Apple Crisp for Breakfast

At Proton with John

At Proton with John

Early morning Proton (6:00  am) and then to the airport to send John home to Vermont.  Oh how we will miss him.  Such good company, such a good cook, great walking companion …I loved having him around and he gave Jerry a break from driving to Proton every day besides.  I wonder if he’ll ever realize how much this week meant to me.  We got home from the airport and (as you can see from the title) I am not taking my weight gain too seriously.  John’s apple crisp is delicious…no matter what time of day you have it.

John certainly got a taste of our lives here in Houston…very slow (boring)…trips to MD Anderson to sit around waiting rooms waiting for doctors who are running an hour behind time.  We met with Dr. Ho yesterday (so far, so good) and he was late.  I honestly don’t mind. I remember how much time he gave me to answer all my questions and how patient he was back in November when I couldn’t make up my mind whether to do the extra chemo or not…If someone else needs that kind of time, I can wait.  The doctors here NEVER give you the feeling they are rushed and you are slowing them down with your questions…Another thing I like about this place.

We went to the MFA here in Houston yesterday to see the Impressionist exhibit.  So many Renoirs…such incredibly beautiful paintings.  The museum is huge. We’ll go back.  Yesterday we just did the Clark exhibit and the other paintings on that particular floor.  Lots more to see and it’s free admission on Thursdays.

We watched a documentary on Netflix the other night…Black Fish.  It’s about Sea World and was so disturbing and thought-provoking.  Unfortunately it means we’ll never go back to Sea World.  As my dear friend, Sonia, said at my very first class with her at UMass, “Once you know, you can never NOT know again.” It’s worth seeing…but it will probably mean you can’t go back to Sea World.

John asked me about my “church music” that I listen to every day during Proton.  It’s a playlist that I downloaded from iTunes…just my favorite songs…Here I am, Lord; Be Not Afraid; How Beautiful; City of God; Blest are They; Sing a New Song; Hosea…a mix of things from the 70s (convent days) and from more recent times.  The kind of stuff that gives me peace.  (We should play it when we’re in traffic…that’s where the real stress happens.) I have more to load on the computer and move to my iPod from good friends but first I need to finish listening to the books I have on the iPod because when I resynch it the books will disappear.

A weekend ahead.  What to do?  John’s recommending we see Gravity at an Imax…I’ve been checking.  I don’t think it’s at the Imax any more but we can still see it in 3D at the theater.   Obviously I’m exposing myself to germs but honestly, I’m not going to stay inside for the next month.  I won’t go to “Fluville”…even though I’d really love to be with the Littles this weekend…but we’re not staying home either.  I can bring a mask and wear it if  it seems wise, I suppose.

I just started reading The Rosie Project  (thanks for the recommendation, Carol) I’m loving it.  Lots of fun.

So it’s all good.  I did FaceTime with the kids yesterday.  Lana and Calli are taking after school art classes (part of our Christmas present) and Lana had texted me a photo of her masterpiece from this week..then decided to FaceTime so she could tell me exactly how they went about doing their piece.  And Declan jumped in to tell us that he can now float on his back.  Thank God for FaceTime …we can stay connected so easily. (especially since I am so not happy we’re not on our way there at this very moment.)

We’re hoping to get up to see the Littles in two weeks for Calli’s birthday…missing Declan’s this week.  We’ll see.  We just play it all by ear.  I got an email from a friend today saying she thinks the reason I’m doing so well is that I have such a good attitude.  I told her that the problem with taking credit for how well things are going is that if things go south in the next few weeks, it will be my fault.  There are lots of reasons why things are going so well…luck, Proton, prayers and good energy from friends and family, my body chemistry and I think the reason I have a such good attitude is that things are going well.  My goal is keep that attitude even if things are NOT going well (which according to the doctors I need to be ready for).

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone..especially my teacher friends in Florida and in Massachusetts!


