The above cracked me up.  My northern friends will understand why this is so very funny.

Kim, Jerry and I haven’t gotten up from the breakfast table (Anne’s out at an appointment) since we sat down ages ago.  We gab, checked our email and facebook, gab again, take phone calls from daughter and husband…What a nice morning.

I was at Mass with Anne this Sunday.  I (think) I believe that God isn’t pulling the strings on this cancer thing but just like the last time I had cancer, I’m done in by church.  I came back from communion, bowed my head and inside (not out loud) I was shrieking, “Just let me live.  I can’t go yet.  Just let me live.” and then “God give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change” and then back to “I want to live. Do you hear me” “God give me the serenity..”  It was like there were two crazy people inside me…the one who’s scared to death and the one who has the sense to know it will all work out.  Honestly, I don’t know why I went a little nuts but it’s happened before.  Funny how you don’t know what you think until you see what you say (or pray).

Inside for the day…waiting for the ice storm of the century.  It’s rainy and raw right now…not a good day for a walk.  We’ll have to find things to do if we ever get up from the kitchen table.

Photo below:  This was in one of the gift shops at MD Anderson.  Have you ever seen anything like this?



15 thoughts on “Church

  1. Actually, I had seen the Poo stuff but decided no one I knew would think it funny! 76 here…knew u needed to know that!

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    • We are on Jekyll Island watching weather forecasters out of Savannah. You’d think the apocalypse was upon us with all the hype about the coming ice storm. We do have to drive a bit tomorrow, though, and I do worry about all these Southerners on the road. Stay warm!!

  2. What contrasts you picture: a pretty red lawn chair with ice cycles hanging down and Poo Pourri for a different sort of “chair.” The conflicting thoughts within your own head at church this morning presented another set of contrasts. Stay at the kitchen table – it’s warm and friendly there (bet your kitchen chair is really comfy, too). Love, Barb G.

  3. Gads! Poo spray????? You got a good laugh out of me this morning.

    Bitter cold and a bright blue sky here in western MA. Kids can’t go out to recess, and but I’m home projecting and listening to Rufus Wainwright and a big part of me is enjoying not really caring.


    An interesting collection of things here…from the sublime to the ridiculous. Poo Pourri!?!? Good grief. Grief and good?…Maybe all are connected.

  5. So funny! You gotta laugh, right? Thanks for cheering me up on this 10 degree day, a day after leaving an 84 degree day in sunny San Juan. So sad to come home, even if I love living here but boy, this is too much.

  6. Wendie Highsmith

    Poo-Pouri-who knew? Someone doesn’t have enough to do with their time. The polar winter of 2014 will long be remembered. Folks in the deep south, Texas( a country onto itself) and Florida just aren’t familiar with this stuff much. Mostly, they don’t know how to drive in it. Folks in Flagstaff, AZ don’t know how to drive in hard rain either. Railing at God, bargaining with God, oh, so common and familiar. Shit happens, and it’s nobody’s fault. Sounds like things are right on target, ms Mary. W


  7. I have heard of poo-poorie, but have never seen it for sale anywhere…..I thought it was just a joke !!

  8. Hey Mary,
    Order up some of that Poo-pouri because we know that Sh…t Happens!

  9. Deirdre Christman

    Hi Mary,

    Glad you’re snug at Anne’s, in good company. The poster did give me a chuckle, but I can imagine the terror in the lives of those not used to ice storms – but used to seeing the havoc they wreak on TV

    Your crisis of faith is something I used to struggle with, but many years ago, when a second grader at my school died after an agonizing battle with some form of cancer, I just gave up. I decided that I could not worship a god who would allow such suffering. if it were in his control to intervene. I’d prefer to think of God as perhaps a prime mover, or possibly some sort of positive energy in the universe that humans might be able to tap into for strength. I’d ally myself with the Transcendentalists. Think of Emily Dickinson’s poem, “Some Keep the Sabbath.” I can’t quote the rest, but basically she says some kept the Sabbath by going to church, but she goes out in your yard and feels God’s presence in nature. I just can’t bear to think God helps some and not others. The thought of angels on some people’s shoulders watching over them, just makes me squirm.

    Well, you can always count on me to say what I think, but I know you won;t take offense. My cousin Trisha is a devout Catholic and a very liberal Democrat – no problem reconciling the two. I think in many cases what you believe is a function of your upbringing. If I go into a synagogue, I’ll be deeply moved by the prayers, even though I’m skeptical of God’s covenant with the Jews, or anyone else. My father was an iconoclast when it came to religion, even though he wanted to be Jewish because he identified with the culture. (Not the food. He was forever an Italian when it came to food.) And Russ and I are Secular Humanists. Belief in God is optional…

    Love you. Deirdre

  10. There are sooo many things I want to say to you in your new postings, but it brings back memories and it is difficult. That being said, I knew God was with me ( and I am not the deeply beliefiest-Is that a word?- but I knew I was not alone). I remember going out to PE and talked with Beth, and all of a sudden this very warm breeze came over me and hugged me-no one else felt it. I remember one night before I went in for a PET scan, something was being ripped out of me. He is with you. Remember, you have a fabulous family to support you( prayers do work) and you have many friends supporting you and praying for you. I love you, my friend! G.

  11. It’s better to be sitting at the kitchen table for that length of time than on a poo-pourri sprayed toilet. Keep praying, GOD hears you. Be angry…. He understands. Keep laughing– I know you will!!!!!

  12. By the way, pooh spray is probably a good idea. I do not mean to be crude, but chemo pooh is very different from “regular”pooh. Who would have thought???????????????? We had our septic cleaned and there was no order. The people were looking at the leech field and called their boss. He said, Is there anyone there on chemo?” Who would have thought my chemo would effect our system? Strange, but true.

  13. Your kitchen table scenario sounds wonderful to me. Nothing like a snow (ice) day to slow down the pace of our hectic lives.(yours in particular) It reminds me of that poem “Snowbound” we read in grammar school.
    Church voices- You’re entitled. I find I’ve been having some similar quiet outbursts at church lately.

  14. What is God’srole in all this? Trying to come to acceptance depends a great deal on our concept of God and faith. Would love to hear more of your thoughts.

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