Clare…Light, Pure Light

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Jerry and I went to The Woodlands today. Rosanna Rushbrook’s sweet granddaughter is not quite two weeks old and thriving and growing. Lucky me…I got to hold this little miracle, to read a story to Katie and to visit with Rosanna. Center School people really ARE family no matter how far away everyone is. Funny…Rosanna and I both graduated from high school in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in 1965, me from St. Joe’s; Rosanna from Pittsfield High. We never knew each other then but we ended up at Center School for many years and then both moved to Florida…Rosanna and Terry on the east coast, Jerry and I on the west coast. We don’t see each other very often. How funny that we ended up in Texas at the same time. How wonderful.

All’s well here…gorgeous day. Going to be 80, I hear. Need to get out for a walk. My only complaint is that I’m having major problems swallowing. Haven’t really had anything to eat except Ensure since Thanksgiving. I was doing so well but it’s been pretty awful the last few days. Trying applesauce and ginger cookies (I know,not the healthiest) for lunch. So far, so good. Thank God for Ensure, though…nothing else, even yogurt, really goes down easily.

Reading Five Days at Memorial…about a hospital in New Orleans that made some scary decisions during Katrina. Don’t ask me why I’m reading a hospital book but it’s good. I do like it.


17 thoughts on “Clare…Light, Pure Light

  1. If your ears were burning this morning, it’s because we were all talking about you at book group and lunch after. Everyone sending love and healing thoughts.
    Wonderful to hold a new little munchkin, drink in their sounds and smells. Thinking about you every day — xoxo

  2. How jealous I am to see you holding that precious little bundle! They grow up SO fast. I love the name Clare and had wanted to use it ,it was my grandmother’s name, but then I had all boys and figured they would not love it as I did! Also wonderful to touch base with an old friend for such a happy occasion! Missed you at book club today. Hi! to Nurse Jerry. Martha

  3. My goodness. Darling picture. It seems you’ve had to swallow a lot recently, Mary . . . figuratively and literally, it seems. Take care – Love, Barb G.

  4. Linda Underwood

    I always love hearing what you and Deirdre are reading. Your reading list is something! I just finished The Story of the Human Body written by a Harvard Evolutionary Biologist and found it fascinating. A bit dry but filled with interesting things that I never knew about. It talks about how Hunter Gatherers didn’t have many of the diseases we have because of their varied diet and exercise. And then he brings the reader to present day. I didn’t know that a woman has to ingest X number of calories in order to get pregnant. Unfortunately for my Bill I am filled now with all sorts of trivia facts that I share with him constantly!

    My bath idea worked so I am trying another. If you need to get in calories try eggnog. When my dad was in an iron lung and couldn’t eat my mother brought him eggnog on the advice of his doc. Easy to swallow and full of calories. Me, on the other hand, am eating celery and cucumbers!!!

  5. Did you know that the Rushbrooks bought our house on King Phillip Drive when we moved to Longmeadow St., hence to Center School? Small world! Please tell Rosanna hi for me next time you talk!

  6. It’s so wonderful to have long time friends near by, and with a newborn too! They can distract you from the swallowing problem….thank goodness for Ensure, I guess! Does it come in flavors? Do you have a favorite?

  7. How great to see the four of you together, Clare looks beautiful and I am glad you had time to visit. Miracles do happen!

  8. I too love the name. I have a granddaughter named Clara (we call her Clarita, of course, as Latinos/as always diminutize names) and another named Lucia. They both mean light. What better name for little girls who bring so much light and love to our lives?


    I hope that you are “dunking” the ginger cookies in tea or some other beverage (try gin???) The Aunties always had wafer thin ginger cookies and dunked them in tea, AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. May they (the Force) be with you on this. Sh#*, I don’t know what else to say. Love you very much! Keep the faith….in all good things.

  10. My favorite easy-to-swallow comfort food was carrot rounds sauteed in butter and honey (that Donna made me!). Jim’s radiation was in a similar location as yours and he found most things difficult to swallow. The doctor prescribed something which was similar to Ensure. I think he liked milk shakes and protein drinks…and eggnog sounds like a good suggestion. Hope you find something that nourishes you and goes down easily.

  11. Good friends, good times! Another coincidence-retired and loving it! The picture of the four of you is precious. The “Light” is holding the “little light” and both are emanating warmth and love. How about ice-cream? Am sure you must have tried that or Italian ice. You will work this obstacle out.

    So glad you got together – wish I could be with all! I would help Jerry, but fear I would not be as skilled at nursing as he is. Be well and love to all!

  12. Knowing you, we will soon receive delicious, well-written recipes that bring food variety and fun to those experiencing swallowing problems during cancer treatment. Keep the calories coming and stay strong.

  13. Mary what a great diversion for you. There’s nothing like a reunion with friends to bring light to the soul. Those children are absolutely precious!
    I think the eggnog sounds like a good idea. Maybe some custard would be good too. Better yet how about a little flan!! ( Obviously I’m not the nutritionist.)

  14. Dear Mary, Babies are delicious!! You’re doing everything right so next year you’ll enjoy turkey with all the trimmings!! God bless, Jane

  15. So nice to see you and Rosanna and those beautiful babies. They are the healing we all need.
    Sorry for the pain you are in. Wish I could help. xoxo

  16. What a beautiful baby!!! I think there is nothing as therapeutic as holding a tiny baby in your arms. By the way, maybe a little lighter reading-Fannie Flagg has a new book out!!!

  17. Mary, you look wonderful holding that precious child! You look super in all the pics because your inner goodness just radiates through. Love you!

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