Chemo #2 happening now. I’m visualizing that sunshine melting my tumor and scouting out other little guys determined to do me in. And I’m avoiding my “job” of the day which is to write a yoga article for a Sarasota magazine (Don’t worry, Elin…I’ll get it done.) The picture is for my friends from Dining for Women who were kind enough to send m lots of bling to wear to my treatment. Please note the poodle ring, compliments of Tori Weaver.  The picture is a bit dark.  I have several necklaces on too.

And the picture is for Erin and Lana..Erin made the blanket, Lana helped me pick out the material.

Chemo Bling

Chemo Bling


18 thoughts on “Bling

  1. Still smiling! Love ya! Martha

  2. Thinking of you! I texted you earlier this morning but not sure you got it! Soon you will be in your sunshine and yoga on the beach!

  3. Looking good Mare. Awesome blanket!

    • Herb asks to be remembered to Jerry.

      You are a master of procrastination. Good for you. Why do now what can be put off for later.

      You wear the bling beautifully and the blanky is bright bold and brimming over with good wishes.

      Safe travels tomorrow. Enjoy being home

  4. Mary, you look marvelous (just like Billy Crystal used to say). BUT the poodle ring is from Tori Weaver. My ring is the big “diamond” and I wore it to Dining for Women and liked it so much I almost didn’t put it in your box. The girls were kidding me that the ring would go home with me. I guess I have gaudier taste than I thought! BUT I put it in the box!

    Depending on much energy you will have while you are sitting through your treatments. If you sent us your times we could schedule a “emailathon” and keep you occupied reading our emails. I can bore you with my week’s activities. Nothing as exciting as yours.

    Thank you so much for the picture as it is exactly what we had in mind. You surrounded by bling and hugs from your Dining for Women friends. Linda

  5. You look ready to go to the ball! Thinking of you. Home tomorrow. It won’t surprise me if I see a picture of you in the cockpit handling the controls of the plane.

  6. LOVE the bling, and the blanket, but most of all, your smile. Glad you’re feeling well, hope that if you start to teeter toward the edges, those magic pills do their stuff. Thanks for keeping us wrapped around you. Travel safely and easily.

  7. Deirdre Christman

    You are the poster child for cancer treatment! Smiling, fashionable, upbeat. Hope M D Anderson lets you go home tomorrow; they may want you to stick around to show the others how it’s done. Can’t wait to see you!

  8. Hope you don’t have slush and ice in Florida!!!!!!
    And that you can get out of Texas!

  9. Bright and beautiful!! You and the blanket!! Hope you have a wonderful time at home. It is definitely warmer here than Houston. You will love the beach! Enjoy the warm sunshine and keep that sunshine flowing in the chemo room. Love and prayers, Rosanna

  10. Mary, You and your bling look awesome. Wearing it all at once is certainly some kind of statement. You make me smile. Come home soon. We all miss you.

  11. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-The bling is wonderful, the smile infectious, and the quilt fantastic. No pastels for this hot mama!
    Warm love from the Colorado cold country(high of 10 yesterday), Really?

  12. You are awesome, that’s all I can say. Funny story about Michael. His junior high basketball team scrimmaged with the girls high school varsity team last Friday. When I got there, he looked at me with a deer in the headlights look. The boys are 12, some tall and lean some still pretty small, knobby kneed no muscle mass at all. The girls were all high school athletes, you can imagine. Anyway, bottom line, the 12 year olds beat the girls. I guess it’s a guy thing, not going to lose to a bunch of girls. And maybe the girls didn’t take them as seriously as they should. Glad you are going home. Take care.

  13. Looking Good Mary 🙂 …..keep up that lovely smile and positive attitude….
    Love from all here at the Rafferty household 🙂

  14. Sending warm thoughts to go with your sunshine.

  15. You look marvelous-all you need is a tiara!!!

  16. You look like the Queen of the Hospital. All you need is a crown.

  17. My goodness, I love that Ginley Glow!

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