of us! Keep doing what you have been doing- you are almost there! Love the new wig!

  11. I know where you get your positive outlook! Just read the article and loved it. Your dad is the best!

  12. Mary, Love the picture with your sister.. You look so vibrant!. Enjoy your weekend

  13. Have a really great week-end! What a nice picture of you and your sister. I’m off this week-end and will definitely set aside time to read that NY times article. Hi to Jerry!

  14. Sending love and hope you have a great weekend!

  15. Dear Mary, joe and I are at beautiful Lake Tahoe with friends. Ben and his Dad are with us . Bens Mom is home taking care of their other son John. Both boys have Battens disease ( a genetic , debilitating illness that will end their lives in their early 20’s. John is 21 and has many problems, Ben ( with us) is blind like his bro and has other symptoms of this horrific illness.
    We laugh , cry with them and feel guilty for our numerous blessings!! Every day is a gift and faith is the ultimate gift! God blesses you with faith and so many gifts . Doesn’t mean it’s easy; just means He’s walking the road with you, love, Jane

  16. Beautiful pic and so healthy looking. You are definitely one phtogenic marvel. And the way the hair is combed, definitely no ‘Sister Mary’.

    Jerry e-mailed Tom and noted that we are expected down your way in April. We haven’t set a definite date so we can work around you.

    Beautiful and healthy looking pic. You are one photogenic marvel. With your colorful outfit and the way you combed your ‘hair,’ this is not Sisiter Mary!

    Next week we are off to Argentina, Chile, and the Patagonian Lakes. We are apprehensive over a predicted winter storm over Boston, so we booked a hotel so we can be in Boston well before our 4:00 departure time. Hope we took the right course.

    Enjoy the Littles…………….

  17. You always leave me with a new thought to ponder. You seem at peace with your process and really look so alive as you enter the final steps for this leg of your journey. My thoughts travel with you.

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