Back to Houston

Almost ten days….and I packed in as much as humanly possible and still had time for a nap every day. (Wouldn’t have had time for a nap on Sunday if Cookie LeRoy hadn’t offered to make an extra batch of cookies for the book club cookie swap so I could just show up and collect the goodies…awesome gift, Cookie). I stopped in at Cranberry to see old friends…missed some but saw a lot. So good…just to get caught up on everyone’s lives, to talk about Christmas and kids and how not fun school is instead of cancer and treatment options…

I was at yoga every day and Reiki almost every day (thank you, Tori). I. Not losing weight any more…nice to be able to eat again. As long as I eat slowly and carefully I can have anything….even Christmas cookies.

I saw The Book Thief today with Deirdre and Martha and loved it. It was heartbreakingly beautiful. And it didn’t hurt to cry. Now I need to reread the book.

We’ve been packing to go back to Houston. I have way too much stuff. Good thing we’re going Southwest. You can check two bags for free. I have lots of warm winter clothes along with a prayer shawl (how do I ever thank you for that, Milissa?) and new hats and a great pair of Uggs. (Thanks, Sean and Carly ).

Jerry has been cleaning all day while I wander around having fun. You would think we had a dog who sheds like crazy in this house. There are little short hairs everywhere…on the pillow, in the sinks, in the shower drain, on the floor, on the couch. I suppose the time has come to take a deep breath and get the remaining clumps shaved off. As soon as I get back to Houston, I guess I’ll work up my nerve and get it done.

We leave at noon tomorrow..enough time for yoga and breakfast with friends. It’s hard to go back but I know it’s the right place for me to be.



22 thoughts on “Back to Houston

  1. Mary, I believe you can safely answer yes to all those questions at the bottom!

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  2. Love you, Mary. Safe travels – cookies, Uggs, and all. Barb G.

  3. Mary, have a safe trip and thank you, thank you for your quote in this blog. I need that reminder from time to time as I get wrapped up in all the craziness of life. You have no idea what a gift that quote is to all your friends. Linda

  4. Lots of deep breaths… And happy thoughts. Feel well. Xo

  5. Deirdre Christman

    Your sure have made a difference in all our lives, Mary! So glad I was able to share some of your precious time here in Florida. Love you. Deirdre

  6. Yes…yes…and yes! 😊 Love you Mary. Safe journey my friend.

  7. another 4 inches of snow here…. soak in enough sun to last a few months and send a little up north. Happy flying!

  8. Have a safe trip, Mary.

    By the way, when you have a chance to see another movie, check out “Philomena” starring Judy Denche. Her performance is truly Oscar worthy.

  9. Have a safe trip tomorrow Mary. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers daily! Stay warm my friend!

  10. Mary you have certainly made a difference and you will continue to. Have a safe trip tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you. Glad you were able to meet up with friends and have some fun.
    I loved the “Book Thief” . Did the movie measure up?

  11. There is no doubt you have and continue to love, laugh and make a difference. In fact, you are an inspiration. Thank you!

  12. Good luck! Just reading THE BOOK THIEF. Can’t put it down.
    Will be thinking of you!

  13. It was wonderful seeing you…your grin…your strength…your attitude! Have a safe trip and a blessed Christmas.

  14. Missing you already! Was so glad I also had a chance to say hello to Jerry. You two are quite a pair! Enjoy “the Littles” and all the family over the holidays. Wishing you a safe return to Houston where you are getting the very BEST of care. See you in February! Love, Martha.

  15. It was soo good to see you, my friend. You look great and your positive attitude is fabulous. Have a safe trip to Houston. Love ya, G.

  16. I know it must have been hard to leave Florida but remember Houston is for healing 🙂

  17. Of course, yes, yes, yes. You are a such an inspiration, you are so loved, as is obvious in all the comments. All of them take the words right out of my mouth, though they say them better than I do. So glad you’ve had this time here in our paradise oasis. But Houston is for healing! Have at it. You’re wrapped up in everyone’s thoughts and caring. Jerry is at the head of a very long line. xoxo

  18. My best to you and your entire family Mary. I wish you a safe trip, continued strong spirit and good humor and a really great wig!!!!
    Hey, guess what…snow came right in my window at school yesterday. Really, the white fluffy stuff accumulating on the window sill!!!!!!

  19. You, my friend, can honestly say, yes, you have loved enough (just look at all of the love pouring your way from dear friends and family), yes, you have laughed enough (even when things got rough), and yes, you have made a difference (in my life, and I know in many, many, little children’s lives as well). Thank you for sharing your love of life with us all.

  20. Sounds like it was a wonderful respite. Wow! Do you ever make a difference! God speed toward your complete healing, love, Jane

  21. Good luck mary, love you.

  22. There is so much love on this page, and that love will carry you thru…….

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