Mondays are totally MD Anderson Days.  Blood Work, Chemo about thee hours and then Proton.  Today, chemo began at 11:30 and will last until around 2:30.  Proton is at 7 PM (another trip over here.  No big deal.. It’s isn’t as if there were something else on my agenda.)

At the space center

At the space center

I’ve been feeling fine.  Everyone should travel through chemo and radiation as easily.  I’m not sick. I’m not tired.  I’m not depressed.  I can go where I want, do what I want to do.  I know that it could get rough but I am so enjoying these easy days. We had a wonderful weekend.  We went to the Johnson Space Center.  I’m not sure what it is about the space program that dazzles me.  I think that going to Space Camp years ago got me hooked. I  loved the movies, news clips, moon rocks, models and real rocket launchers and space vehicles.  I don’t think I realized how much scientific research is going on at the International Space Station, research we couldn’t do on land.  Amazing. John came in from Burlington, Vermont shortly before 11:00PM on Saturday.  He had had quite a time getting here, black ice in Vermont, a delayed flight in Philadelphia.  He had traveled for twenty hours to get to Houston.  Not too much fun but we’re loving having him here.  He’s great company AND he cooks.  What more could a woman ask for? On Sunday we went to the mall for our lesson at the Apple Store.  I usually have

Hat from Karen..cute

Hat from Karen..cute

a list of questions  that we deal with and then we move on to more cool stuff about iPhoto.   They’re willing to work on anything with you…including crazy things like “How do I embed a photo in my blog instead of just sticking them all at the end?”  Later in the day we went to Chris and Jackie’s for dinner.  And finally back home to watch Downton Abbey before bed. Today I’m back at MD Anderson for chemo and later on, Proton.  Never fun but certainly tolerable.  They have free chair massages here…just have to sign up.  I had been meaning to try it but it never seemed to fit into the schedule.  Today my chemo is in a totally different building at the center and I was wandering around trying to find “Elevator T” when a woman at a desk called out to me, “There are a few chair massage slots left.  Would you like one?” Sure, I said, but first I need to find the place where I’m having chemo and check on something.

Ready for chemo

Ready for chemo

Then I’ll be back. I had walked right by the right elevator.  Went back, signed in for chemo and headed back downstairs for a massage…Soooo nice.  Paid for by a grant.  I hated taking a slot from someone who might REALLY need it but it was so good. Chemo was uneventful.  The first hour is assorted stuff to prevent nausea and whatever.  I really should fine out what these things are for. The benedrill knocks me out. Jerry goes and gets lunch, I nap. Exciting day. Best news of the day…we’re going to Erin’s this weekend. I couldn’t change my proton appointment but I could change my chemo to later in the day. We’ll be able to leave early Saturday morning and come back on Monday morning when the kids head out to schooL.  Now if proton ends up being changed we might be on our way on Friday.

Declan at Basketball Practice

Declan at Basketball Practice

That would be incredible.   It would be great to see the kids play basketball. They had their first game last week. Erin brought the girls to a high school game the night before because she realized they had never even  SEEN a basketball game. They loved the game and at least they understood enough to be okay on the court on Saturday.

Time to get moving. Back to Anderson for proton



17 thoughts on “Mondays

  1. Sure looks as though the embedding lesson worked! I hope you wrote it all down to teach me. And Declan has just the right stance – add a new player to Celtics’ roster in 2034! You look wonderful but more importantly, it’s just more wonderful that you’re feeling well. Back to that growing list of Things That Go RIGHT. Love and hugs, thoughts every day. Shirley

  2. Benedryl – ha ha I remember getting that (in really large doses which totally does make you loopy). I recall reading a book and trying or knitting something and trying to quickly finish it before I lost all concentration and ability for coordinated movement LOL! The nurses must have a laugh about that 🙂
    And you look cool in the space center!!!

  3. Gary & Suzanne White

    Mary, I never can think of a clever response to your wonderful blogs, but thank you! You make my day full of good thoughts….how selfish is that?

  4. Great comments about the Space Center . . . and the important science experiments they are doing. Your new hat is another one for the “cute Mary” series of adorable pictures. Love, Barb G.

