102 Years Old

Ha!  Ha!  Jerry’s friend, Jim, sent him this link that asks you a bunch of questions and then it tells you how long you can plan on living.  They ask if you wear a seatbelt, eat your veggies, don’t smoke, don’t drink too much, exercise etc. etc.  One question on history of heart disease in the family…No questions about current health condition….And according to this thing, I’m going to live a long, long time…about 35 more years.  Are you paying attention, Sean and Erin?  Bet you didn’t think you would be stuck with me for THAT long.


Check out the quiz yourself if you want.  It was fun.

Next, link…Margi Miller, a good Florida friend, sent me assorted podcasts and videos that I am watching bit by bit…a beautiful talk by Eckhart Tolle, some great music, and the one below that looked so much like what I see at MD Anderson.  It was taken at Cleveland Clinic…beautiful and so very true.  I know these people.  I meet them every day.  It blew me away.


We went to Gravity yesterday.  I have been a space nut ever since I went to Space Camp about fifteen years ago.  Loved the movie.  Loved George Clooney (of course) and thought Sandra Bullock did a great job.  And obviously the cinematography was incredible.  Great afternoon amusement.  We need to do it more often.  There are some fabulous movies out there that we haven’t seen yet.

Sending you a couple pictures (I despise pictures of myself but I know that it’s fun to see them and know I’m not dead yet)

Out for a walk

Out for a walk

The first is from yesterday’s walk…I have on my “Calli wig”.  Need to have a little variety in my life.

The other is from the end of yoga this morning.  Just got a card and long sleeve tee from the Venice yoga people yesterday.  Lucky me to have so many good people in my life.



Getting ready to watch the Patriots.  I need to get out for a quick walk before I settle down for the game.  Hope nothing major happens in the next half hour or so.

Finally, I need to tell you that your comments yesterday were so supportive and thoughtful and on target.  I think I hit a nerve with lots of you because all of us have an idea how we want our life to play out and rarely do things go exactly the way we want.  We are all trying to not “live stupid”, aren’t we?  And trying to make good decisions and trying to live every day to the fullest.  And some days are better than others and some days are a mess.  But we do our best.  And we can’t ask anything more of ourselves than that.

Finally…saw this on Facebook this morning..



8 thoughts on “102 Years Old

  1. I absolutely love the angel quote, Mary. Guess I’ll be around a long time to enjoy it too. My lifespan should be until I’m 99!! I’m not sure I’ll have all my mental capacity though. Just hope I take after my dad!! You sure will remain mentally competent. You’re a great writer and you have a great mental ability to grasp all that’s important in life. Knowing all that, I look forward to growing old with you!!! Blessings for a good day tomorrow. Love, Rosanna

  2. OK…I’m going to live until 94. Guess I can stop worrying in the middle of the night. I’ll simply repeat my new mantra, “94-94-94…”! Yours, my friend Mary, has a soothing ring to it, “one-hundred-and-two…” Thanks to Jerry’s friend, Jim, for sending the link.

    Also, I agree that yesterday’s comments were fascinating and life-affirming. Bring it on!

  3. I will be joining all on the beach or in the nursing home before I turn 99! I know most of you choose the peacefulness of the ocean! We can take over a wing in a NH on the beach!

  4. Reading your blog at halftime . . . watch out, Mary and NE family, “our” Peyton Manning is on fire, (just kidding) even though he moved from IN to CO. Another super entry, Mary – loved the quote, took the quiz (105) and the “empathy” video is good to see many times. Love, Barb G.

  5. Well, I should make it to 85..Hmmmm

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  6. Sorry for a all us NE Pat fans…bummer way to end the weekend!

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  7. Mary, When I finally chose Venice to move to I hoped I would be a blessing to some of the people I volunteered with But it is I who have been blessed when ever I read your blog by you and your friends who send you encouragement Thank you. See you soon. Love Paula


  8. Hi Mary, yes we can all blame ourselves and then blame others and or things but it really is what it is no matter how we got there don’t ya think? We can beat ourselves but it still doesn’t change a thing! So be good to yourself…you are so loved by so many people…just wrap yourself in that and let it soothe and protect you!

    I love the wig…makes you look so young! I gotta get one! Thoughts and prayers a plenty, Pam G

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