Sunny Florida

image image(photos are Pittsburgh airport and yoga on the beach)

Who on earth would anyone go from Houston to Fort Myers via Pittsburgh in the middle of winter? Must be the crazy lady who wanted to go on Southwest (because we had points and they have no change fees) and picked the flight that a) did not require anyone to pick us up too late and b) even if it did require a stop, didn’t have us racing through Atlanta airport. I wasn’t sure I would have the energy for a run the day after chemo. I never checked to see WHERE we were going to make a stop, just that we didn’t have to change planes.

So Sunday was a long travel day but it went just fine. And now we’re home….home to sun and sand and friends and my own bed and sitting on the lanai having breakfast and opening up the house and turning on ceiling fans (and Jerry golfing and working in the yard) and yoga and breakfasts and lunches and dinners with friends and walks on the beach and movies (saw PHILOMENA yesterday…so good)

Extra bonus…My brother, John, was in Florida for a few days and made a trip down here yesterday to sit and gab and go to the doctor’s with me yesterday afternoon for my chemo disconnect.

We’re home until December 18. When we get back we have a proton simulation (to get me ready for radiation) meeting with the oncologist, port checkup, chemo and oh yes, an tutorial for our new Macbook Pro. And after that, if all goes well, we’ll be heading north to Flower Mound to celebrate Christmas with the Littles and Erin, Brent, Sean and Carly.

All’s well. Yesterday was my “low” day…Low energy, low mood. I think it finally hit me that I’m seriously ill. For some reason coming home and finding out that I look different (no, I still have my hair but, because I’ve lost so much weight,  my arms look like my mother’s arms and she’s 91!!!) and I feel different (can’t work nonstop without sitting down, can’t even stand around and gab after yoga without sitting down.) I’ve got some weird side effects from the chemo (it HURTS to cry …I found out when Dad and Annette sent a beautiful card…started to cry and stopped because it physically hurt…weird). Anyway, coming home made it all seem real (like someone else was in Houston????) And seeing everyone, while wonderful, is hard. It hurts me to see them hurt especially when I’m doing so well.

Still I am so glad to be here, so glad to see everyone, so glad to be where it’s sunny and warm, so glad to wander around in shorts and a tee shirt. Life is good. And I intend to enjoy every minute of it.


28 thoughts on “Sunny Florida

  1. Wonderful to know you are home in sunshine! Love, Barb G.

  2. Seems like you found the light – in Florida 🙂

  3. Hi Mary – Glad you made it home. Now, soak up some sunshine before you go back to soak up some protons! Love, Nina

  4. You are an amazing woman, my friend. Keep your spirits up (so easy for me to say). My prayers are directed your way on a daily basis.

    As an aside, my son used to live in Lewisville,TX which is pretty close to Flower Mound. Small world isn’t it?

  5. Soak up the warmth and sun! Thinking about you and loving from a far.

  6. My arms look like my mother’s, I haven’t lost weight …perhaps added a few pounds, and look tired. All this and I am not in treatment. When this is all behind you, you will look back and say, “Yes, it was tough, but worth the results!” Hang in there, dear friend… And if you feel down, that’s okay, because you know you will be back on top again. You have a right to be tired- let others spoil you for now. Be as well and happy as you can be… Count those blessings.. there are many! YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE BLESSINGS TO SO MANY OF US! Hang in there and enjoy the sunny days of Florida! Love and prayers!!!!!!

  7. Dorothy Cresswell

    Oh, the yoga on the beach looks wonderful—even if you aren’t up to doing it , just being there must lift your spirits. And, yes, something serious seems to be going on, but that only makes you (and us) even more aware of enjoying life “for the time that we have in the place that we are with the gifts we’ve been given” as a wise 9 year old once said. I’ve never forgotten that.

  8. I imagine the warmth and beauty of your home, beach and friends will nurture and prepare you for the next leg of your journey. Sending you hugs and love…stay strong…nina

  9. It was so great seeing you yesterday, Mary. You look wonderful but I hope we didn’t wear you out too much. Rest, take it easy and do only what You feel like doing. Sorry I missed seeing Jerry and hope to catch him before you head back. Love ya! Martha

  10. Hi Mary, glad you made it home safely. I am thinking and praying for you daily. Funny, today I woke up early finally just got up and read your blog. I think I was obsessing about Christmas cards or something. Enjoy you day in your own home, I could use yoga on the beach.

