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Again?  Two in one day?  Just wanted to tell you my first piece is in the Anderson blog that shares patient stories.  Link is

I just sent them another one…reworked my “Unwelcome Thoughts” piece.  I told them I’d try to get them one each week.


8 thoughts on “MD Anderson Blog

  1. Outstanding! No surprise. I love the balance between emotions and logic, all the parts that went into the decisions, the shock, the good surprises. You’re just a terrific writer – you need to put these blogs (and comments) into a book. I’ll tell Erin – she’ll get the arrangements started. 😉


  2. That’s great Mary! You’re a wonderful writer!

  3. Another beautifully written masterpiece!

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  4. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Good story. Well done! Good on you, girl! Wendie


  5. Wonderful reading, Mary. You tell your story so well. It will mean so much to others who will find encouragement and hope in your words.

    Love, Barb

  6. Hi, You sound like you are keeping very busy. I have an unrelated question for you. This involves sick days at retirement. I remember you said you got 40% of daily rate after 6 years. Another teacher was just told you would get nothing until 12 years and then 100%. Maryann is going to check on it for me to see if the policy has changed or if the Landings is giving out wrong info. Am I remembering what you said correctly?

  7. Way to go Mary…bet you never thought you’d be a writer! Well you’re not missing anything here as far as the weather’s concerned….sunny but very chilly with winds…from the North! Of course it’s nothing compared to up North and Midwest….I’d be a hermit up there!
    Glad the weekend’s coming so you can have a break from the treatment. So thankful that you’re feeling so well…keep up those spirits! Sending more thoughts and prayers, Pam G

  8. Ohhhh Mary, so beautifully written. Even though I knew the whole story I was very touched when I read it. It made me cry and makes me feel so proud of you. Your post made think of a famous saying, ” YOU ONLY GOT THREE CHANCES IN LIFE ; GIVE UP , GIVE IN , OR GIVE IT ALL YOU’VE GOT “. You are a trooper, and I am so happy you are getting treatment in such a wonderful place. Glad Erin pushed you to be there.

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