Wigs and Prayer Shawls

This might be the last blog post for a bit.  (You get a break during the holidays!)  My sister Eileen arrives today and then as soon as we say goodbye to them we’ll be packing and heading to Flower Mound to see the Littles.  I talked to them today.  Calli wanted to know if I was bald.  I told her I wasn’t but that only Pop had seen how ugly my hair looked but I’d show her if she wanted to see it.  Of course she did. And (probably because of what she had imagined) she told me it looked just fine.  It’s bad…bald patches, scruffy no matter what I do to it…but for a kid who expected bald it looked just fine.

So here are some glamour shots taken by my favorite photographer.  Picture #1

Jackie Neiman’s wig (Jackie is a dear friend from Longmeadow. Her son, Aaron, was in my second grade class years ago ..now a sophomore in college) Jackie organized the charm bracelet with another teacher friend, Deb George.  Jackie is a breast cancer survivor (twice…both when the kids were small). She’s funny, she’s smart and she is one  of  the  most beautiful women I know .  Shawl is from Milissa Culbertson who taught kindergarten at Cranberry (now second grade)  Milissa is one of those beautiful people who made it worthwhile to come to school every day.  She’s one of the people you’d want your kids to have for their first experience in a big, big school …gentle, patient, good humored but smart and strong.  Lucky for me that I got to know her at Cranberry.

Jackie's wig, Milissa's shawl

Jackie’s wig, Milissa’s shawl

Mari shawl, Anderson wig

Mari shawl, Anderson wig

Anderson wig, Kate shawl

Anderson wig, Kate shawl

Picture #2   Wig from MD Anderson .  The shawl is from Mari Hennessey, another breast cancer survivor.  Her daughter, Ceci, was in my class years ago.  She’s now a freshman in college.  Ceci, that beautiful, tiny little sweetheart has grown up to be an amazing young woman who has volunteered with a group to work in Haiti during her winter break. (or maybe it’s spring break)  Her mom teaches in Chicopee (I first met her when I did workshops there) She’s from Puerto Rico and is beautiful through and through.  Her shawl was made for her by a good friend and she’s passing it on.  I told her when I wrap it around me, I visualize the latest pictures I’ve seen of her(from the Rays of Hope walk) looking so vibrant, so alive, so gorgeous…

Picture #3

Wig from MD Anderson .  They have an interesting selection and I think I tried on almost every one.  I picked this one because I figured the girls would like it and it was so “not me”…Jackie’s is more me and more comfortable.  The really short ones didn’t look good so this is the one I got.  The prayer shawl is from Kate Sullivan, a very old friend (well she’s not VERY old but we’ve known each other since high school.)  Kate and I were also in the Sisters of St. Joseph together (I left way before she did) and she was a chaplain at Providence Hospital when Erin was born and was present at her birth.  We lost touch when she moved to the midwest, reconnected several years ago and this past winter, Kate spent three months in Venice, going to yoga, visiting with my family, paddle boarding, shopping, walking the beach with me.  She’ll be back this year and we’ll see her in late February. She picked the colors of the Gulf for her shawl…Think she knows me well?

So there you have it…two wigs, three shawls.  The shawls are in my favorite hangouts at Anne’s house…her living room, the reading room and Anne’s office upstairs.  So no matter where I sit down to read or relax, I have one waiting for me.

Love to all.  Life is SO good.


24 thoughts on “Wigs and Prayer Shawls

  1. You certainly look quite photogenic in those wigs!
    Have a wonderful time with your family!
    I’m making an onion tart for lunch –fun!

  2. Mary, you look and sound terrific! Those wigs and shawls are great. It’s fun to see the various ‘looks’ — but it’s your smile that’s so beautiful. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family!

