Colum McCann and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Sean and I decided to go out last night to hear reading and interviews by two amazing authors.  They were at the Alley Theater and Anne knew I had read their books and though I might be interested.  We headed over there after supper and were stunned to find out they were sold out.  I just hadn’t the article carefully and (duh) assumed (wrong!) we could buy tickets at the door.

Sold out…probably sold out weeks ago.  I stood there dumbfounded in front of the young woman at the will call desk.

Well, could we stand in the back?  I asked.  Was I crazy?

No, she said patiently, but if we were willing to wait until 7:30, there might be some no shows and we might get seats.  We stood off to the side with another group of about eight people.”Tell him you have cancer,” Sean joked and that started us laughing.

“I can make it a really sad story, ” I said.

Instead we people watched until (God bless her) the woman at the desk took our little contingent up to a balcony with some chairs on risers (I honestly think they were for the people working the event) and we were there for the entire evening.  The people watching, by the way, was fabulous.  Much different from Venice where everyone is our age or older.  There were high school kids, college kids, people very dressed up, people in jeans.  I felt as if every age group from 15 to 90 was represented.

We loved it.  Sean and I had both read Transatlantic (good book by the way) and I had read Americanah (and loved it)  Both authors were witty and real…loved listening to them read, loved listening to them talk about their craft.

Today I have a pulmonary function test (to make sure I can breathe) and a consult with the oncologist.  Tomorrow is a consult with the radiation oncologist.  My guess is that between the two of them, I should have a vague timetable by the end of the week.  (hope so) I still have to see a cardiologist (these guys check you out THOROUGHLY before they mess with you) but that should be it!

Some of you have asked for my snail mail address.  It’s


c/o Knickerbocker

2133 Bering Drive

Houston, TX 77057



10 thoughts on “Colum McCann and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

  1. I read “The Fault in Our Stars” with my students about two teens, Hazel and Augustus, who meet at a cancer support group and develop a unique bond with sensitivity and humor. They joke about “cancer perks,” like getting to the front of a mile long line in Disney World. Although your stars were aligned and you did get into the auditorium, I think you have earned the right to a few “cancer perks” if you choose. Sending positive thoughts your way…nina

  2. Mary, I’m so jealous. I love both of those authors. I”m glad you mentioned that you read Transatlantic (I can’t italicize on this, which is making me crazy as an English teacher) because I was going to send it to you. I’ll have to think of something else!

  3. I am SOOO jealous! I’ve heard Colum McCann interviewed on NPR and have read his books,
    also read AMERICANAH, as you know. That must have been a very special evening for you and
    Sean. It sounds as if you and he have similar reading tastes.
    Looking forward to your good news from this weeks tests.
    Once again…Hi to Jerry.

  4. Mary,

    I called Martha when I heard you were having a “vacation” in Texas!!! Actually, I wanted you to know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your positive atitude will also carry you well beyond this time in your life. Yoga awaits you at the beach! Hang in there. We want you back at book club.

    Norma Dayton

  5. God works in funny ways . He wanted you and Sean to hear the authors and enjoy the night together. Who knows what other wonderful surprises He has in store for you!!!!! Keep smiling!!!!!

  6. Mary, like Martha, I’m SO jealous! I especially love Chimamanda. Hoping to hear good news and schedule soon. Missing you so much, thinking about you every day. xoxo

  7. Hi Mary and Jerry,

    I finally (duh!) figured out that I don’t have to subscribe to Word Press to get your messages. So glad that you got to see some of your favorite authors. It’s also nice that Sean is there with you too. We’ll miss you at the library but will continue to keep you in our prayers. I’m here if you need me.


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