Always Thinking

IMG_0433Declan, almost four:  Hey mom, are Uncle Sean and me twins?

Erin:  No Declan. Your birthdays are next to each other (one day apart) but you aren’t twins.

Declan:  Oh, okay.

The guy is always thinking.  My favorite summer story about Declan came after he went to the Intrepid Museum in NYC and was dazzled by the shuttle.

Hey, Nana, how do I get to be an astronaut?

I explain (probably too much for a three year old) that you went to college, learned a lot, went to flight school, learned some more, went to astronaut training in Houston, learned some more and then eventually your name came up on the list and you got to go on a mission.

Silence.  Then, But Nana, what if I change my mind and I don’t want to go.

No problem, says I.  You just tell them.  There are plenty of other people to take your place.

But Nana, if I don’t go, how do I turn back into Declan?

As I said, the kid is always thinking.  I told him he wasn’t going to STOP being Declan when he trained to be an astronaut but actually the boy is right.  When you go through something (anything, big or small) you don’t ever go back to being the old you….you never turn back into your old self. You become something new.  At least you do if you are open and growing and learning.  (Guess I’m always thinking too…like what kind of new will I be after this is all over?)

I got an email this week from one of the public relations people at MD Anderson saying she had read my blog post about hair…the one with the ugly (cute) pictures and asking if I’d be willing to write for the Anderson blog.  I said sure but how did she find me?

Turns out they have someone on staff who searches for mentions of MD Anderson on blogs and Facebook etc every day and passes on interesting stuff to her.

I know it’s kind of creepy, she wrote, but we mean well.

Anyway, I tried to search for my blog on google and couldn’t find it.  They must have better ways to search.

I did a piece for them on not wanting to come to Anderson…wanting to stay in Venice and be treated there…and deciding to stay.  Sent it in yesterday.  We’ll see if they like it.  It seems so long ago that we came here not even sure we were staying (Erin and Sean were sure…Jerry and I were hoping they’d tell us we could go home and be treated in Venice)  It was the right decision.  There’s no doubt in my mind.  But at the time I so didn’t want to stay

It is a glorious sunny day here…going to be around 70…Feeling good, no treatments or appointments…We need to be outside.  John is coming in later than planned so we have an entire day ahead to fill before we fetch him at the airport.  Going to NASA.


17 thoughts on “Always Thinking

  1. Darling astronaut story . .. I”m going to send it to our kids – besides, son Brad got his B.S. from Purdue University (“home of the Astronauts,” as you may know) and will enjoy that. Love, Barb G.

  2. So you cam learn to be an astronaut?

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Hi Mary, It has been pouring here in MA all day, somI envy you the beautiful weather. Get out and enjoy and I am glad to hear you are feeling okay. Each day that passes gets you closer to being completely well.

  4. Hi Mary,
    Remember our friend Nathaniel M? Well his grandmother lives where my mother lives. I see Jerry often, but one day I see this very tall, thin, handsome young man running (and no one runs there) down the hall with arms raised yelling “MRS.WEINERRRRR”. As he approached and was clearly going to hug me I see it is Nathaniel! He graduated from HS las year, got into Emerson and deferred. “I knew I wan’t mature enough to handle being in Boston with so many distractions so I decided to stay at school and do a PG year”, says he! Pretty amazing! He works at J. Crew of all places and takes courses and is getting mature!!
    He looks very well, seems happy and is interested in some kind of media, I do not remember what he said.
    Anyway, love the new do. Pretty cute and the Proton stuff is way over my head, but truly miraculous!!!! I bet the Anderson people will be putting you to work helping others with your humor and hopeful words.

  5. You always make me your stories! LUL, Karen x

  6. I guess you haven’t received my previous comments because I didn’t “log in” first. I’ll have to tell Sharon as she asked me why she couldn’t see her replies either! She was awarded non-instructional person of the year at Englewood Elementary School this week. We will celebrate when you return…LUL, Karen x

  7. You are on you way to having a book published. MD Anderson didn’t know what was coming their way when you decided to stay there. They found you and now you will be helping others. This is a bit sooner than I expected, but no surprise! Go Mary!!!!!!!

  8. What a wonderful idea…writing for Anderson! So glad they “happened” upon your blog. Oh, yes, nothing is private anymore: “they” know where we shop, what sites we visit, what games we play, what our ailments are, which ads we should see…etc. At least in your case, it’s great that someone was watching. Your experiences, humor, insights and entertaining style of writing make you the perfect person to write for the Anderson blog. Just make sure you hang onto the “literary rights”!

    Regards, Nina
    P.S. Believe it or not, it’s 53 degrees here at 8:25 p.m.! Balmy (in all senses of the word)!

  9. Deirdre Christman

    I want to meet Declan. Glad you’r enjoying your family – but even gladder your week went so well and you CAN enjoy your family. Now go enjoy the pasta your brother is making. Love you. Deirdre

  10. I simply loved that entry. And now that you are discovered, your insights will be shared with so many others. I always thought your reflections should be published. What a treat!

  11. Delicious Declan! So glad you’re feeling well and having field trips. MD Anderson has once again shown its good judgment – I can think of no better spokesperson for them than you. Book next. Seriously, Mary, you are a terrific writer and you write just the way you talk; so much honesty, humor and yet serious. Loved the segue, for instance, from Declan to you, and the rest of us. xoxo Shirley

  12. The answer is…you become an even BETTER Declan, after all that training, experience, angst and challenge. Just like you and me and, I suspect, many others on this blog, we are better people now. More thoughtful (yes, we think WAY too much), more aware, more perceptive, more compassionate. It’s the one perk to all this nonsense we have to go through. I’m so glad you have a Declan in your life.

  13. MDAnderson is an offshoot of NSA!!!….and that’s how they knew. And don’t you just LOVE it when children question and think? Afraid that isn’t part of the curriculum, tho…..sad.

  14. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Priceless! That Daclon must be something else. Love hearing about what he says. Have a good week down there in Houston! May you be well, Wendie


  15. Dear Mary, If you don’t feel like writing for MD Anderson one time, let Declan fill in for you! He’s healing. Love and prayers, Jane

  16. Glad you’re having some good days!

  17. Those kids always give us things to think about. One of my favorite parts of teaching was trying to figure out why a student gave a strange response to a question. More times than not when I figured out his/her thinking it made total sense.

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