If you’re bored or curious…

I will not go on and on today.  I need to get a life!  Best news of the day, by the way, is that my brother, John, is coming on Saturday and staying for a week.  Yay!  I told him one of the Collateral Benefits of Cancer (Perks of Cancer..POC in The Fault in Our Stars) is that you see your family more!

I wanted to share this link:


It will take you to the MD Anderson proton therapy page.  If you scroll down, you’ll see assorted videos listed on the right.  (Can you tell what I did last night?)  I loved the one with the kids.  (Shary, note the power stance on that little guy)  The others are really informative.  Obviously, I have nothing else on my mind right now but if you’re bored (who’s bored these days? who has time to breathe?) check them out, they’re fascinating.

Playroom at the Proton Center

Playroom at the Proton Center


6 thoughts on “If you’re bored or curious…

  1. It’s like Sci- Fi except it’s real!

  2. Proton therapy is interesting. More interesting is that our health care services are not making this therapy more readily available to more patients. It’s incredible that the insurance industry makes patients go through hoops in order to receive it, but this is an argument for another day and in a different venue. I am just thrilled that you are able to receive this therapy. Thank goodness.

    Weather has not been wonderful, so we’ve been movie hopping. We’ve found a theater in Melbourne that shows first rate films and always has a bargain. We didn’t know this when we first went, but quickly realized it. The first time we went, the charge was $6 for regular people (not us) and $5 for seniors (us). Can you imagine? When we got inside we learned that a medium popcorn and medium drink were $2 each. My goodness, that’s almost free! We went yesterday to see Saving Mr. Banks. The senior prices were the same and we received a discount on the junk food. What a deal. Loved the Book Thief, enjoyed Saving Mr. Banks. We’ll also see American Hustle before we leave Florida.

    Speaking of FL. I love your snow post of the day. Great find.

    Glad your brother is visiting. It’s sad that don’t make a greater effort to see the folks that really matter. A good lesson can be taught. (Makes me glad that we just bought the seven tickets for Ilyse and her family to visit this summer.) We really shouldn’t have to wait until there’s an illness. However, that said, any reason is a good reason to visit friends and family. Glad your brother is coming. Enjoy your week together. I’m sure it will be wonderful.
    We’re thinking of you and praying for you everyday. Remain bright, tough, resilient and Mary. Love you girl.

  3. You can go on anytime you like…it’s your life right now and I personally look forward to sharing your day!
    That was quite an informative site…so glad you’re having the proton therapy…so sad that insurance prevents others! It’s wonderful that your brother will be visiting…great spirit lifter for sure!

    Our weather’s trying to pick up….warmer today but very cloudy and a few drops. How’s the weather there?

    Thinking about you my friend. Pam G

  4. That is some fascinating reading! The description seemed like something out of a science fiction novel. That scientists have figured out a way to harness protons in such a precise manner is food for the imagination.

    It sounds like proton therapy is most effective for certain cancers but not all. I want to believe you’re receiving it came from the knowledge that the risks to your heart and lungs, type of tumor and location were the deciding factors making you eligible (along with good health insurance) and that others with your same circumstances might have the same treatment options.

    It got me thinking, what would I do in your shoes living on the Cape and discovered Mass General oncology lists proton therapy for your type of cancer with a facility in Boston. It makes me want to look closer at our insurance policies to see what they do or do not cover.

    I also read that proton therapy can eliminate the need for surgery because it is so exact. Is surgery a guarantee for you or can they evaluate the results after your course? All in all, I visualize the protons encircling your tumor, leaving no injury or scars, and vaporizing it to nothing. I feel so optimistic!

  5. Another educational post, Mary. Thank you for including the link to the MD Anderson proton web site. I’m so grateful your insurance made proton therapy possible for you – plus considerations of your individual situation. However, I did miss seeing those cute pictures of you . . . and your sweet family. Love, 🙂 Barb G.

  6. So happy you are going to be able to visit a whole week with your brother John. Hope your treatments go well too.

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