New year’s Resolutions

Watching Sound of Music with my favorite kids

Watching Sound of Music with my favorite kids

We’re back from Flower Mound, hanging out in Houston, not doing much until Monday when I have blood work and chemo in the morning and proton therapy at 8:30 in the evening (past my bedtime these days).

So, about New Year’s Resolutions. Easy to make, easy to break. I’ve done pretty well the last couple years..more exercise, eat healthy, slow down…and this year’s resolutions are no different. But they are way harder to keep. I’m just so tired. And this is before the REAL stuff starts (Monday). I did a bit of yoga when I got up, made it fifteen minutes before I started getting dizzy and nauseous. Ended up going back to bed for the morning.

I never did get out for a walk today….Just couldn’t convince myself to get moving. Tomorrow…

They say listen to your body but my brain is saying, “Get up, get moving…even if you have to do it in little bits.” It is way too early to crawl in a hole!

Jerry and I are planning to go to Galveston on Saturday. It’s going to be warm (66) and we figure we’ll get our “Gulf fix”. Everyone tells us it is NOTHING like the beaches in Florida but that’s okay. A beach is a beach is a beach. It’s only about an hour away.

Monday is the beginning of the serious stuff (like chemo every other week wasn’t real?) Chemo every Monday, Proton every day Monday through Friday. And it should be all over by February 13. (until we come back for surgery in late March or April)

I think I can…I think I can….I think I can…I know I can because I have so many people holding me up and carrying me through this. Thank you, all of you, for your prayers, your words of encouragement, your good thoughts, your energy.

I did this long ago

I did this long ago


25 thoughts on “New year’s Resolutions

  1. Hang in there Mary. When you think you can’t go on, remember those of us who are rooting for you. Although I can’t be with you I am sending you hugs and warm thoughts. Thinking of you every day and you are my prayers.

  2. It’s hard to keep yourself moving when you’re so tired. Get your head out of the way & listen to your body….you’ll know when it’s time to let the mind have a part! And, remember every day is a step toward no cancer!

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  3. The quote at the end was so appropriate, because so many see greatness in you. You lift us up. Another adorable shot of you snuggling with your little loves and watching, “The Sound of Music,” Perfect. Hope next week goes smoothly. Love, Barb G.

  4. Mary, thank you for giving me hope every day for my life. I’ve been through hell, but that was then. Now my prayers are for you and your family. You inspire me!

  5. Deirdre Christman

    Rest! Review all your happy memories from the holidays, as you gear up for the next phase. You know why babies sleep so much? They need to build their strength for growth. You need to build yours to fight cancer. Don’t fight your body! (Fight the damn disease.) We love you. Deirdre

  6. I say sleep to keep your strength for the battle ahead which just sounds so rigorous and long. Your positive spirit will be sustained by all who love you even when you don’t feel like you can go on. You can! In the meantime, enjoy the beach (I say in the middle of a blizzard). peace & love

  7. Yes you can, yes you can, yes you can…….

  8. Just listen to the sound of music and let it guide your way. Thoughts and prayers, as always, are with you. No shame in slowing down, listening to your body and letting yourself listen to the sound of music.

  9. Love your Inspirational quote. Rainy today. Went to the beach to fly a new kite between the rain drops. Felt silly at first but inside, I found a piece of greatness (as u described) and it was comforting.

  10. I agree. Listen to your body. It needs rest and to restore. No sin in that. Visualize yourself active and healthy again some day. It’s just not today. But you will be there, skipping down the beach with us holding your hand!

  11. Try to listen to what your body is telling you to do! You can do this and we are all praying and sending you love!

  12. Mary your stamina has been remarkable. I marvel at it all the time. Just think of all the miles you’ve traveled in these last few weeks. Give yourself a break. I agree with the others. Sleep as much as you can so you will be able to restore your strength for what lies ahead. I know you can do it.

    • Mary, I wish I could do so much more but I do send my thoughts and prayers!
      You’ve have a terrific attitude and as you said, many friends sending love and energy….so pamper yourself and feel all that love! Pam

  13. Hmmm…66 degrees in Galveston on Saturday? They say it could be as cold as 20 degrees BELOW ZERO up here!!! Good time to hibernate whether you’re in Galveston or Massachusetts. Conserve energy, fortify with hugs, be peaceful. We love you.

  14. All the above advice is just what I would have told you. Give in to the tiredness and sleep whenever you can. Your body is taking over your mind…for awhile anyway. That will reverse because it’s difficult for you to keep your mind quiet. The day will come when yoga on the beach is once again part of your routine. For now, rest on the beach with a good book and sleep if you are so inclined. The sun’s warmth has healing powers and the sound of the surf carries you to another place. Keep positive – you do this so well,,
    lots of love and prayers always!

  15. Please take good care of yourself and get as much rest as your body wants. You’ll have plenty of time later on to do yoga and go for walks and do all sorts of active things. I’m thinking of you daily.

  16. Thinking of you, Mary.

  17. We’re with you, Mary.—- just a day at a time, just an hour at a time.


    Ahhh, good luck, Mary! Understatement. Some time when we are having the luxury of a minor conversation, let’s talk about Sound of Music, and all the mystique and romance of the original. Dazzling to postulants in 1965! And the plain good music in the recent reprise! We watched most of the original movie one night over Christmas with Jim. You were in good company and comfy surroundings for your viewing. The saying at the end of your blog is a goodie. Hope the beach is wonderful- Love, Marie

  19. Yes, you have to listen to your body,Mary. Save your strength for Saturday so you can walk in the sand and get lost in the view. I love that picture of you and those darling children. Love, Gina

  20. Although I agree with all the sentiments here (rest, take it easy, listen to your body, you’ll have time for all the other stuff later on…), I know exactly how you feel! Slowing down and learning to relax are nearly impossible for me, so all I can say is, yes, I understand. I will try to take the advice of your dear friends as well, so let’s do it together, okay?

  21. Make your “hole” comfy and crawl on in. Good books, a nice cup of tea and maybe Jerry for a nice big hug!!! Missing you both! Martha

  22. Please feel my positive thougts, my arms giving you a big hug and holding you up when you need someone to lean on, and my heart sending you my faith and love in you-and, you, my dear, are indeed a great person!

  23. Mary,
    Remember when you think you can’t, we will be here to do it for you with prayers. One day at a time…
    And then you will be well.

  24. Listen to your body to set limits. Don’t give in…..just slow down and recalculate the limits. No hole, but lots of good rest and pampering.

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