Monday Again

The new favorite place at MD Anderson

The Garden…my new favorite place at MD Anderson

Early morning Proton (we’re up and running at 5:00 am…pretty much a shock after sleeping until 8:00 on the weekend)  There was something wrong with the proton machine…nothing serious…guess it happens from time to time…but it happened when I was on the table with my arms over my head and they asked me not to move…for about forty minutes.  Toward the end I was starting to get a little “twitchy”…Good thing Dr. Dan at Twin Palms chiropractic did such a good job on the tendonitis in my shoulder.  Otherwise that would have been mighty painful.

We went to Paneras for breakfast and then over to MD Anderson for blood work and chemo.  It’s a waiting game…go for blood work, hang around, get the needle inserted into the port, hang around, go to chemo.  We discovered a place called “The Park”…absolutely beautiful space with a volunteer playing the piano.

New wig...more like me on a really good hair day.

New wig…more like me on a really good hair day.

Jerry called and gabbed with a friend, I read my emails and Facebook and then sat back and just enjoyed the music. We’ll probably be back there EVERY Monday.  It’s my favorite place at Anderson.  So glad we found it.

When I started chemo a little while ago, the oncology nurse asked me if I had discomfort in my legs when the benedryl was going in.  I did…just had never mentioned it because it didn’t seem that bad.  Interesting, though, it was bad enough that as we headed into chemo I thought about how I needed to get ready for the “legs problem” Evidently there’s an easy fix…slow down the benedryl drip.  Much better with the slow drip. I’m not even asleep yet!

We started chemo on time so I imagine we’ll finish on time (about 2:30) Then we’ll head back to Anne’s where Kim, who landed about 11:00, will be waiting.  Can’t wait to see that woman.  We were supposed to go to her house for Thanksgiving but unfortunately I was otherwise occupied!

Be well.  Stay warm.  All’s well here.  I had to fill out a questionnaire today for one the research projects rating things from 1-10.  Last week, I think it was all 1’s  (no problem)  This week I had a few 3s…No big deal, just things I am so aware.  Shortness of breath after climbing stairs, a few extra anti-nausea pills a couple days after chemo, a little trouble with swallowing….so very little to whine about.

Speaking of wine, I can’t have any alcohol while I’m on chemo. I assumed this would be no problem  Jerry doesn’t drink so I don’t unless we have company or I go out with friends.  I didn’t think I’d miss it.  But a nice glass of wine is what I’d love…maybe right now.


16 thoughts on “Monday Again

  1. What – no wine! There has to be a limit to how much you have to deal with!

    Seriously though, glad to hear that you are doing relatively well with your treatments. As always, you will be in my thoughts and prayers as you continue on this journey. Sending you warm hugs.

  2. Love the new wig!! That’s more YOU. And the beautiful new space with live music is amazing! I cannot imagine having my arms over my head for 40 minutes without moving—that is the hardest thing you’ve talked about yet! I have one shoulder that simply doesn’t like going too up and ….. so glad that is over and that somehow you got through it. Enjoy your sister!

  3. Live music, what a great idea for a volunteer.
    Love your new wig. Who did your make up? That’s a great picture. Either the lighting is awesome or you should get up at 5:00 a.m. more often. Enjoy visiting with your sister and say hi to Jerry for me. Love, Mary

  4. How many weeks left for chemo? Tell your docs u think u. R well enough for a glass of wine & see what they say. 70 here today, sunny, breezy…makes me think I live in FL!

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  5. Hi Mary….I want you to know how much I enjoy your blog and am thrilled when a new post appears! We have a snow day today with awful road conditions and bitter cold wind. I’m sure you remember those “special days”, yes? So, it’s given me some free time to write and say thanks for your terrific writing. I pray for you often. Just keep doing what you’re doing…..your positive attitude means everything!!! Cathy

  6. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-I love the garden. Wonderful light. So, why the benedryl? That’s an OTC antihistamine. Snowing gently here all day. Slows things down, a good thing. Pretty. Wendie


  7. Beautiful room – – no wonder you like that space. It’s lovely. So happy to see your wit is still in tact – – like this:
    “….so very little to WHINE about. Speaking of WINE, I can’t have any alcohol while I’m on chemo. ”
    Oh my. No wonder MD Anderson recognizes your writing talent. 🙂 Love, Barb

  8. The wine is aging to perfection for just the special occasion. You should toast all the beautiful caregivers, MDAnderson, your family and friends…..BUT most of all “yourself ” for your fabulous attitude. For now, enjoy a cup of nice warm tea!

  9. Deirdre Christman

    The new wig is perfect! Now put on your jammies, get your sister, pour a chocolate milkshake into two wine glasses and toast your remarkable treatment at MD Anderson.

  10. Absolutely LOVE the new wig and you look great! I can’t believe how well you look considering all that you are going through. Have a wonderful week with your sisters!

  11. Mary, Woke up early. Read your latest blog and thought you might enjoy this….perhaps it will become part of one your articles for MD Anderson.

    Long story – so I’ll get to the point (which I’m pretty sure your will understand on so many levels.

    Saturday, I met an author of children’s books, Julie. High energy. Good person. Beautifully illustrated value driven books for ages 4-10. First book is about self esteem, 2nd is about sharing and so on. Published in Bradenton where author lives. Profit is shared with medically based charities (breast cancer, lung cancer, autism). You also would love this person. Her books are connected to the school curriculum.

    After buying her set of 4, I went back and bought a few more for niece’s children, etc. Walked home. Realized this is a good person so I called her up and left a message offering her a reiki session. Don’t know why I called, she didn’t know who I was but the idea just floated into my head. She called the next day and was completely surprised and accepted but not without telling me this story…(the point is getting closer).

    Julie wrote these books in honor of a dying friend who has cancer. She, the friend, has always encouraged her to not worry and to “put things out there”. Julie never really understood what her friend was saying until I called. That is the point….trusting in something intangible like “putting things out there” and “believing in the spiritual, the invisible, the intangible” is not just talk. It works without explanations, expectations or instructions. I’ll see her next week and have invited her friend to come as well.

    So there it (the point) is, another one of those wonderful moments in life where everything “lines up, facing in the same direction, and moves forward”. I know you get the point, too.

    Energy still being sent.

    Miss you, Tori

  12. That is a great wig! Just think how good that glass of wine will taste when the chemo is over. You’re getting closer to that beach every day! Sisters Rule! Hugs, Gina

  13. No alcohol, no problem. Not that I was ever much of an imbibed but I stopped any alcohol when the tummy was removed. Occasionally I slowly sip. Don’t miss it at all. Now if I had to hive up carbs, you’d find me kicking and screaming tor sure.

    Sistah and husband have been here since Thursday and we’ve been discovering alternatives to beach as the weather hasn’t been cooperative but yesterday and today are picture perfect.

    Your new wig is definitely you. You look as you did when you were at Center. You look LOVELY dahlink. Be well. Enjoy life. SMILE

    Love the new wig…reminds me of you at Center…fits youpetfectly

    The new foo is you. You look like the gal I remember from Center, spirited,

  14. I promise we’ll have a nice big glass of wine next time we get together. Think Eastside Grill or Esselon. Sending you lots of love.

  15. You look just beautiful! Don’t whine about the wine…there will be lots waiting for you when this is all over!!:)
    So nice that your sister’s visiting…,another sure morale fixer! Have a great time with her.
    Sending lots of thoughts and prayers, Pam G

  16. So glad you found a peaceful place!

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