  3. Looking glamorous, content, and happy (is that possible?)

  4. Hi Mary. Me and mom pick wig# 1. Real cute!

    Sent from my iPhone

  5. I love the photo shoot and the wigs look awesome! So glad you are able to use mine.
    Mostly however I was totally moved by the sweet things you said about me. Now ill have to make sure to live up to that praise 🙂

  6. Stunning dahlink, simply stunning. Keep smiling and enjoy the family, friends and fun of Christmas. We’ll be looking forward to your next post whenever it occurs. Herb sends regards to Jerry. Jerry used to be Herb’s marketing rep when Jerry worked for New Hampshire, and Jerry’s boss was Rene Joly (Herb thinks).

  7. I can’t decide which wig I like the best. Jackie’s looks more like your own hairstyle, but I also love the straighter longer one. Your amazing spirit shines through- you do look fabulous! The shawls are covering you with love while keeping you warm. What very special friends you have!
    Now it’s time for Christmas festivities with your family? Enjoy each moment! Love to all!!!

  8. You look amazing!

  9. Love ALL the wigs! I’m at a Discovery Park w/bro, sis, 3 grands & 100s of people I don’t know. Just went through an earthquake simulator…cool but I’m ready for a drink & it’s only 2:15! Merry Christmas!

    Sent from my iPhone


  10. Dorothy Cresswell

    Great pictures, Mary. Soany blessings to wear and wrap around you. You do look like someone else in the Anderson wig but it looks good too! May you have rest and joy through the holidays.

  11. How wonderful you look! Jackie’s wig is my favorite too. It looks very natural and light. But both suit you and choice is good,

  12. Dear Mary,
    It is so wonderful that you have friends and family around you. It saddened me to hear about the mix-up with your radiation appointment. That was stress you didn’t need. When I went to Moffitt in Tampa, it is a huge complex, so easy to get lost. At first, we had difficulty finding where appointment locations were, then we found out that there over 1000 volunteers through out the complex ready to help lost patients, they would physically take us to the right place. As I said before, “I pray for you every night, just think how many people are praying for you. Praise the Lord.

    Your Friend,

  13. I love the Jackie wig. You look like an ad in a fashion magazine with your amazing smile. Thanks for the nice note–loved it!!! Keep creating those memories with family and friends. I hope that everyone’s positive attitude continue to give you strength. Give those grandchildren lots of hugs and kisses. Merry Christmas!

  14. Boy, you did great with the wigs. Both look adorable. Will miss your blog notes but enjoy your holidays. Will be looking forward to hearing from you when you “go back on the airwaves”. Linda

  15. Heidi Klum move over– Mary you look great!! It’s wonderful to see your smiling face. I can’t tell you how much it means to me to see you. Thanks Jerry.

  16. Mary, the Anderson wig reminds me of someone I knew in high school and that was a while ago…looking young!!!!!! Both hairdos are terrific! Merry Christmas and feel the love!

  17. How fun to have both wigs, with two different looks, both great! Jackie’s looks like you, the Anderson one is very glam. Most important, though, is the light that shines out of you, luminous even with the stress, the chemicals, the fatigue. You are just amazing. Miss you here but glad you’re going to have a very family Christmas. Lots of hugging and love to go around. xoxo

  18. I loved all the looks, but, far more so, I loved the kindness, thoughtfulness and love that is surrounding you, literally enveloping you. What a beautiful group of women. I am soooooooo glad you have all of us in your life. Hugs out to you all!!!

  19. The shawls are all beautiful! I agree with the majority here and prefer Jackie’s short wig, although, Shirley’s right, the longer wig is more glam! I can’t wait to hear the kid’s reactions! Have a relaxed and happy holiday! Love, Martha

  20. Mary,
    Jackie’s wig more you, I agree, but the others are oh so chic!!! They remind me of high school and the “page boy” look!!!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

  21. My vote is definitely for wig #1, but if you want a funky change, go for the blonde page boy, by all means! Have a wonderful holiday with your family! Thinking of you always!
    Love, Susan

  22. Hi Mary, I am voting with your sister Paula and your mom on the first one. It’s you. So good to hear from you and have fun with the Texans. Love you

  23. Mary you look beautiful. What a gorgeous smile!

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