Chemo Yesterday…All’s Well Today

Martin Luther King Day…no proton.  Proton Center closed.  Half of MD Anderson was shut down too.  But in  the Ambulatory Treatment Center business was booming.  There was a sign on the desk when we arrived for my 3:30 chemo appointment…”Appointments are running two hours behind.  We apologize for the inconvenience.”

I shrugged my shoulders.  We’re getting used to rushing over there and then waiting.  We have our laptop, our iPad, our kindles.  We can amuse ourselves for hours.  We were VERY early because I had bloodwork at 2:00.  Decided to go get a smoothie and relax awhile in one of the alcoves where the sun poured in the windows.  We went back to the chemo area around 3:00…Good thing because at 3:40 I was called in.  Ten minutes late, not two hours.  Evidently a lot of oncology nurses came in at 3:00.

Gorgeous scarf thanks to Shirley McDaniel

Gorgeous scarf thanks to Shirley McDaniel

So chemo went without a hitch.  The “pre-chemo drugs” that are mostly to prevent nausea work incredibly well.  The benedryl knocks me out…more each time.  I slept through most of the treatment (such great company for Jerry who sits next to me reading or playing cards on the iPad) and was so groggy when we were heading home I told him I was going right to bed …no supper. (my nutritionist would have a fit)  But I woke up by the time we got home, had a great supper with Anne and Clark who are back from Hawaii and then headed up to bed.

I’m putting in this photo because I got so many compliments on my scarf yesterday over at MD Anderson. Thanks, Shirley.  I almost didn’t put it in.  I look so old in the one. So focus on the scarf rather than the face!!

I just got back from a 2 1/2 mile walk.  Not bad for an old lady who is supposed to be sick.  And tomorrow I’m going out with Chris’s wife, Jackie, for a manicure and pedicure.  Such a rough life I lead.

If you have Facebook you already have this link…from Upworthiest…best explanation of cancer (about three minutes) that I’ve ever seen.   Sort of the way I explained it to the kids….only way better.

So all is well…still.  Lucky, lucky me.


13 thoughts on “Chemo Yesterday…All’s Well Today

  1. You didn’t look old to me … still look like the last time I saw you.

  2. Walking 2 1/2 miles? Impressive. In spite of the wonderful picture of your smiling face and the colorful scarf, the best of all was the final line: “So all is well…still. Lucky, lucky me.” Yay!
    Love, Barb G.

  3. So glad that you continue to feel so well! I should emulate your walking habit! But, my friend, it is in the single digits again here and at the moment, we’re adjusting to returning from dream time in the Florida Keys,to a normal gray bone-chilling day here—so I am grateful to get to the car and back. But you do inspire me! I loved the Ted Talk! I had missed it along the way and that helped me to “get” it! And, lovely scarf!

  4. You look fab in that photo! And you’ve exercised more than I have this week my friend. We’re buckling down for some snow tonight and the we’ll be putting ol faithful to work once again in the AM so I’ll be thinking of you!

  5. The scarf and you are both gorgeous. Rosanna came by today to sit on the beach and let the sun take any cares away. It has the power for sure. Feeling the sand and watching the waves is the best medicine. Being with good friends just adds icing to the cake.

    Walking, walking, walking. Good for you, your body but mostly the mind. It’s just plain healthy. I’m so glad that you are able to do it. It’s the best mindless exercise ever and while walking, the brain can just go to wonderful places and think such pleasurable thoughts.

    Each day and each treatment brings you closer to the end and back to health. I think about that for you frequently. As you check off each treatment it brings you closer to health, the LIttles, the bigs and life. Wear your scarves proudly, hold your head up, and continue to move forward with aplomb.

  6. Love your scarf. What a beautiful color. It’s no wonder that you got a lot of compliments on it. Enjoyed your post. I’m impressed with your exercise regiment. While you were out walking this weekend I sat in front of my window watching the snow fall and reading a good book. That accounts for my only getting an 89 on the longevity survey. What’s my excuse?

  7. Love the scarf! Went to PILATES today-lots of new people!

  8. I love your scarf and the way you wear it to the side over your shoulder. I think you are doing so well because you are taking such good care of yourself, staying strong, walking, eating, resting, doing all that you should. Your determination is admirable and smart since you are going to need it now that you have 35 more years to walk this earth. By the way, I too have 35 more years according to your previous link, so I expect to find time to hang with you, walk the beach and take in some of our nearly 13,000 sunsets on the horizon.

  9. You are a young lady who’s remarkable !! God bless you dear Mary, love, Jane

  10. Mary, my scarves have never looked so good! And no, you do NOT look old; besides, your spirit will never be old no matter how many more decades you live. I’m so pleased and relieved that you are not feeling ill effects of either therapies. Luck, hard work, attitude, optimism, supportive family and friends – you’ve got it all. Just wish you didn’t have the bad guys. Well, you won’t for much longer, that’s for sure. Love you and miss you so much. Shirley

  11. Well here comes honesty…at our age it’s good enough to look “good enough”! Considering your recent journey, Mary, you look “good enough”!! Glad to hear you are still able to exercise, eat with no discomfort and spend time with your wonderful family. Speaking of which, will you be traveling to Flower Mound this week-end? Hope so. Miss you, Martha.

  12. Hey Mary, I loved the link explaining how cancer works. I’m saving it just in case I need to explain it to my grandkids. You never know, even though in the test you sent I was told I’d live to 97!

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