  11. Hi Mary,
    Why are we obsessed with our arms? I hate mine…but I read somewhere don’t be concerned with that.. Be grateful they work! You are beautiful, arms and all. You’ll have plenty of time to get back in shape when all of this is behind you. Close your eyes and imagine feeling super, strong and lifting weights on the beach with the arms of a Victoria’s Secret model. LOOKIN’ GOOD. Remember we’re with you.
    Mary H.

  12. Mary, all prayers are with you…enjoy the sunshine!

  13. Welcome home Mary! We love you! Rest, relax and enjoy the sunshine. You are such an inspiration!

  14. So glad you are home! Enjoy the things you love to do. Who cares if you have to sit down and can’t work nonstop. It’ll get done even though it takes longer. Trust me, I’m an expert on this. I hope to see you while you are here. Love ya, G.


    Good that you are good. Much love, Marie

  16. Mary,
    Glad you made it back to sunny Florida…that crowd at yoga on the beach has me salivating!!!!
    Thanks for the lesson on protons…yea right!
    Let the light and warmth shine on you. Soak it up and all the wishes and prayers that are continually flowing your way.

  17. So glad you’re making the most of your time at home, Mary. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Your motivation to come out on the other side of this ordeal is amazing! With many prayers and lots of love heading your way you will see it through. Forget about the “mom” arms. As long as you can still wrap them around Jerry and your grandchildren, you’re good!! Love, Rosanna

  18. As Dorothy once said “There’s No Place Like Home”. I’m so glad you’re back in sunny Florida-yoga on the beach sounds wonderful! I loved the movie Philomena too! Hey, have you read the new Wally Lamb book? Sad to say, I’m not loving it 😦

  19. So glad you are back in that marvelous Florida sunshine! Soak up its rays and its light to hold inside you and sustain you even when you are back in Texas! Enjoy!

  20. Deirdre Christman

    It was wonderful to see you the other day – and you looked good to me. No one notices the arms of a 66 year old That’s how old I am too, and my arms look like crap. But I don’t care. As I always say, and you should too, “I look good enough.” More important, your character is a lot better than “good enough”! You’re experiencing the most dire of circumstances and yet you exhibit confidence, humor, resilience, and just plain good sense. We not only love you, Mary, we admire you.

  21. No longer able to work nonstop? Who can??? Not to worry; at least you can work. It’s so unusual to hear you being down – not like you at all – which means that you need to let yourself feel down. You’ll come up again.
    love you, Sonia

  22. It’s nice to know that you made a plane change in my hometown. I certainly don’t miss the SNOW there. So glad that my hometown was helpful in getting you back home to your Florida Family. Please think about joining the girls for lunch on Friday at “Made in Italy.” I will be happy to be your chauffeur dear friend.

  23. Enjoy every minute! I was so happy to hear from you. I wanted to know you had made it safely.
    As far as needing to sit and rest, I need to do that after I read your schedule. How are you doing it?
    Sleep tight in your own bed!

  24. Glad you are home to relax and reflect. Sun and warmth will improve the healing. So glad you made that bold move years ago to be near your beloved beach. Wise Woman.

  25. Mary-Warms my heart to see the photo of beach yoga. I know they were overjoyed to see you there again. I can remember getting up one morning after chemo had begun, and saying out loud, “I hate this.” It was part of the journey and very necessary, but it felt good to say it.

  26. My amazing friend, all of us love and admire your spirit, your humor, your intelligence, your kindness, your perspective. And all our wrinkly arms are wrapped around you — that’s not a good visual (yikes) but it’s still true! (Somes are more wrinkly than others and I’m on the plus side now….sigh) 😀 So glad you’re here, soaking it all up, gathering strength. Lotso love, Shirley (Deirdre is totally right)

  27. Mary, So happy you are back in the warmth of the sun and you friends. Don’t go to see The Book Thief – it’s a weeper. Your strength inspires me each and every day. Love, Gina

  28. Mary so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Please know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers. You are strong and positive. Hang in there.

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