Yes!!! Proton Therapy

imageJust got a call. Proton therapy has been approved. It’s the latest and greatest radiation therapy..supposed to offer better quality of life during and after radiation. Evidently it used to be given to anyone who could benefit but recently, Medicare and insurance companies are a little more careful. Simple reason …it costs twice as much

Why I was approved I don’t know. It may have been that I’ve had radiation in an area close to where they’re targeting. It may be that I’m just a nice old lady that everyone feels sorry for. It may be that everything, yes everything, continues to go right because people pray and send good thoughts and healing energy. I don’t care why. I’m just glad they approved it. Jerry and I were considering paying for it ourselves if they said no. Look at all the money we’ll have for more fun stuff.

Proton therapy and once a week chemo being in early January.


27 thoughts on “Yes!!! Proton Therapy

  1. Yay! More good news!

  2. Mary, so happy you are getting this therapy. Are you back in florida? Continue your great positive attitude.
    Please give jerry my best.
    Carole cohen

  3. Yay protons!

  4. Thrilled to hear that you can get the treatment you want. You deserve nothing but the best my dear friend. Who’d have ever thought we would be happy to win this lottery. Yippee!!!

  5. Let the PROTONS begin…yea, yea, yea!

    Who cares the reasons why, just that the answer is YES

  6. What else can we say but, “YAY!!!!!” Best news ever!!!

  7. You have healthy habits and a great attitude! Yay for protons! Would love to see you when you’re back!

  8. Absolutely the best news down there, Mary. So VERY happy to read this! Love that blog today! Barb G.

  9. Linda Underwood

    GREAT news!! I have been thinking about who we would ALL have to write and picket if they didn’t approve it! You have extra money and we have extra time!! Linda

  10. Yay! The nuclear option!! Seriously so happy for you as Proton Therapy shows very promising results. You remind me of the little engine that not only could but DOES get what she needs. Go Girl!!

  11. Excellent news!

    Sent from my iPad


  12. Yippie!! So glad to hear this news! We are all praying for this to make your life a little easier! Love, Barb G

  13. Hooray!!!!!! That is great news. Keep it comin’

  14. Wendie Highsmith

    Because you’re sposed to have it. Yeah for Medicare!

  15. Oh such good news! I am loving these posts. Thanks Mary

  16. HOORAY!!!!!!

  17. YEAH,! An answer to prayers!

  18. Yeah! Proton Therapy was meant to be. Good things will still continue to happen.

  19. That’s such a big relief and takes so much stress off of you and Jerry! Thank goodness! Martha

  20. Deirdre Christman

    Hooray!!! I know they’re giving you the proton therapy because you’re so young and vibrant. The hospital probably made a special pitch for you, as we’ll they should! So happy for you – and relieved!

  21. The good news keeps on coming! Prayers are powerful and you sure do have many, many, many people praying for you and sending positive thoughts. G.

  22. Hurray!!!! What’s a proton?????

  23. Your treatment is going your way because of your positive attitude, faith and humor. (And lots of prayers from family and friends)

  24. YAY!! Am so happy, and am sure they agreed because they could sense all of your positive energy and strength (and, of course, that you are cute!). Now you can use the money saved to go to Tahiti!!!

  25. kathleen sullivan

    Did you get my comment – oh dear me and technology!!!!! So very happy about the proton therapy…you sound confident in it and that is so important for healing.gloomy Tuesday..curled up on my chaise with my fake fireplace going and praying and connecting with friends – like you. Off to Apple store later for a workshop to try to format my Christmas letter – then getting together with a friend for supper…plans for this day for you and Jerry? Did he find a Y yet Love you

    Sent from my iPad


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