Her Again?

If you get tired of reading these, dear friends, just skip over most of them.  If something major happens like, “I’m sorry, ma’am, treatment isn’t working.  You may as well go home and die in peace”  or ” Wow! Not sure what happened but your cancer is GONE. it miraculously disappeared and you can go home and live happily ever after”  I’ll let you know in the first sentence.  Otherwise, count on me rambling, thinking out loud, complaining, laughing, crying or whatever.

So today was quiet.  We did NOT go shopping.  It is NOT a Ginley tradition to shop the day after Thanksgiving. Instead (now this is thrilling) we went to Anderson to get the dressing changed on my PICC.  Quiet day over there…only essential services open.  We had to wait…skeleton staff…but it got done and now we won’t waste tomorrow, which is supposed to be a magnificent day, sitting around the clinic.

I did some research on the port that is being inserted on Friday.  In the long run, it will be so much easier to live with than my PICC but in the short run, yuk…NO immersing in water for four weeks (What??? I thought I was going to be in the pool in Florida EVERY day while I was home.)  No hands above head for several weeks (Yoga stretching???)  No heavy lifting.  So Jerry is stuck with the carry-ons for our trip.  He just shrugs and says, “Whatever.”  He always does the carry-ons when we’re together.  He’s afraid I’ll hit someone heaving the suitcase up into the overhead bin.  I did pout about the pool and Anne’s hot tub (I can’t go in during radiation but I thought I’d be able to soak until the first of the year) but I’ll get over it.  Small price to pay for a new lease on life, huh? And all my friends and family up north…I know you’re thinking, “Big deal…we NEVER get in the pool during the winter.”

On the flip side, I talked to Rosanna today (for you Florida friends, Rosanna is a good friend from school in Massachusetts). She and her husband, Terry, are  in Houston right now helping out at her daughter’s house.  They just had their fourth little girl…Clare…a miracle child with heart issues that were discovered long before she was born.  Clare is home and doing beautifully.  And we’re going to see her next week.  Somehow, Clare (which means light, I might add) has been like a candle in the darkness for me since she arrived last week.  I cannot wait to see this little miracle baby who is beating the odds because of the faith of so many people and the wonders of modern medicine.

Major goals for tomorrow…Apple class in the morning and get the car washed.  It looks disgusting.


Nice list, huh?


17 thoughts on “Her Again?

  1. Mary, really? You think we’re going to skip a single word of these? Seriously? No chance. I read each one several times, read the comments several times, wait expectantly for each one. I am so grateful for each and every one. And, from the comments, I think there’s a long line of us. Thank you for spreading the light, the humor, the news – it helps ME cope. Love and hugs, Shirley

  2. Must say I chuckled when I read your note about shopping the Friday after Thanksgiving. This was a tradition I never knew existed and had never heard the term Black Friday. That all changed the minute my daughter took over Thanksgiving and we started staying there for the weekend. We continued the five year tradition today as we awoke at about 4:30. I dressed so quickly, I put my pants on backwards and didn’t realize it until after my sneakers were on and I wasn’t going to get all undressed to change and possibly be late to purchase the items I didn’t need but which might have been sold out! We quickly grabbed coffee from the Kurig and off we went. We managed to buy several IPADS, computers and printers as well as toys for the kiddies anda few items for husbands and others. Mind you, both of us had already finished all of our shopping and everything is wrapped ready for delivery. But, somehow Thanksgiving would not be the same without our traditional BLack Friday blow-out. Great fun. I don’t know how my daughter does it after all the cooking and cleaning she does the day before. She’s magical for sure. Indeed, your list of Apple class and car wash sounds wonderful. I will probably be needing an Apple class as I have never used an IPad. We’ll see.

    My niece leaves on Sunday to return to Bali where for the moment she is making her home. (She does continue to pay rent for a beautiful apartment in San Francisco as well.) She’s been gone since March and it’s been wonderful to spend time with her for the ten days that she has been home. She will be missed. She’s a rather remarkable young woman who has made quite a mark. She was an amazing field hockey goalie, went to Harvard, graduated and worked at Facebook from which she just asked for and received an extended leave of absence. She is basically retired at 31 and has been learning to surf in Bali where she is living quite inexpensively and rent includes a house staff,, but of course. My house includes a house staff as well…me! Tough life. It is eye-opening to listen to her talk about technology and what is happening out there. It’s just mind-boggling. It’s as if I’m a student in a favorite professor’s class. I am so sponge-like just listening to and having a conversation with her and learning about what is happening in the outside world. My jaw drops and my eyebrows can’t reach any higher.

