PF Changs


Jackie, my nephew Chris’s wife, asked if I’d like to go out to lunch today. After she saw my post yesterday, she messaged me asking if I wanted to do something different. No, says I, if you can stand watching me give lunch a try and then just sit there and sip tea and watch you eat the best Chinese food in town, I’m game. I keep thinking this “no swallowing thing” is temporary. So Jackie and I and Jill (Anne and Clark’s daughter) went to PF Changs where, miracle of miracles, I had a lettuce wrap (yum), egg drop soup, a taste of Jill’s Mongolian Beef and a taste of Jackie’s chicken dish.

I loved everything but mostly I loved that I could eat it all. Trust me, this was a miracle. Best thing that has happened all day. I was going to say, best thing of the week, but holding Clare was the best thing of the week.

I have decided that I need to eat EVERY meal with Jackie Shugart. The last meal I really ate was at her house on Thanksgiving. She must have good karma or something.


18 thoughts on “PF Changs

  1. Anytime Mary!! Anytime!! Had a wonderful time with you and Jill, might have to make it a weekly outing!

  2. Super that you are enjoying such delicious food. Those are neat little quotes you include on your blog – as well as the pictures, especially holding little Clare in the last entry. Love, Barb G.

  3. Always eat with good karma!

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  4. YEAH!!!!!!

  5. I hope you eat at PF Changs every day!!

  6. Hurray for eating! One of my very favorite things to do. Glad you could enjoy it.

  7. I think the lesson here is that you need to view each meal as a fun, leisure, connecting activity and not as something to conquer. Also I think you need to be taken out to a fabulous restaurant every time. Just sayin 😉

  8. That’s wonderful news and a relief to hear!

  9. This was WONDERFUL news. Glad that you ate AND enjoyed. I mean Ensure is a wonderful product but the real deal (food) is even better. Having amazing friends and remarkable family are gifts. It’s wonderful that they are all part of your village.

  10. Happy for you! Wish I had thought to have you say “Hello” to Rosanna for me. SHE is the reason I received my Master degree…bless her!

  11. Good news, Mary.

  12. Wonderful …. good for you !! The lettuce wraps at PFChang’s are the best. So glad you could enjoy them.

  13. PF Chang’s has a frozen line- check it out . Has got to be more exciting than Ensure-you are too young for that!!! Martha

  14. Wendie Highsmith

    Mary-Stick with Jackie, by all means. Could the tumor be shrinking from the chemo, allowing you to eat and swallow? May it be so.
    Love from very cold Colorado, Wendie

  15. That’s WONDERFUL, Mary! Learning to be grateful for each bite will rub off on all of us. We did put you in the healing circle this afternoon, with great visualizing for you to be able to swallow! Such good news!

  16. Deirdre Christman

    As one who lives to eat, I can’t tell you how happy (and relieved) I am that you’re able to eat and enjoy food again. Yes, let’s look for something to tempt your appetite, and you can take small bites and savor every bit.

  17. Prayers keep working!

  18. Super news! As always, you made the experience sound joyful!

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