Husband, Friend and LPN

Every day my PICC lines need to be flushed with Heparin and Jerry does it perfectly.  He does the work…I do the counting , fifteen seconds clean the lumen, thirty seconds let it dry, slowly depress the stuff into my veiin,  do the second one (remember not to do the same one twice). He is good and we’ve gotten pretty efficient about it

THEN comes the shower wrap.  Do NOT (I repeat, do not EVER) get the dressing wet.  Glad Pressure seal works best.  (Not the time for picking up the cheaper brand and hoping for the best). So Jerry covers the dressing (and half the arm). Then he tapes it top and bottom, listening to me complain if he goes up too far into my armpit (I  do want to wash my armpit,thank you very much) or if he tapes it too tight (ow, you’re cutting off my circulation) or if he triple wraps the arm (there is such a thing as overkill, you know).

So he gets it done, I  go take a shower and Jerry sits back to check his email and Facebook  (and take a break from his picky wife).

And EVERY time I’ve gotten out of the shower and peeled off Jerry’s handiwork, the dressing has been perfectly dry.  Well done, Ginley

Except today.  Peeled off the tape (ow) and the super Glad wrap(ow) and the dressing was soaked….not just damp, soaked.

So we’re at MD Anderson for a dressing change. Jerry knows how to do that too but we don’t have the materials (didn’t think we needed them).   Good thing we didn’t have much on for the day.   Church, maybe.  Jill stopping by for a visit. A walk.  I keep nagging Jerry to check out the  Y. Maybe  today. After the dressing change.

I am NEVER going to take another shower until I get that port. (Just joking Rosanna I won’t show up at your daughter’s house dirty and smelly)  Let’s just say I won’t complain about Jerry’s overkill and will be a LOT more careful in the shower.  I’m going to blame the excellent water pressure in the Knickerbocker shower for my troubles!!

Okay, some pictures of the PICC flush and the shower wrap.  How thrilling!  I have no pride.

Heparin flush

Heparin flush

Wrapped for shower

Wrapped for shower


21 thoughts on “Husband, Friend and LPN

  1. Love you!

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  2. Linda Underwood

    Mary, if you ever feel your messages are going out to space and not being received, you would be so wrong. I love looking for and seeing a message from you. You need to know that you have many fans looking for words.

    I have just one word for you! BATH. When I had surgery I just had to go to baths. So much easier to control.

    Thank you for allowing me to be part of your circle. Your DFW friends are waiting for you when you return.

  3. My goodness, sweet friend. Thankful for “Dr” Jerry by your side. You look pretty fetching in the off-shoulder gown. 🙂 Love, Barb G. (I’m sending you an email also with new of Brenda and family.)

  4. Egads, girlfriend. You and Jerry sure have a lot of courage, stamina, and humor – amazing folks, you are. I so admire your strength; and of course you’re so allowed to not be strong, to curl up in the corner and feel sorry for yourself, complete with tears, whimpering, whining, banging the wall…. but I know after you do any/all of that, you’ll bounce back to being funny, strong, and cheerful.

    You amaze me, and you inspire me. Jan is going to be so grateful to you for your effect – I sure am not whining much these days. And it’s all your fault! I love the light you are spreading to all of us. Love, Shirley

  5. That’s why the medical profession never listen to patients!  Am betting it’s a common occurrence…not just with you!  Beautiful day here now….very foggy & chilly this morning but went to Elin’s first Sunday yoga class of the seas on, then to church & a long lovely nap (that’s what old people do!).  Out for dinner with my neighbors.  Don’t you get your port next week?

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business”.  Dave Barry

  6. Frank & Annette Thoubboron

    To Jerry Ginley, Man of the Year! Dad


    Oh my, the process sounds like a drag for both of you! Maybe a shower every third day? , tub anyone? You are both troopers! That grin will help get you through…I wish there was some sort of tape like the stuff that’s kind to walls that could be kind to your skin AND hold the platci in place!!!???

    An invention whose time has come.

    Love, Dorothy

  8. Quite a fetching dame I must say. Not at all bad for an old lady! I agree with previous friends…bathe. Relaxing, soothing and ever so comforting. You can read, sip on wine (can you have wine while on treatment?) and even get clean and refreshed.
    Big hugs to Rosanna and smaller ones to baby Claire when you see them.

  9. God bless Jerry! The things you put him through. Hurray for the husbands who stick by us when we really need them.

  10. kathleen sullivan

    Yup, you have no pride…glory Jerry thinking of becoming a visiting nurse in his retirement…?? My friend you look like you have lost a lot of weight?? Your smile is till a Mary smile. Sitting here in my home knitting..don’t have to go to Wausau this week but having friends over several times this week..this is really the only time I have as I’ll be in Wausau for 2 weeks in a row before and then leaving for Boston, 12/19 – 12/31. I bet you are looking forward to going home..will you be able to get in your pool? Have a good day and stay dry!!!!

    Sent from my iPad


  11. All I can say is, wow! you look great!

  12. Hi Mary,
    I envy your slim upper arms, Can’t say I would change my fat, jiggly upper arms for a PICC line, but envy is envy… So you needed a dressing change, that’s better than a smelly armpit anyway. Flushing a PICC and wrapping up to your armpit is TRUE LOVE. Aren’t you lucky?
    Mary H. PS. I went to church for you, so more prayers your way.

  13. I got this post today! It is working now. God bless Jerry….I am quite sure he would do absolutely anything to help make this easier for you. Love to you both.

  14. I agree, a hot bath with lavender bath salts sounds like just the ticket! Relax and keep clean at the same time. Give a hug to Rosanna from me, as well, and while you’re at it give one to Jerry, too.

  15. So glad that I called and we shared some laughs together. The sexy shots were over the top but you know that I get it. Taking a bath may be the way to go right now but always do what feels good. Give my regards to Nurse Jerry. Love ya!!

  16. Deirdre Christman

    Well, pin-up girl, you haven’t lost your sense of humor. And since you’re not complaining, the rest of us will just have to refrain from complaining too. Very, very hard for me, who sees complaining as an Olympic sport. I’ll have to ask Russ in a few weeks whether he’s noticed any difference, and if he says yes (doubtful), I’ll tell him he has you to thank. Can’t wait to see you!

  17. Hats off to Jerry! Looks like he has a new job. He could be very much in demand when friends and family read Facebook. Be well and keep dry!


  18. You are the coolest lady I know, Mary!! Thank you so much for your health updates. They are quite interesting! (You look so young) I really hope you plan to write a book about your life adventures!! I’d read it . 🙂 You are such an inspiration to your friends and family…that is your gift to the world!!!

  19. I am impressed with Jerry – you never know what husbands can do until they have to!
    You look fab in your sexy one shouldered gown and arm bandage BTW!

  20. Jerry is the man! You and I are very lucky to have such caring husbands. You won’t have to go through this with the port. It is much easier. Love ya! G.


    Oh, Mary, I think I do not even begin to grasp all the “little” things that you are going through. Love, Marie

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