Day One at MD Anderson

Jerry and I were on our way to Anderson by 6:00 this morning.  First appointment 7:00 am.  I had an appointment schedule that had kept us going until 3:30 in the afternoon…blood work, chest x-rays, interviews, medical history (over and over again, each department focusing on a different quirk of this aging body. Everyone was upbeat.  Everyone was as helpful as they could possibly be.

Best news if the day:  Six months of serious treatment and surgery and then I can go back to my real life.

Second best news of the day:  If my white blood count is good (and they’ll be keeping track) and if the Littles in Flower Mound stay healthy, I can see them every weekend we want to make the five hour trip. The doctor said I’ll probably see them more in the next few months than I ever did. (Second time I cried in the past few days).

So things are good.  They still haven’t staged the cancer. Another endoscopy and biopsy tomorrow along  with and endoscopic ultrasound. If they don’t come up with more tests for tomorrow afternoon or Friday, we’ll head out after that to go see the kids for the weekend.

Other fun stuff:  loved Anne and Clark’s hot tub last night, got up early to do some yoga and meditation this morning, went to the Apple Store to pick up our new MacBook Pro, went out to a great seafood restaurant tonight with Anne and Clark and Jill (niece) stopped by after dinner to gab. So much going so right. I am one very lucky woman.

Thanks for the good thoughts, healing energy, prayers and jokes. Thanks for carrying me through this. Love to all…


22 thoughts on “Day One at MD Anderson

  1. yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love hearing good news from you!!!

  2. Such uplifting news today, Mary. I know you can feel the surge of support from those of us who are thinking of you and hoping, praying, wishing for continued good reports. Barb

  3. All the news sounds great….praying for continued good news. Love xo

  4. Barb has that right! I just know you can feel the energy of all of us, thinking about you, smiling with you, crying with you, using all our emotional muscles pulling with and for you. Looked at in the scheme of things, your full life, six months of hell is manageable. (yeah, I know, easy for me to say. ;( These blog reports, whether with good news or tough news, they’re keeping me so wonderfully in touch. And I know I’m not alone in that. Thank you SO much for doing this for us!! xoxo Shirley

    PS Yippee on the new MacBook Pro! We will SO play with it. 😉

    • No, Shirley, I’m doing for myself. There’ say workshop at MD today on writing your way through cancer. Hope they have,it again because we’re hoping to,head formFlower Mound as soon as possible

      • Tears are a great release, kids are energizing and the prayers we’re praying are sincere and healing!! Love, Jane and Joe

  5. So glad to read this positive update this morning. I know how thrilled you are about the prospect of frequent visits to see “the littles”. As all have said, thank you for keeping us posted. Miss you, Martha

  6. You make me cry with your beautiful, positive attitude. Write that book when you are not with those precious children….. You are an inspiration to so many!!!!!

  7. Even amid trials, there are small blessings. Hug the Littles for me.

  8. A new MacBook Pro…you’ll surely be a busy lady. Love your upbeat attitude which will definitely carry you through the more difficult times as will the LIttles.

    We here in the north are thinking good thoughts,, drinking rum toddies and sharing our good thoughts and hopes to carry you through the next six months…wait will that be in time for the turtles?


  9. Deirdre Christman

    I don’t think you have to look for the light. Clearly it’s within you! Thanks for sharing your positive attitude. I know we all miss you, but hearing from you every day keeps you close. Love you.

  10. I love the light that shines through all your thoughts! Sending more love and light your way…nina

  11. Mary, I so appreciate being part of “your blog group”. Your message today was filled with great news and a new Mac Pro on top of everything!!! If you need anything done in your garden here in Venice let me know. I would be happy to go water or weed.

    I last saw you paddling down the intercoastal on your paddle board as I was kayaking. I look forward to seeing you paddle by my again! Lots of good and powerful energy coming your way. You can’t stop a group of determined women! You know that.

    PS You have taught me something! I think this is the first time I have blogged! (If that is what I am doing.) And I think I’m not an old fart?!?!? Who am I kidding??

  12. Good news; will keep those positive thoughts and prayers going your way…looks like it works! I will miss not seeing you at DFW next Wednesday (20th). Kiss those babies and keep smiling. Miss you and Jerry too!
    Love you xxx

  13. 7 a.m.? Isn’t that the middle of the day based on your usual schedule? So nice that you are keeping us all updated on this phase of your journey

    Sent from my iPhone

  14. Good to hear things are moving along well, Mary. Thinking of you every day and will continue to keep you in my prayers. We will be in Houston soon. We still might be able to connect. Jessica says the two hospitals are very close. Clare is scheduled to arrive on the 21st!

  15. Texas is such a big state and it’s so far away! Hope you can feel the good wishes I’m sending you from New England. Way to take charge! Love ya Mare.

  16. Mary , your attitude is the best! I have always admired you for that. Hopefully the news will keep getting better. Thanks for keeping me in the loop…

    Lois xoxo

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