Going Home!

IMG_2611 IMG_2604 IMG_2598First, the best news of the week.  Jerry and I are flying home for about ten days…leaving Houston on December 8 and flying back on December 19. I have chemo on December 7 and again on December 21 but we’ve got some down time in between…perfect for a quick trip to Florida.  We’re hoping there is someone out there who will be free to come get us at the Fort Myers Airport at 6:15 on December 7.  And we’ll need a ride back there on December 19 around 9:00 in the morning.  If you’re free and don’t mind a trip down 75, let us know.  Otherwise, we’ll go to Plan B. We’re good at that. (Deirdre, I use your mug for my tea every morning!)

Side effects from Round One have been minimal.  (I’ve heard it gets worse but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it)  The nausea (more of a queasy stomach) is easily managed by pills.  I can’t drink anything cold (feels like a terrible sore throat if I try) and the tips of my fingers feel like they have frostbite if I’m out in the cold or pick up something in the grocery store from the refrigerated aisles.  Weird, huh? But, as I said to Sean earlier today, even though I don’t feel terrific, if I had to teach today, I’d be there.  I’m not that bad.

Erin and her gang are heading to Atlanta today.  Fingers crossed that it’s an easy trip.  Weather has been less than dazzling, huh?  We had a great time with them at Chris and Jackie’s. Sean headed back on Saturday for New York…hard to see him go but so grateful for the week we had together.  The pictures…Deirdre’s mug (love it), Lana (who got a ton of books from her cousins) and Sean and Declan.

We’re going to Anderson today for an appointment with a doctor in Integrative Medicine.  There are so many things available there…acupuncture, massage, mediation, counseling, etc.  We just figure we need to take advantage of everything.  Nice things for caregivers too.  Jerry has been the picture of good humor and patience but honestly, it has to be getting old…driving all over Houston (traffic is unbelievable) and sitting around hospital waiting rooms for hours and hours.  Thank heavens for wifi, iPads and Kindles!

Thinking I need to get a scarf or something just in case I lose my hair while I’m in Venice.  They have nice wigs here (free!) but the girl at the salon told me to hold off…they were expecting a new shipment soon.  I saw one Calli would LOVE…blond and beautiful…so NOT me.   Figure I’ll manage with a scarf at  the beginning until I find something that is ME.

Nap time…and then yoga and then out to MD Anderson for an appointment.   The days are certainly not boring.  The time flies!


20 thoughts on “Going Home!

  1. Well, I’ve planned my life right….have company here on the 8th & I’m leaving for MO on the 18th.  I’m sure someone will be around!  The symptoms you described are exactly what my friend Marcia had…tingly fingers, sensitive to cold.  Check on the wig situation before you leave…remember, it’ll be cold when you go back to TX.  Sorry I can’t help out with the ride situation.

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business”.  Dave Barry

  2. Wonderful to know you can go home for a break, Mary. Love the “plan B” mug and philosophy. Brenda and family arrive Thursday – you know your ears will be burning when she gets here. Love, Barb G.

  3. So glad you get to have a “Florida Fix.” Happy Thanksgiving! You are in our thoughts, as always, this holiday. You are always on the short list of people we are so thankful to have been a part of our kids’ (and our) lives! +

  4. Hi Mary,

    I would be delighted to pick you and Gerry up from the airport on Sunday, December 8 at 6:15. Is it am or pm? I am so glad you are coming home, even if it’s for a short time. Looking forward to seeing you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Jeannie Caporaso (941) 809-7364

  5. Mary,
    You sound great and I am glad you are just feeling crappy, not sick! Going home? Terrific. It will be great to sleep in your own bed. That will help too. Travel safe, Happy Thanksgiving and if I lived there I would pick you up and bring you back, but alas, I have to work!!!!!!!
    Take care.
    Mary H

  6. Deirdre Christman

    Hey, we’ll pick you up on the 8th. (It is the 8th, right?) We ‘ll be in CT on the 19th, though. In the time you’re home, we can talk books, books, and more books. And grand kids. Martha and I will chew your ear off. Glad to hear the chemo wasn’t as bad as you might have expected. Do not get a blond wig! You’ll look glamorous in a scarf and then you can choose something that looks like you. So excited you’re coming home!

  7. As always, we who are freezing, are thinking of you warmly. You will rest easier knowing that soon you’ll enjoy the comforts of your own bed.
    Happy and cherished Thanksgiving

  8. What great news! Can’t wait to see you. Have a great Thanksgiving! Martha

  9. Wish I could be in FL for a visit with you. You need to book appointments with all the friends you have who want to visit with you. I am thankful you are able to go back home for yoga, beach, friends, and home! Enjoy Sunny Florida- you are an example of the sun shining through. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. There’s no place like home! Take in some warmth and vitamin D. Maybe get a cute hat to block the sun and another for the chill of winter until you decide on your new wig. Either way keep the pictures coming. Stay strong!

  11. Mary, just let me know..I am available to drive from and to the airport. Confirm with me. I know how exciting it was to see the Littles. Mine are here now, and I can’t get enough! It will be especially difficult for you to see a “Big” leave, but how very wonderful that Sean spent time with you. Just hang in with Jerry….like all husbands, he’ll try his best, but….

  12. Can’t wait to see you and am so glad you’re getting some time here, for the sun, the yoga, the decompression. And, selfishly, for time with all of us here who are missing you so much.

    I had a friend whose mom got clown wigs – pink, purple, blue, shiny silver, one for every mood and occasion. Of course, these days, those are just ‘normal’ hair colors, available at Sally Beauty. Another friend just let her beautiful bald head shine in the sun. Lotso options.

    I know your Thanksgiving will be filled with love, and every day with a Y in it. Your light shines through all the time. xoxo

  13. Mary, you’re fortunate to have so many loved ones with you on this difficult journey. Wish I could be with you too, but you know I’m with you in spirit.

  14. So happy you get to take a break in Florida! I do think you should go for the blonde wig (or magenta perhaps?)-You would rock it!! Also, go for all of the above-meditation, acupuncture, and especially the massage-do they offer facials and pedicures too? Happy Thanksgiving-I think of you and send my positive thoughts your way, and have you read the new Amy Tan book yet?

  15. Find a whole foods store and buy pieces of ginger to suck on-it helps w/the queasy stomach or drink ginger ale. So glad to hear you are not sick from the chemo-don’t believe everything you hear either. I’d love to see you when you get back to Florida if you are up to company. Thoughts and prayers are sent your way everyday. Love ya, G.

  16. Mary, I finally got it!!! Greg is here and walked me through it. Sooo happy to hear you will be in Florida for a while. You looked great in the picture with the delicious looking meal. You can cook for me any time. Go for a short wig-your hair style fits you perfectly.

  17. Mary, I am so glad to finally receive your posts…I think of you and Jerry often, and I pray for you every day. Your positive attitude and sense of humor are inspirational. I know that sounds kind of ordinary and not as special as I mean for it to….but you make a very scary situation seem do-able. (Is that a misplaced hyphen?) Thank you for including me in your journey.

  18. Mary – Tell me what you need – John and I are free on December 8th and 19th. Sorry this is late, just getting through all black friday, etc. emails since returning home on Monday…LUL, Karenx

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