Love Those Hats and Scarves

At Sharon and John's Christmas Party

At Sharon and John’s Christmas Party

Hat from Paris from Shirley McDaniel

Hat from Paris from Shirley McDaniel

imageSo Friday was NOT my best day so far.  Things went downhill after the fire ants…heartburn, couldn’t swallow, went to the theater in Sarasota and left at Intermission because I didn’t feel well…

Well that was Friday the 13th.  Since then, all’s well. Saturday was yoga and Reiki, the farmer’s market and a little shopping.  Shirley McDaniel came over with a stunning hat that I wore to Sharon and John’s party on Saturday and then to another theater in Sarasota where a woman stopped me saying she really hoped the flapper look was coming back in style, that she had been admiring my hat during the entire show.

Today has been quiet and wonderful.  Jerry went out to buy another pair of jeans.  I’ve been nagging him to get more long pants.  Houston is NOT Venice in the winter.  It’s cold there.  We both needed more winter clothes to survive the season.

I’m in the process of collecting scarves…from my drawer, from friends…wherever I can find them.  Scarves to match my clothes…I used to have to find earrings that went with my clothes.  Now it’s earrings and a scarf.  It is such a chore to look presentable these days!

No complaints…I can eat.  The kids’ book is getting done.  The bulk of our Christmas shopping is done online (do I ever wish we had bought stock in Amazon years ago!) When I’m tired I take a nap.  Jerry hasn’t golfed as much as I hoped he would (like every day).  And he hasn’t played as well as he hoped he would. (out of practice, I assume). Still, he fixed the pool pump, trimmed lots of bushes and relaxed by the pool.  Not so bad…

I started to pack for Houston today.  It will be hard to leave this little piece of Paradise but Houston means healing.  And Texas does have the cutest kids in the world.  We’re flying out on Wednesday afternoon.  Two and a half more days of fun…


Children's Fountain. Downtown Venice

Children’s Fountain. Downtown Venice


20 thoughts on “Love Those Hats and Scarves

  1. OMG I seriously love that hat!!

  2. Cute hats, Mary.
    How long will you need to be in Houston?

  3. Ok….are you supposed to look sick, because you look FANTASTIC! Glad the weather has been cooperating, but guess we’re in for some “winter” for a few days. Mary, the schedule you have been, lunch, parties, packing….I’m exhausted! Keep it up. girl!

  4. I don’t know Shirley but she has great taste. What a wonderfully happy gift. You look beautiful!!!

  5. Pictures are fantastic. You look wonderful – the new hat fabulous, Mary. How can you look so radiant? Amazing. No wonder that woman complimented you. I think your schedule is unbelievable – – lots of love, Barb G.

  6. You look marvelous in your flapper hat Mary! I’ll be looking around for some neat scarves…ones that can go well with anything! Have a great flight. I’ll be thinking about you and praying too! Pam G

  7. Oh, Mary, you look adorable in your Paris hat. We should all look that good! I am sending good healing thoughts your way. Linda

  8. I love the hat! Obviously other people do too. You need one of those Christmas tree hats for this coming week!!!!! Hang in there and have a wonderful Christmas with the kids. Their joy and innocence will help,to fill you up.
    Mary H

  9. Mary, how well you wear the Parisian hat!! A scarf to match would just complete the ensemble. I’d love to send one to you but I need an address. Meanwhile, keep that great attitude and that super smile. I’ll keep praying and thinking of you with healing thoughts. Love, Rosanna

  10. Love those hats… so stylish. Glad you have been able to get your ‘Florida Fix’!
    We’re all praying for you in Longmeadow…Safe journey back to Texas!

  11. Deirdre Christman

    You look so glamorous in that hat, Mary! I’m glad most of your time at home has been either fun or relaxing. Can’t wait to see you again before you go, dear friend.

  12. Frank & Annette Thoubboron

    You are the fashion queen of Venice! Keep up the good work!

  13. Well I think you look fabulous~ I would never have the energy to bother to try to look good, so kudos to you for trying! Texas does mean healing (who knew!) and of course you will love seeing your family.
    Fly safely and continue to heal. xox

  14. I meant to say “trying and SUCCEEDING!”

  15. I’m just thrilled the hot pink hat looks so great on you – it’s perfect. Maybe we need a fashion trip to Paris later for one in every color! xoxo

  16. Leave it to Mary to restart a fashion trend! You have inspired me to check out my hat supply as you look so glamorous and fun!

  17. I know what you mean about Jerry getting some new jeans. Bob said he hadn’t worn “long pants” since he returned to Tucson in 2010 and this weekend we had to go and get him some long jobs as he is cold here in Tucson. We really have had frost on the pumpkin! I am bundled in sweats, the opposite of the stylish figure you are cutting in Venice! Your rosey hat is absolutely FAB! We were thinking about coming to Florida after the first of the year but then I would miss seeing you so I don’t know, we might wait til spring. Enjoy your last days in the tropics before going back to Texas! Love, Barb G

  18. You definitely add some pizzaz to already beautiful outfits. You really know how to jazz things up. You look mahvelous dahlink.

    We’re thinking positive thoughts, praying and wishing you the best

  19. At first, I read “hat from Shirley Mclaine” and I thought, “Yes, that looks like Shirley Maclaine,” but I was wondering how on earth you knew her! It didn’t surprise me, just had me wondering. So, here’s to your “Shirley Maclaine hat”!

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