Just Pictures

Carly, Sean, Jerry, Mary, Erin, Brent, Declan, Lana (in red), Calli (in red)

Carly, Sean, Jerry, Mary, Erin, Brent, Declan, Lana (in red), Calli (in blue)


imageimage image imageEnjoying our last day with Sean and Carly.


25 thoughts on “Just Pictures

  1. What a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing pictures!

  2. Wonderful job, Erin! The photos are beautiful! You will ALL look back YEARS from now and remember this very special Christmas. Love the engagement shots of Sean and Carly. Have a joyous New Year!
    Love, Martha.
    PS: Isn’t that blue Calli is wearing??

  3. Awesome pics and I love hour hair 😉

  4. Great pictures. Looks like everyone had a terrific holiday just as you all deserve.

  5. Love all the pictures! All are SO HAPPY!

  6. Love all the pictures! Erin picked a breathtaking location. It must be great for you all to be together!

  7. What a beautiful family. Looks like a good time was had by all. Wishing you a healing and blessed New Year.

  8. Beautiful family inside and out! Times to cherish!

  9. Great photos of your family! Erin did a fabulous job! We did a family photo shoot the day after Christmas a year ago and it was so much fun for us but it was tough to get the little ones all looking good when the grown ups looked their best! Obviously Erin was a “master commander” for that operation, You and Jerry looked especially lovely. Thanks for this posting.

  10. Awesome!

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  11. Deirdre Christman

    Such a pleasure to see the whole family together – and so beautifully photographed! You’ll treasure these memories for years to come, right up to and beyond Callie’s wedding. Happy new year to you all! Deirdre

  12. Ok, where did you hire those adorable children ? Great family pictures. Thanks for sharing. Judy

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  13. Oh my! What wonderful pictures. Look very professional but I am surprised someone didn’t break a leg on those rocks!

  14. This is what it’s all about. Much love to you all.

  15. Truly beautiful pictures capture the love and joy of your family.

  16. Wendie Highsmith

    Wonderful photos! Looks like perfect weather..in Texas! (I know it’s not FL). You look great as a brunette! Here’s to 2014 and your good health!

  17. Mary you have a beautiful family! The pictures are wonderful!

  18. I am so happy to see these beautiful pictures of your family. They are wonderful! Much happiness and love to you, Mary. Love, Barb G.

  19. Dorothy Cresswell

    These pictures are so beautiful, of each and every person. Real family keepsakes of a very loving family!

  20. Beautiful family! Beautiful pictures!

  21. Beautiful!
    So special for you all to be together celebrating and having fun!

  22. The love is just pouring, cascading all around, between all of you, out to all of us and back again! The love of a new engagement, of a long marriage, of family all together. Wonderful! xoxo Erin, great photos and good job herding cats!

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