Flower Mound

We arrived at Erin’s shortly after five.  Three tiny kids attacked me as I got out of the car.

You still have hair!  The girls were amazed. Good Lord, these kids know everything.  Lana has been spreading the word at school that she had bad news and good news…Bad news was her nana had cancer.  Good news was they caught it early and she was going to get well.

The kids are arguing about what kind of wig I should get if I lose my hair.  Calli (our blondie) says it should be blond.  Lana wants brown.  Both agree that it should be YOUNG hair (i.e….long and silky, NOT short..that’s old hair)  They both have been looking at cute scarves that I might like.  They are kids with a mission.

Declan knows the problem has something to do with swallowing so he keeps bringing me food to try.

Jerry went into the Anderson website today and was reading my medical reports to me.  The surgeon we saw yesterday wrote that I look very well and was thin (bless him), well nourished,  and very fit looking (double bless him) and otherwise very healthy.

I figure all your prayers and good thoughts are working.  These guys leave no stone unturned.  The tests go on and on but so far, no new ugly surprises.

And they are very careful.  Every step of the way, they make sure they have the right patient.  They want my patient ID (I have it memorized), name, date of birth.  And they must have asked me ten times before the endoscopy what procedure I was having.  When they were rolling me into the OR and asked me AGAIN, I told them I thought I was having a C-section …twins.  They howled and dared me to tell the doctor that.  Unfortunately I was totally under by the time I got into the OR.

I have a pulmonary workup on Tuesday.  Maybe after that I’ll meet with the radiation therapist and oncologist.  They really don’t set up a timetable until every test is done, I guess.

What I do know is that I’m going to begin immediately once they have their ducks in a row.  I asked about waiting until after Thanksgiving..No way.

Are we staying here or going home for treatment?  I imagine the final decision will be made after our meetings with the doctors but honestly, I can’t imagine going home.  The biggest reason is that these guys have the latest and greatest radiation…something called proton therapy.  From what we understand (Jerry did the research while I was driving the other day) it is more precise and less likely to mess up my quality of life during therapy and better for recuperating before I go into surgery later on.  The only place in Florida that has proton therapy is the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  May as well stay with Anne and Clark and get it done here.



18 thoughts on “Flower Mound

  1. So glad the process is moving quickly. Catch up with the bad guys, overtake them, knock them out completely, we all win. We will miss you terribly, as we do already here, but yes, stick with the best… the best for the best! Big, big mwah. Shirley

  2. C-section! Twins! Lol. Keep them laughing Mary!

  3. Dorothy Cresswell

    I LOVE hearing how proactive the grandkids are in taking this on!! What a support system you have, my friend!! So settle in awhile, with loved ones so close, and we long distance friends will hold you and support you from afar.

  4. Take your time un redneck territory; make a few conversions; allow the proton machines to do their magic while the grandchildren amuseans delight. Why not blond?

  5. Sounds like “all the ducks are in a row”….let’s get going!  The sooner you start….etc.  We’ll miss you but sounds like you’re in a perfect place.  If there’s anything you need from here…let us know!

    Jerri 521 Cedarwood Lane Venice, FL 34293 941-445-4118

    “Camping is nature’s way of promoting the motel business”.  Dave Barry

  6. Frank & Annette Thoubboron

    LOL! Those kids are precious. Can’t imagine you in a long blond wig. But go for it.

  7. I think it makes sense for you to stay right where you are rather than waste any time reestablishing your treatment plan as everything is moving along at a wonderfully quick pace. I say the sooner you get started, the better.

    So, if laughter is the best medicine, I have a totally unrelated anecdote from today that I hope you see as amusing as I. Being a teacher in a high school, I try to play along with all the spirit days such as team sports day, pajama day, America day, hat day, on and on. Well, today was “Formal Friday.”

    I chose a pretty blue cocktail dress, pearls and a wrap. Walking into school, I expected to see gowns and glitter everywhere. Instead, everyone, including the principal, was dressed in jeans and T-shirts.

    You may think, as I did, that it was the wrong day? No, people just didn’t feel like playing along. There I was, living one of my worst nightmares like mixing up pajama day with Open House.

    Since no one else was dressed up, I decided I could just hide out in my room most of the day, as I had more than enough catch up work and my kids already expect the unexpected from me.

    It was a great plan, until the fire alarm went off!! I had no choice but to leave the building and stand out in the parking lot amongst the usual casual Friday crowd with my little blue, sleeveless dress waving wildly in the wind.

  8. I think your reports sound good. Personally, I think you should be a red head.

  9. Yay, Mary – your humor is in tact and your team, not only the cancer docs but the family and the “littles,” are right there with wig suggestions and even things to try swallowing. (love that). We have proton therapy in nearby Bloomington, IN (where Indiana University is) – friends who’ve had work done there are in awe at what it accomplished. Glad you made the decision to stay. Love to you, Barb

  10. What a sense of humor! Bless you many times over!

  11. Like I’ve said, we will miss you but want you to get the BEST care. The kids must be such a joy…loved Declan’s bringing food to try. And no one is going to be able to top Nina Tepper’s funny story…HA,
    although your C-section joke was hilarious. Miss you!

  12. Deirdre Christman

    How terrific for both you and them that the whole family is behind you! I love the grand kids’ advice on the wig. I think you should get one that makes you look the way you did in the author photo, glamour girl.

    Proton therapy, from what I read on the hospital site, does look like the best possible kind of treatment. If that’s what they’re offering you, you should definitely stay, even though we’ll miss you. We just want you to get well – fast. Love you.

  13. I’m thrilled you’re staying with family. I think it will be good for Jerry too. The Spirit is with you. I have no doubt you’ll change a few hearts for the better in Texas.

  14. You have now begun the children’s therapy part of your program. No doubt, that will do wonders for you- perhaps even more so than the medical treatments. Their ideas for the wig are the best- take them with you when you try them on.. Everyone will have fun. You still find the best in every situation, Mary! I hope you do remain in Texas. It sounds like they are tops in the field and you will have outstanding care.

    I feel like I am making some new friends through you. You are blessed to be loved by so many,

  15. Thank you again for sharing all of your news with us who in the future may have to face this as well. You are the ultimate teacher!

  16. Your grandchildren are a riot! You are lucky to have them all. I think staying in Texas is a good plan if you decide to do that. 5 hours is far but it’s not as far away as FL.
    PS What are you going to name the twins? xo

  17. As I watched the Cranberry news yesterday morning, our esteemed leader spoke about how we all needed to get “better and better” and all I could think about was you – for once, she was right on target (even though her context was different than mine)!! Keep ’em laughing, fight the good fight, and come back to your beach (and the HH club!) ASAP. Love and prayers…

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