  5. I’m sure it’s not a picnic, but you sure make therapy sound not bad. How wonderful to have someone around who is familiar with a kitchen and not just a dishwasher. Great brother. Your photo of Declan at basketball is a hoot. How do you not laugh. I love it and he’s adorable.

    We saw Rosanna and Terry on Friday. They are masterful chefs to say the least. They are also quite caring. Knowing that I am experiencing a bit of a colitis flair-up, they prepared foods that were absolutely delicious but not overly seasoned or brightly colored. When flair-ups hit, I’m best off eating white stuff and they hit the nail on the head with the most delicious whites. They’re both great and are wonderful hosts.

    Herb got a Florida fishing license. Did I tell you this already? He didn’t want to get fined which would be far more expensive than the license. Today he fished, and fished and fished. A man fishing near him on the beach had a picture list of the fish native to this area. Herb caught an amberjack and a pompano in addition to a sunburn on his bald head with no hat. Both fish got thrown back, but the bald hatless head is here complaining about a headache. I told him that a man who is retired and can fish ALL day who is not allowed to complain. Perhaps, this man will remember to wear a hat next time.

    Thinking of you. Keep your spirit. Enjoy massages. It’s the little things that count


    Hey, Hope the protons are doing great things!!!!!!! M

  7. Mary, where do you get your energy? I know I’ve said this before but I am exhausted looking at your schedule. Seriously, I am so glad that you are feeling up to all your activities. Enjoy the basketball games. Much love, Mary

  8. I am mostly happy that you haven’t had major discomfort or side effects so far. It’s either the placebo effect or some really good stuff. Stay strong!

  9. Mary, You deserve that massage as much as anyone. Declan and the other kids are so cute. Hopefully you’ll get to see them play when you’re at Erin’s for the weekend. It’s wonderful to hear that you’re feeling so well. Keep it going! Hugs, Gina

  10. I’m so happy that you’re able to do the things you want to do, and hope that continues to be true.

    You have to love the Apple store people. I bought my pc from them years ago and went to their workshops (some private). They are so knowledgeable and accommodating. To this day, I feel comfortable just stopping in with my questions. I will never, however, be able to take advantage of all the different computer programs they offer……they’re awesome.

  11. Tonight was Dining for Women and Audrey Patterson had 40 ladies there. You must have felt the energy flowing to you! We shared your thank you card and Deirdre gave everyone an update on what was happening. We laughed at some of your stories and it provided us a wonderful opportunity to remind each other that we are here to support each other just as much as we support women in other parts of the world.

  12. Deirdre Christman

    Were your ears burning tonight? Everyone at DFW wanted to know how you were doing, and Linda and obliged by telling them how upbeat your blog is and how you seem to be sailing through treatment. Now I’ve come home to read this new post, reinforcement of everything I told the others. So glad you’re doing so incredibly well! Can’t wait for you to come home and see some more movies and trade anecdotes and photos of our families. I know Martha feels the same way. Miss you. Love you. Deirdre

  13. Dear Mary, You put a happy face on everything! What an inspiration to your family, friends and every patient undergoing CA treatments! God Bless, Jane

  14. Wow-You look like Sandra Bullock in gravity at the Space Center, but where’s George Clooney?! So glad to hear how positive and upbeat you are>

  15. Declan has got to be the CUTEST BOY in the world, playing basketball no less!! So happy the treatment is going well. It just reinforces your decision to go to Anderson, much as we all miss you and Jerry here in Venice. Sorry I missed DFW last night but had to work. Sounds like lots more positive energy was sent your way! We’ll keep it coming, I promise! Martha

  16. Wow, what a busy woman you are! I’m so glad you’re full of energy and pretty good stamina too….you go girl!
    That machine looks quite awesome! You could almost feel like an astronaut in there! And speaking of awesome Mary, you look so good…I love the hats!
    I think of of you so often…wish I could just wave that magic wand but know I’m here for you anytime!
    Hope you had a great day today. Pam G

  17. Keep writing! Love to hear of your adventures and reflections. What support your family provides!

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