    And so my friend, we muddle along day by day by day. Each day brings you closer to the end of your treatment and closer to a new beginning. It is little enough to ask Jerry to lift your bags to the overhead. Passengers will certainly appreciate his chivalry especially because the bag could potentially be a weapon in your hands with or without a PICC. (Quite frankly, I always try to appear rather weak and incapable when I travel as my bags are definitely missiles and others are far more capable than I in getting them up and into the overheads.)

    Well, I’ve driveled enough for this missive. Enjoy the leftovers and have a wonderful day tomorrow. Appreciate.


  3. Aw, Mary… I will NEVER get tired of reading your posts because they make me smile and remind me to always be positive, but I have a long way to go before I come close to you. Thank you

  4. You are a breath of fresh air, every day, again, and again and again.

  5. Deirdre Christman

    I read it twice, as usual, even read the first paragraph aloud to Russ so he could enjoy your humor. It never occurred to me that you would be swimming when you came home, even though I know how much time you spend in the pool. For me, the pool is just a pleasant feature in the landscape. I look at it every now and then as I walk up and down from our condo to the parking lot. Around the end of April, when I realize I haven’t been in once all season, I take a swim or two and call it quits for the year. Maybe you can just put your feet in or get in up to your waist. OR, you can forget the pool and go to the movies non stop, now that they’re trotting out the Oscar contenders. The Book Thief and Philomena are here already and the Meryl Streep should arrive soon. I can’t wait for you to come home so we can catch up and get started. Oh wait. Your visit isn’t all about me and what I want? It’s about you getting a reprieve from cancer treatment? I think I’d better adopt your to-do list. Can’t wait to see you.

  6. I, too, read every bit, Mary. Keep it coming!
    Speaking of books and movies, do you plan to see “The Book Thief”? I’m ambivalent…I loved the book so much, I’m sure to be disappointed by the movie. There was only one time that I enjoyed a movie as much as the book…but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. I hate losing my mind!

  7. Wait…I think it was “The Help”…

  8. It’s a great list! xo

  9. dcresswell@charter.net

    Wow, I know you will miss your daily swim/soaks, but yes, the outcome is worth it!!! Pretend you’re living in the icy north for a few months….!

    Love, Dorothy

  10. I understand how you feel about the pool. Go to the beach, relax with a good book, and soak up the rays. Soon enough you will be floating and splashing. This is a small price to pay in comparison for what lies ahead. As someone else said, put your feet in and enjoy. You will come up with some new way to conquer this limitation. Keep writing… We love to hear your positive messages, even if a little complaining is included.

  11. Ditto! Can’t wait to see you! Martha

  12. Mary-Your sense of humor and writing style are infectious. I love reading your blogs. Bummer that you can’t be in the hot tub or pool, but, as you say, oh well.
    We had a house full for Thanksgiving…both daughters, a son-in-law (the other one had to work) and the two ever-energetic grandkids. Much, much fun!
    Love to you, Wendie

  13. Hi Mary,
    I know you will think not being able to get in the pool is no big deal when I tell you that I am thinking of working on report cards right now, (but fortunately for me you posted a message to distract me!!!) Hurray!!! Seriously I look forward reading your messages.
    Did you ever hear of Yin Yoga? It is fewer postures held longer, going deeper and very energizing. It might be something gentle that you may be able to do given the right postures.
    Have a good trip to Florida!

  14. Hey Mary, I’m pretty sure if you just put a tegaderm dressing, (occlusive), you can go in the pool or hot tub. Ask your Dr., but I thought as long as water can”t get in, you should be ok.. As a nurse who sees a lot of patients with portacaths, they are so much easier than PICC lines. By the way, your blogs are so inspirational!. I just love reading them!

  15. I look forward to your progress and was so excited about your being back home for a while, wish I could pop in ahd say hi but will have to do it in this format. Thank you so much for telling all your “far away” friends and family about what you are doing and where you are. Your positive spirit is was we all desire this holiday season and thank you for giving that little spark to our day! Love, Barb G

  16. Hi Mary, I am borrowing your to do list.

  17. Your writing has inspired me since we first wrote together in the Western Mass Writing Project nearly 30 years ago. I admire your voice, humor and the truth that flows from your words. But it is your friendship and support over the years and miles, a gift you give to so many, that I am most grateful for.

    I apologize for not writing yesterday, although I did read your Thanksgiving post, as our house is still full with our three daughters, two granddaughters, husbands and significant others. Tonight we added my mother, sister, niece, grandnephew… I’ve been cooking and enjoying the love and laughter, never forgetting all I have to be grateful for.

    As my home sleeps, I didn’t want to let another day go by without letting you know that you are forever in my thoughts. Although you will miss the activities that bring you peace, whether floating in your pool or yoga on the beach, I like to think that next year at this time you will be back at it with even greater appreciation. Life has a way of teaching us how to live. By sharing your life, you too are teaching us how to live. And that is something else to be grateful for.

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