9 thoughts on “Apple Crisp for Breakfast

  1. John’s adorable…looks just like you! Funny, I had just heard something on NPR yesterday re: the Black Fish documentary having that exact effect on Seaworld AND Busch Gardens. I’m sure they will both survive! Glad you had at least facetime with the “littles”. Hope the trip in two weeks works out. Enjoy the week-end. Martha

  2. Have a good weekend! Did you see PHILOMENA ?

  3. Apple Crisp definitely counts as a breakfast food-it has fruit in it after all!! So glad you like the book-I love the way the guy thinks and talks-puts you right in the mind of someone with Asperger’s. Wow, you and your bro do look a lot alike, but do you cook too? You have many other talents! have a relaxing weekend, and eat more apple crisp!

  4. Deirdre Christman

    Apple crisp is perfect for breakfast! Wish I were there sharing it and a cup of coffee with you. Skip Gravity and go see Saving Mr. Banks. The whole time I was watching Gravity I was thinking, “Wow, Sandra Bullock is doing such and such, Sandra Bullock’s hair is hardly out of place…” The cinematography was gorgeous, but the movie did not touch either Russ or me at all. I’m sure we’re in the minority, but just want to weigh in with my two cents. (When do I ever forego on opportunity to speak my mind?!) Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Thank God for FaceTime!

  5. Mmmmm….I love apple crisp! Do you have the recipe? Funny that the exhibit was from Clark. I’ve seen it as well and it is beautiful.
    When my sister was having chemo she went out with a mask and blue latex gloves all the time. She wanted to be active and keep busy. It was a good compromise, not exactly a fashion statement, but it did the trick!!
    Take good care!!

  6. Glad you had face time with the grands. They must have loved sharing their art with you. The apple crisp sounds wonderful. Apples are a health food. What’s that saying, “An apple a day keeps………..
    If I were you I’d add a little vanilla ice cream to that crisp. Hope you have a fun filled weekend (no boring stuff). Love, Mary

  7. The picture of you and your brother is terrific. It’s good to be able to picture him after all your wonderful stories about him. Lucky you…. Sisters are great; brothers give a sense of comfort and peace.
    Love that he is a cook. Don’t worry about a little extra weight- you need the energy!
    Stay positive… I have no doubt you will!!!!!

  8. Mary – You’d have enjoyed visiting my classroom today. We talked a lot about Martin Luther King, and I told them how exciting it was to listen to his “I Have a Dream” speech on t.v. (I was 10…) I’m not sure what prompted his question (something in one of the books, perhaps) but one student, Jack, asked me, “Did they have taxi cabs back then?” I assured him that although it was 51 years ago, yes, taxis had already been invented “back then”. You’d like Jack; he’s a real thinker!

    After our discussion, kids each took a piece of different colored paper, drew and decorated a person. I put our rainbow of people up on a bulletin board display along with their comments about Dr. King’s message of peace. My favorite was Rowan’s: “Don’t judge people by their skin.” Amen to that!

    Peace and love to you,

  9. A taste tempting delight that apple crisp is for sure, and there’s nothing wrong with eating it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Listen, if my now seven-year-old- granddaughter can enjoy tomato soup or spaghetti for breakfast, apple crisp sounds just fine. Besides, the man who makes it seems remarkable. Does he come with recipes? If so, please share.

    I’ve read about the anti-Sea World documentary. I guess it’s been on television a few times although I’ve not seen it. However, I recently read in one of the local Florida papers that Sea World had the highest holiday season attendance in its history. I think that sadly the negative publicity has brought them increased customers. Not a good place.

    Movies, movies movies. We’ve seen lots of them lately. Gravity was not one of our favorites and we can’t figure out what all the hype is about. IN our humble opinion, there are far better movies out there. We very much enjoyed The Book Thief, American Hustle and Philomena. I think you’ve seen Philomena, so go to either of the other two. I mean Gravity was okay, but if you’ve got to make a choice, choose Hustle or Thief. Protect yourself…wear a mask and don’t touch anything bare-handed. Get some gloves for going in public.

    Had a good time with Rosanna and Terry tonight. We went to a local theater to see Hello Dolly. As always, it’s fun to see and spend time with old friends. So many years together in third grade at Center. It’s amazing how good friends just pick up despite time that has passed.

    Carpe Diem…do everything you can and then some. Breathe deeply, let the sun kiss your face, smile brightly and enjoy those Littles on Face Time.

    Thinking of you, as always…smile brightly and boldly.

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